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Friday, January 11, 2019

Star Democrat freshman says she'll vote for the wall

Katie Hill was a superstar last summer after Democrats nominated her to face Republican Congressman Steve Knight. The Guardian called her "America's most millennial candidate."

And she won.

CNBC reported, "Hill, a former head of a nonprofit that assists homeless people, crushed Knight in fundraising during the heated campaign by raising nearly $6.3 million, or about three times the amount the incumbent collected. About $3.8 million was raised in the third quarter alone by the Democrat, while Knight's campaign took in less than $460,000 in the period."

Democrats bought a seat, didn't they?

Five days ago, she held a town hall meeting.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported, "Hill, D-Agua Dulce, said the only way to end the two-week-old shutdown is for the public to urge the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate and White House to support a House-passed budget resolution that doesn’t include the border-wall funding Trump wants.

"After the government re-opens, Hill said, then negotiations over border security and immigration issues could continue.

"'We’re going to start to hear, Why don’t you just give him the $5 billion to build the wall (to let the government re-open)?' Hill said.

"But she said that would be like giving in to a toddler crying for a candy bar, encouraging more such behavior."


I wish I had called Obama that.

But today, five days later, Hill changed sides as she realizes voters are not with Democrats this time.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked her, "I just want a really straight answer here: will you vote for any money for a steel barrier?"

Hill replied, "I mean, I will definitely, I don’t know if it’s steel, I will vote for some money for physical barriers."

So no wall.

Just physical barriers.

To her donors I say, you get what you pay for -- except when you don't.


  1. "No wall. Just physical barriers."

    So minefields are more in her line, huh?

    1. I would vote for minefields as being cheaper and protecting a perimeter.

    2. And more entertaining. Mines are deployed in a pattern, and a map is made. Start a betting pool on which mines are set off first. Side bets on whether the one who triggers it is wounded or killed. Use a portion of the proceeds to emplace more mines. The minefield along the border will be continually renewed and strengthened without tax dollars. - Elric

    3. Me likey, Elric. And then you could start a Fantasy Minefield league, with points based on how far a person gets. You’d need a deep bench though.

  2. She’s on office for less than two weeks and she is already running for re-election. No prob. Just vote for the 30’foot protrusion made of some kind of material. And I am Sure other democrats already running their 2020 campaigns will be changing their minds soon as well.

  3. But, you know, other than Katie the democrats really are for border security. I'm serious.

    For real.

    I promise.

  4. Outspent 300%

    No wonder the gop candidate lost.

    Plus the Ca election law changes.

  5. In 1986 the Democrats told President Reagan if he signed the amnesty law they would close the border. The border was never closed and the 1.5 million illegals to receive amnesty, became 3 million. Thus the estimate 11 million illegals in the US, IMO, is over 22 million.
    According to the TX Office of Public Safety from October 2008 to April 2014, 2993 people were killed by illegals in TX.

  6. She's probably learning that this shutdown is part of Trump's negotiation. "Physical barrier" is a Wall, tho the Dems may need to call it something else in order to avoid being labeled as losers.
    And while I love the Dems losing, I fully expect the Deal to be a Wall for Trump, and other goodies for the Dems.