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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Reasons why they hate Trump

Bush 43 speechwriter Marc A. Thiessen gave the readers of the Washington Post the bad news.

President Donald John Trump is winning.

Thiessen gave his list of the 10 things President Trump accomplished in 2018:

1. He stood by Brett Kavanaugh and even in the worst moments never wavered.
2. He pulled out of Obama's disastrous Iran deal and reimposed crippling sanctions on Tehran.
3. He's continued his tough line with Moscow.
4. He struck Syria again and eliminated the last vestiges of the Islamic State's physical caliphate.
5. In the six months after the Singapore summit with North Korea, he has made no concessions to Pyongyang.
6. His push to expand domestic energy production bore fruit. This year the United States passed both Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world's top oil producer.
7. He has ushered in a golden age for women in the CIA.
8. He worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass important legislation. It didn't get a lot of attention, but Trump got a lot done on a bipartisan basis, including criminal justice reform, opioid and sex trafficking legislation, and a new "Right to Try" law giving dying Americans access to experimental medications.
9. He delivered for the "forgotten Americans."
10. He has secured the release of 19 people, including 16 Americans, from foreign captivity. When Pastor Andrew Brunson was freed by Turkey, he became the 19th captive released thanks to Trump.

Those are Thiessen's words. He also wrote, "There were many more accomplishments not included in this list. Trump got Mexico, Canada and South Korea to sign new trade deals. He continued his regulatory rollback, replacing Obama's Clean Power Plan and his Waters of the United States rule and returning power to the states. He took on the International Criminal Court, which purports to have jurisdiction over U.S. soldiers and citizens. And his graceful handling of George H.W. Bush's funeral brought dignity to the office."

Those are just some of the accomplishments of Donald John Trump's presidency -- easily outstripping the achievements of the last four presidents.

Those are also some of the reasons they absolutely hate President Trump and wish him dead.

He is leading the United States of America to greatness, and they cannot stand it.

Take energy independence. They want to kneecap us. $2 a gallon gasoline pains them because it means foreign dictators will have no leverage on us.

President Trump is helping us achieve peace and prosperity. Those who want war and poverty are in great despair. They cry impeach in public. In private, who knows what horror they wish.


  1. So much winning....or is did you mean whinning?, because the orange con man does plenty of that, and we are tired of it.

    Now 2018 didn't happen as far as Wall Street is concerned.

    The only area where Trump will achieve superlatives is indictments and convictions....and we're just getting warmed up.

    1. Who is we? You are the whinner anonymous a hole. STFU and die. You are evil and must be destroyed. Too jealous to see straight. Trump is good, you are bad. Warm up to that you pussy.

    2. And you cannot even spell "whining" correctly. You, anonymous, are the real loser.

    3. Your life is weak.But, Buy now. In 6 months you can complain you are too rich and blame him for that too. He will be the most successful president since FDR. Even many of his 'enemies' support him but are too yellow to admit it.

    4. Aside from that nitwit, Powell and his little friends, you do realize there were other factors influencing the markets?

      Like FAANG losing $1T in less than half a year? Like GM and Chrysler pulling out of the personal car biz?

      And it's astounding how all the village idiots at all the blogs all have the exact same talking points.

      Message discipline, right?

      Try mindless wage slaves to dumb to realize for $15/hr.

    5. Go easy on the condescending "mindless wage slaves to dump to realize for $15/hr", especially when you have misspellings in your own post. There are plenty of good, thoughtful people earning $15/hour, (or would like to) who support Trump as well so stop using their circumstances as an insult and stick to facts and good arguments instead.

    6. Anom has a morality lower than a cockroach. Do you doubt he believe's Obama was scandal free and the model for progress and unity?

      In the midst of the greatest scandal in American history the cockroach lectures us about indictments? Surely they will come and the Obamaistas and Hildabeasts will go to jail if they aren't executed by a populace who realize the scale of their crimes against not only the USA but against humanity itself.

      But facts, logic, and reality play little role in the Red Guard we seeing marching through our streets today. I hope I meet one of these transexual snowflakes. They'll learn what a safe space means after a long stay in an emergency ward.

  2. Yawn, the lefty loons strike again. The same morons I met at LAX in '68. LOL!

  3. He delivered for the "forgotten Americans."

    That's the killer.

    That's why he'll win in a walk in '20.

    PS Did you see where the Demos are getting worried because the Rs carried a third of the Hispanic vote and a sixth of the black vote last year?

    1. He should win in a walk, but the Democrats just oiled up the fraud machine in Florida, Texas and Georgia this past election, as well as perfected vote harvesting in California. They will export their expertise to other states, especially those considered swing states.

    2. Exactly!

      Underlying everything he has accomplished to date for us actual Americans, are his judicial appointments. Because everything eventually ends up in front of a judge, a remade judiciary will be his ultimate legacy. God bless DJT!

    3. Schlong-
      It doesn't matter what Trump accomplishes. The Red Guard will stuff ballot boxes, steal elections, register the dead and illegals while we see the country club set stab Trump in the back. I will not mention the swamp critters or the judiciary who can be counted on to be as corrupt and evil as they need to be.

      One thing is sure though, they let their mask slip. When you call someone irredeemable and contemptible then next step are free tickets to a government resort featuring free showers. This is why the Red diaper babies can't wait to disarm the peons.

      Prepare now. remember what they stand for and what they will do. Look at Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, South Africa and then tell me it can't happen here.

  4. whiny little libtards do not know how to win period...fracking hack trolls

  5. Blogging is like taking a walk through Mordor. The more success you have battling the liberal orcs, the more trolls you attract.

  6. Now if he could just learn to herd cats and get Senate republicans to act like REPUBLICANS.

  7. When you are holding down a job you didn't have before Trump's Economy, Trump is ipso facto Your Guy.

  8. Thiessen is a Bushie through-and-through. It's telling that he listed POTUS-Trump standing firm behind another Bushie (Kavanaugh) as #1 on his list. I think that cemented his status as a loyal member in good standing on the MAGA team. It's nice that some players from the Bush Team have gotten with the program, even if the Bush Family is still AWOL in this existential fight for survival against the relentless forces of evil.

  9. Notice how Ye is back on board trumpeting his support for the GOP & the Donald. I predict a major Hispanic figure will emerge in 2019 who really voices support for the Trumpenator. People are really getting sick of the condescending flatulent posturing of Demster losers. Dump the Dems! Just. Walk. Away.

  10. They don't hate Trump. They hate those of us who love our country and our freedom. We're the ones the leftists want to destroy. They've even said it in the past, that to obtain their (impossible) happy little socialist utopia, they'll need to kill about 40% of the country. So it isn't really Trump they hate; they hate us, and he's in their way.