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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Never Trumpers hardest hit

As Bungling Bob Mueller's investigation looks more futile by the hour, the Never Trump crowd has turned on him. They know he has squat.

They are trying to dissolve the Crazy Glue that stuck them to the Russian conspiracy as it becomes clear that there was no Russian collusion -- and that the FBI had no business investigating President Donald John Trump.

A New York Times story revealing the origin of the investigation backfired when people realized the FBI investigated him for firing Jimmy the Weasel Comey, which was a perfectly legal and constitutional thing to do.

Now that people know for sure that this was dirty, swampy politics, the Never Trumpers are scurrying.

John Podhoretz wrote, "Trump is an unprecedented figure, who behaves in unprecedented ways, so it is understandable that the response to his unprecedented actions would also be unprecedented.

"Alas, an out-of-control FBI that collects evidence on political figures due to their political views isn’t unprecedented. The bureau had to repair decades of damage to its reputation after the revelations in the 1970s and 1980s that its founding director, J. Edgar Hoover, had used it to collect political intelligence on friends and foes alike.

"Now liberals, who back then were at the forefront of the civil liberties crusade against the FBI’s political abuses, seem to be welcoming a return to those days. Man, would someone please provide me with an emetic to regurgitate that crazy pill!"

Podhoretz needs no crazy pills, He is the liberal trapped in the legacy of his conservative father. Coming out of the closet would cost him millions, so he continues to play the role.

They all do.

Rich Lowry, editor of Never Trump Central, aka, National Review, wrote, "The Times story is another sign that we have forgotten the role of our respective branches of government.

"It is Congress that exists to check and investigate the president, not the FBI. Congress can inveigh against his foreign policy and constrain his options. It can build a case for not reelecting him and perhaps impeach him. These are all actions to be undertaken out in the open by politically accountable players, so the public can make informed judgments about them.

"Perhaps the Times report is exaggerated, or the FBI has serious evidence of a criminally corrupt quid pro quo between Trump and Moscow that there’s no public indication of yet.

"Otherwise, the Times story is a damning account of an offense against our political order, and not by Donald Trump."

Yep, Congress keeps the president in check -- not the FBI, which serves the president.

Lowry might have helped clarify the matter earlier if he had just spoken up.

Finally, Jonah Goldberg has reluctantly divorced himself from the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

He wrote, "He or his campaign may or may not have colluded with Russia. The Department of Justice might have cut corners to 'get' him. Still, rather than elaborate conspiracies, it’s far more likely that ad hoc decisions were made in response to ad hoc actions by a candidate who thought he was going to lose and, later, by a president who didn’t know what he was doing."

Sure, never mind Bungling Bob Mueller's fascist tactics to force witnesses to lie.

Never mind that President Donald John Trump is harder than Obama or Bush were on Russia.

Orange Man Bad. Goldberg said it in 2015 and dammit, someday we will all see it when the Great Pumpkin finally arrives at this pumpkin patch.

You just wait. You will see.


  1. Still laughing at Giulani saying "I never said there was no collusion". You really should get you talking points straight and help Rudy with those goalposts.

    What's next?

    As details of promise of a free Trump tower penthouse for Pootie come to light, the cult still believes.

    "So what's wrong with giving Putin a penthouse?" I'll need to defer to Poe's law here. There no Trump criminal conspiracy so ridiculous that you wouldn't defend it--but you do you. It's hilarious.

    1. This has to do with speculation about a deal that never happened. Ideas that may or may not have been tossed around. It's like convicting a guy of shoplifting because he lusted after some skittles in a convenience store once. This is an insult to the memory of Trayvon Martin. Your penance is to say fifty "Hail Nancys" and ten "Our Obamas" and do twenty laps around the track every day before school for the next two weeks.

    2. Are you still here Nony?

    3. Would you believe MSM exaggeration? No collusion by the President. Giuliani doesn't know every single person working on the campaign staff and makes no claim.

      "This morning i listened to the entire unedited interview with Giuliani. the interviewer was in Giuliani's face, not letting him speak.

      Guiliani held his own and made the simple point that he could not speak to what the entire campaign staff and affiliate individuals were doing during the campaign, including Manafort.

      the simple claim he made about "never saying there was no collusion between the campaign" and Russia was true. he made the claim about the President."

    4. And scene....Poe's Law strikes again. Heh!

    5. Might as well be saying that while looking into a mirror, dude. You don't have an argument.


    6. • Russia didn't interfere in the election.
      • OK, they interfered, but there were no contacts between Russia and the Trump Campaign.
      • OK, there were contacts, but Trump didn't have any deals with Russia.
      • OK, Trump had deals with Russia, but it's not like there were meetings with Russian intelligence agents.
      • OK, There were meetings with Russian intelligence agents, but Trump didn't know about them.
      • OK, Trump knew, but nothing came of them, so there was no collusion.
      • OK, some people in the campaign colluded, but Trump specifically didn't collude. <-- We are here.
      • OK, Trump colluded, but if he didn't Hillary would have won, so it's good that he did.

      Man those goalposts must be heavy. Amiright folks?!

    7. Your final, concluding point is the crux.

      And, not surprisingly, it is true, yet not as you present yourself to want it to be true.

      Are you Harry Reid?

    8. Of course there was collusion with Putin's Russia. It was between Russia, the FBI and the Hillary Clinton campaign when they empowered Steele's Fusion GPS to contact the Russian FSB to dig up (i.e., create) dirt on the Trump campaign; when Hillary, Bill and the Clinton Foundation cut the Uranium One deal; when Hillary made all of her Top Secret emails available to hostile intelligence agencies on an unsecured public server.

    9. And the Clinton Foundation got a cool $140 million, while Bill picked up pocket change of $500 K

  2. A fishing expedition from the deck of the Titanic - somebody help me say something clever here.

    1. Fuck National Review. Does that help?

    2. Turds clinging to clumps of toilet paper, as the vortex swirls them all down into the void?

    3. Clever enough for me, Z. The abandon ship has not happened yet, but cracks are showing in the facade of the democrat party.

  3. Shorter Jonah: Yeah, the FBI is behaving like the KGB, but Trump made them do it.

    1. He wants to be the last never-Trumper standing.

    2. It was the nest of flies

      It was the burst of lies

      Such was the Swamp

  4. For $30 million you can charter a heck of a nice fishing expedition... just ask Bob Mueller.

  5. About that popular vote total:

    James Woods @RealJamesWoods
    Los Angeles County to remove 1.5 million ineligible voters from its rolls. ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND! #DemocratVoterFrau

    1. The poopewliar vote?

    2. That 1.5M ineligible voters are just in ONE county. If anyone cared to check, there are 58 counties in total; many of them have swarms of illegal aliens too. It's probable that the entire "popular vote margin" that Hillary the Corrupt claims is entirely due to illegal votes from California.

      A couple of years ago, the LA Times had a story headlined "There are now more registered voters in California than the population of 46 states." They didn't claim that all those registered voters were legal residents, because many are NOT.

      Many CA counties also returned more votes than there are registered voters; move on, nothing to see here, that's normal when Democrats are in charge.

      Like Stalin said a long time ago, "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes."

  6. Multiply that by every democrat machine controlled big city in the country and what do you get? A President Trump landslide in the popular vote too.

    1. Remove fraudulent votes from democrat graftocracies and there would be no democrat graftocracies.


      Not one.

      The essence of democrat politics is biting the hands that feed them. Those hands bitten are not the hands casting votes, but, rather, the hands earning wages from whence the sustenance grows.

  7. This is PR-prep for Mueller report that ... it WAS a witch hunt. But, but, but (innuendo, coincidence, normal business) -- the illegal acts by FBI & DOJ are Trump's fault.

    Wired also has a story about how, if Trump is innocent, it's EVEN WORSE because of how terrible Trump is blah blah blah.

  8. "later, by a president who didn’t know what he was doing." Well, except for the promises that have been delayed by the opposition, Trump has performed flawlessly. Our enemies are cowering, our friends are delighted, the inner cities are full of gainfully employed citizens, our taxes are down and our spirits are up. Jonah, let me be subtle here, one of you doesn't now what he's doing, but it's not Trump.

  9. J Edgar, despite his flaws, was a better FBI director than we've experienced under Obama.