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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Steaming her way onto the Trumpenfreude List

I do not know why model Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend picked their feud with President Donald John Trump. Maybe it gets you a Christmas special on NBC.

Maybe you get to play yourself on an Amy Schumer special.

Maybe you get to co-host NBC's New Year's Eve gala, which the Daily Mail described it in one word.


Wasn't that also the name of an Amy Schumer movie? A rare one that made money.

Of course, those were in the days before Schumer began feuding with The Donald. Now she is on the Trumpenfreude List.

And so is her buddy, Chrissy Teigen, for like Schumer, she rode the buzz of anti-Trump and took her eye off the prize, which came to poke her in the eye.

The Daily Mail reported, "Viewers slammed NBC for its live New Year's Eve coverage in New York's Times Square.

"Angry viewers described it as a 'train-wreck' after the network failed to show the entire countdown and aired Chrissy Teigen talking about vaginal steaming."

I have no idea what that is. Nor do I care to learn.

The story continued, "Some called the network's coverage a 'complete disaster' and others suggested it was the 'worst New Year's Show ever.'

"Many complained about NBC failing to broadcast a countdown clock or the ball drop in Time's Square."

But wait. There's more. Leslie Jones poked her in the eye with an umbrella. E News reported, "We Can't Stop Watching Chrissy Teigen's New Year's Eve Moment With Leslie Jones' Umbrella."

The video needs Benny Hill music.

All comedy does.

Why do I get the feeling that between its SNL and MSNBC affiliation, NBC is headed for a certain list?

Meanwhile, Happy New Year, lefties.


  1. Gonna be a long year for the Left.

  2. Benny Hill...when comedy was funny.

  3. Had to look this up.
    People do the nuttiest things.
    Especially people with too much money and too much time on their hands.

    1. Dangerous under certain medical conditions too, I hear..

    2. I've seen people so made they had steam coming out their ears. I guess if you stick your fingers in your ears and scream la-la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you long enough it will have to come out some where. That was my first guess.

  4. It's gonna be a long 6 years for the Left.

    1. They can always take a long stroll on a short high pier.

  5. We watched just enough NBC to be thoroughly grossed out by Chrissy. Then turned to Fox. Best part was Frank Sinatra sing his classic New York, New York!

    1. With no television, I have no idea who any of these clowns are. Thank God.

    2. Frank Sinatra was a famous singer and actor with mob connections. The character of Johnny Fontaine in The Godfather was loosely based on him. He was most famous for the song "My Way."

    3. I don't know why they picked her. Chrissy Teigen only has two talents and it was too cold last night to whip them out.

    4. @Myiq2xu
      Your Frank Sinatra comment got a big ol' chuckle out of me. Thanks.

  6. I can remember when a “screamer” was a woman who got noisy during sex.

    Now it means “Democrat.”

  7. > The video needs Benny Hill music.

    Courtesy of Boots Randolph, Yakkity Sax.


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