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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Religious fanatics protest gay teaching

Hey Hollywood. There's a cause in Birmingham, England, that begs your attention. BBC reported, "Parents protest over Birmingham school's LGBT equality teaching."

The subheadline said, "Primary school parents have been protesting over their children being taught about LGBT rights and homophobia."

BBC reported, "The project was created and piloted at the school in 2014 by assistant head teacher Andrew Moffat, who was awarded an MBE for services to equality and diversity in education in 2017."

Parents began pulling their children out of the school this week to protest the program.

Here is Hollywood's chance to take a stand for social justice and mock these religious freaks who still believe in divinity.

There is just one catch.

The fanatics are Muslim.

The Daily Mail reported, "A group of Muslim parents have staged a protest outside a primary school with a gay assistant head teacher after claiming its sex education program was 'over-promoting LGBT movements.'"

Oh no. Multi-cultural diversity has brought a new problem, hasn't it? In the good old days, Hollywood could sneer at believers because they were all Christian. Now though, it is a choice between being homophobic or Islamophobic.

Of course, it helps that the American media is ignoring the story.

But the British press is forced to run stories, isn't it? The Daily Mail reported, "Books now being read by pupils at Parkfield Community School include Mommy, Mama and Me and King and King -- stories about same-sex relationships and marriages."

These are elementary schoolchildren.

The newspaper also said, "Moffat who is gay has come under fire from some Muslim parents who believe homosexuality is a sin."

Fatima Shah told the Daily Mail, "It's inappropriate, totally wrong. Children are being told it's OK to be gay yet 98 per cent of children at this school are Muslim. It's a Muslim community. I've taken my daughter out and other parents have too. Enough is enough.

"Sex relationship education is being taught without our consent. We've not been informed about what's being taught."

Now Muslims know how Christians feel.


  1. Don't they have a Sharia law for this? Why not test out the support for Sharia with this case.

  2. Leftists have so thouroughly usurped public education as well as higher education that it's a misnomer to say public education.
    Public indoctrination is more correct.

  3. Even Muslims understand the anus is not a sex organ. It's part of the digestive tract.

    1. It's OK to do it with goats. It's OK to do it with a guy just to get off.

      But you still have to be married.

      Makes so much more sense.

    2. They do think a male goats anus is such an organ.

  4. The issuance of fatwas will commence shortly.

  5. Why don't they just start choppin' off heads?

  6. It's futile. You can't shame people who have no principles. They use principles, but not the way you and I use them. They are happy to apply principles to us, but they refuse to be bound by any.

    Rubbing their noses in it doesn't cause introspection and repentance. They will never admit you're right. It's only an inconvenience, one that they'll fix in a jiffy.

    It's not that they think we're stupid. They're just hoping we're stupid.

  7. It is just like Animal Farm - some protected classes are more equal than other protected classes.

  8. Islam is the DemCong's favorite religion. Haven't they noticed Moslem attitudes regarding gays, women's rights, capital punishment, child abuse, etc.? Waiting for a repudiation of Islamic doctrine.

    1. The Dem Elites believe in the Law of Selective Application, so they think islam's culture won't apply to them in their ivory towers, but only to little folks like you & me. The LSA says Dems never get indicted for their crimes but Republicans always do, even if the R hasn't committed any crime.

      When those elites finally understand that moslems don't exempt them from their savage sharia, it'll be too late for them. Oh, how I'd like to be a fly on the wall then!

  9. It will be interesting to see where Muslims fall on the victim hierarchy. Are they above or below LGBTQ?

  10. You gotta admire their conviction though: they take their kids out and rant loud and clear. They just don't pout and whine like traditional conservatives.