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Monday, January 07, 2019

Public sides with Trump on the shutdown

CNBC reported, "Since first threatening a government shutdown last month in his battle with Congress over border wall funding, President Donald Trump has leaned heavily on Twitter to rally support among his followers. So far, the strategy seems to be working. That, however, doesn’t bode well for a quick resolution to the standoff."

Who wants a quick resolution?

The divide is real. Two-thirds of the country got screwed by bad trade deals, junk science environmentalism, and illegal aliens over the last 30 years. If it takes months to get the wall, then months it is.

Clinton said he supported a wall. Bush 43 said he supported a wall. Obama said he supported a wall.

Congress even authorized a wall in 2006.


Where is the wall?

Show me the wall.

I don't see a wall. Do you? Maybe it is next to the weapons of mass destruction and the doctor you can keep. But that depends on the meaning of is.

CNBC reported, "With a partial government shutdown now in its third week, the White House signaled on Sunday that talks to reopen the federal government could produce a deal that sees Trump moving away from his demand that a proposed barrier along the U.S. border with Mexico be a concrete wall.

"The possible concession, which comes days after Trump had floated a barrier of steel rather than a concrete wall, came even as a White House official warned that the shutdown, could 'drag on a lot longer.'"


President Trump is using Twitter to talk directly to a public that is willing to hurt DC to get what the rest of America wants.

A wall.

CNBC reported, "As the standoff drags on, Trump has tried to take maximum advantage of the political upheaval to rally support from his followers for his signature 2016 campaign issue. Based on a CNBC review of his wall-related tweets, the effort is paying off.

"As the Dec. 22 shutdown loomed, Trump linked President Barack Obama's policy toward Iran with the ongoing battle over border security in a tweet.

"That post generated more than 60,000 retweets, one of the president's biggest wall-related tweets, according to an analysis of his feed by CNBC."

The people elected Donald John Trump president to get a (Rashida Tlaib word) wall. Focus groups and polls won't change that.

The most important part of the Constitution is the preamble: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Let me highlight one provision of this contract: provide for the common defence.

When you do not secure the border, you are not keeping up your end of the bargain.

Thus, we the people really don't care if the trash is picked up at the national mall or if our refund checks are delayed. DC has dilly-dallyed on this wall for three presidencies now covering 24 years.

Build it. We waited long enough.


  1. The 1986 'Amnesty' deal Reagan was snookered on, the SCOTUS ruling AZ could not enforce the same immigration law - only the Feds could do that, the Pols in DC allowing Sanctuary Cities/Counties/States to ignore Federal Law and still get taxpayer funding (try that with non-muslim slavery) Dallas the county hospital taxes are now larger than our city taxes.....

    Our stupid RINO US Rep TX-32 Pete Sessions was defeated by a democrat with probably illegal alien voters.

    Damn straight keep it shut down until the federal government HONORS the legal contract the US CITIZENS made with it when it was created....

  2. As long as it's funded by Mexico as promised.

    How's the Gofundme thingy going? Has the Trump family figured out a way to grift off of that account yet?

    1. The peanut gallery beckons a peanut.

      Here ya go.


      You can't figure out how to get the peanut out of it's shell?

      No problemo.

      Just swallow it.

    2. PDJT did explore the grifting option and called the experts, but the Clintons didn't return his call.

    3. "How's the Gofundme thingy going? Has the Trump family figured out a way to grift off of that account yet?"
      No, but the slimy lying, cheating, crooked Clinton's are looking into it.

    4. Well, gotta be fair, if anyone knows about grifting it's a democrat.

      They do love to project.

    5. Mexico is preparing to pay:

    6. Is that you, Nancy? Oops, I mean, Is that you, Speaker Pelosi?


      At 320,000 pledges and still growing. IOW, went past 1/4 million and on our way to 1/3 million.

  3. Keep it shut down. Fear of a shutdown is the rinos excuse to cave to the dems every time. Let's put Mitt on an ice floe with Kristol and Jonah G. Have a nice cruise cucks.

    1. Crystal clear means "you can't misunderstand even if you try."

      But you have to be careful with the spelling. Kristol clear means the precise opposite.

  4. To be MAGA is to be American.

    To be not MAGA is to be not American.

    To be not American is to be not welcome.

    Choose to be not MAGA?

    Then seek your dream somewhere else.

    Seek your dream in America?

    Then be MAGA.

  5. How about a wall of lead? Our troops can never have too much target practice. - Elric

    1. Lead is good, but napalm is so much better. While the bodies don't really smell good, they smell better than the uncooked ones after a while.

  6. Diaper Rashida says congressmen who vote to protect Israel from boycotts 'forget which country they work for'. Also that she will be the voice for her West Bank family.

  7. Q: How many Federal employees does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: None. All of the actual work is subcontracted.

  8. It’s about time we have a leader who doesn’t fear the bogus warnings about a shutdown. MAGA.

  9. From your mouth Don Surber! Love it!

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  11. I'll highlight an even more important and more relevant clause:

    "... to ourselves and our Posterity..."

    The founders were establishing a legacy for _their_own_ descendants, not anyone else's.

    If people in Mexico or Guatemala or Douchbagistan want American-style liberty, prosperity and civil rights, they should fix their own damn countries and leave ours alone.

  12. To ourselves and our posterity....

    Not to the whole damned world or even to the portion who can walk or swim here illegally.

    We the poeple and those we permit to join us. We need a wall to keep out those who will not follow our immigration laws.

  13. I've heard people in jail for refusing to testify (contempt of court) described as "having the key to the cell in their pocket". That is, all they have to do is testify as demanded by the judge. But by staying in jail, they are declaring that refusing to testify is more important than their own freedom.

    Democrats are complaining about the government being shut down and about people not getting paid. They hold the key to the government shut-down in their pockets. All they have to do is authorize 1/8 of one percent of the Federal budget to pay for building a wall, and government can start up and furloughed workers can start getting paid again.

    It's now obvious what matters more to the Democrats.

  14. (Rashida Tlaib word)= a funny way to spell one of the seven words George Carlin can't say on radio and television. Ain't it, though?

  15. Was the wall ever specified to be made of concrete, or bricks, or mother-of-pearl, or any specific material?
    Even the "sample" wall segments built in California weren't all concrete or bricks or whatever.
    Was it use metaphorically? Used at all? Or is it just another in a long series of straw men?

  16. I hope Trump waits for the Dems to cave. They're waiting for him. Like a game of chicken, but only a PR crash, not a real crash.

    The Fake News media seems unlikely to be able to make Trump suffer any further PR crash -- so at some point the PR suffering is going to go to ... the other side of the deal that's not happening.