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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Nancy blew the shutdown

The government shutdown was Paul Ryan's parting shot at President Donald John Trump.

Of course it boomeranged.

President Trump is using this Mickey Mouse crisis -- ohmigosh, 94% of the people at EPA are laid off -- to get his wall. As a bonus, he left Nancy sitting in a bus on the way to the airport.

This is too funny.

President Trump has pretty much stayed at the White House except for official trips, while Nancy spent the holidays in Hawai'i.

She believes time is on her side. I don't think so. She is 78. And the shutdown is in Day 29. And while the public largely realizes this is a joke, most people would like to see it settled because the shutdown is petty, tedious, and as annoying as Gillette shaving ads.

On Friday, President Trump announced that he would announce a big announcement on Saturday, which turned out to be his compromise proposal of building some wall and granting some amnesty.

Nancy turned it down before the offer was made.

She thought that was clever but that just made her the villain. He's willing to compromise. She's not even willing to listen.

Nancy is stewing over Tarmac Thursday. There she, her cronies, and her congressional staff were on the bus when President Trump clipped her wings. No military aircraft for Congress during the shutdown. He embarrassed her in front of a nation.

The president has her off her game, and even when she is on her game she plays poorly.

The Donald is just beginning to play his game. With North Korea de-nuking and China dropping its barriers to competition, he has time to turn to minor matters such as Congress.

His opening offer may be his only offer.


  1. “I like thinking big. I always have. To me, it’s very simple: if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.”

  2. Tomorrow, the day government shrinks and nothing nancy can do about it. She dealt the President a winning hand!

    1. I hope when the RIF (reduction in force) is enacted on day 31..we can clean a little more of the swamp. I hope their 60 day advance notice is in the mail tmrw.


  3. Is it time for Speaker Pelosi to do the Ruth Bader Ginsburg move, retreat to her bedroom and have her staff communicate that she working from one of her homes.

  4. Nancy thinks she's co-president. Trump showed her she's only 1/535th his equal.

    1. Exactly! The House can't move anything forward with out the approval of the Senate. It's been that way from creation of our Republic. Feckless Nancy thinks otherwise. It is the House that will be impotent during these next two years and that will destroy the very purpose they wanted the win.

    2. As President Trump observed, in an interview some time ago, it's the few senate repub holdouts who fancy they have leverage for their own gain who are the points of critical yea or nay.

      And there are more than a few politician putz repubs still holding on to their senate seats.

      So, the Congressional cock block of the Senate is not completely assured.

      Now, the over riding of Presidential veto, lock solid not gonna happen, unless we have truly become a republican party of traitorous scum.

      An analysis, perhaps by Don here, of the senate repubs up for reelection in 2020 would be an interesting one. As an exercise in tentative assessments of who might turn feckless in an over ride veto situation.

      All the fretting abput our President caving is of less concern than reelection spooked senate repubs melting like a stick of butter held over a candle flame.

  5. These idiots never learn. With Trump, the first offer is always the best one. Ask Xi, his delaying stunt with NK probably cost him half a trillion. As an aside I'll never spell Hawaii with a ' nor will I call Burma Mumbojumbo.

    1. Good for you.

      They're still Moslems to me, American Indians are on reservations (I'm a native American and so are they), I stopped when they wanted to call themselves black, it's still Bombay and Calcutta (sorry, Inja), still Peking and Shantung (I don't speak Commie), still Saigon (ditto) and there are but 2 sexes which are the only genders.

      Life is only as complicated as you wish to make it.

    2. "Life is only as complicated as you wish to make it."

      Life is:


      Eat when hungry

      Drink when thirsty

      Sleep when weary

      Avoid damage to meat, blood & bone

      Repeat until death

      All activities not conducive to meeting the needs are optional

      All optional activities are subject to negation by needs

      Optional activities persisted in when opposed by needs not met result in death

      Even a retarded cat knows that.

    3. @ck and @edutcher

      Yes, but it's Istanbul not Constantinople:

      Why did Constantinople get the works? Nobody's business but the Turks.

    4. Ed's right about genders. Take a look down there. If you see boy stuff, you're a boy. If you see girl stuff, you're a girl........... If you see a sign saying "Under Repair", you're a democRAT.

  6. There she, her cronies, and her congressional staff were on the bus when President Trump clipped her wings.

    Nif T.

    1. I bet the Aircrews was not unhappy tha tthe junket was stopped. Time with family other, more important assignments, and no multi hour trips with those prima donnas..

    2. Only an idiot would bet against the obvious.

      They all popped boners at the news.

      Even the broads.

  7. The Washington politicians think they are smarter than us deplorables. The best and the brightest (I HATE that term) are they. Not. Maybe the smart liberals become politicians, but smart conservatives make the capitalist world work.

    Then, DJT became president.

    The Washington politicians think they are the negotiating geniuses of the world. They still don’t know what is hitting them.

    They are like Chuck Wepner after being beaten by Muhammad Ali - “My face kept hitting his fist”.

    1. Heavyweight Champion vs the bag lady!!!!

  8. I think that if RBG chooses to retire and if The Donald chooses to RIF even a few dozen federal workers then this month will have been about perfect!

  9. San Fran Nan is gonna hold out and get the American people the best deal possible. President Trump will build the wall, deport the illegals, or at least the ones committing crimes, and put people on welfare to work replacing the illegals in the job market. How does it get better than that?
    Okay, a tea party sweep in 2020.

  10. "Nancy blew the shutdown"

    Cue funky porn music.

    Insert Opening clip of principle prancing down long staircase.

    Cut in closeups of upskirts.

    Cut to principle's gleeful expression.

    Cut to principle's blowing the "shutdown".

    And that's a rap for today, folks!!!!!

  11. Nancy blew the Shutdown?

    And poor, cash-strapped Stormy Daniels so badly needed that trick too.

  12. Yet to come: De-authorization of government employee unions. JFK authorized them by executive order. What is authorized by executive order can be de-authorized by executive order.

    1. Now, this, we need a fact check on.

      In fact, Don, an article enumerating significant, specific authorities of our MAGA President, redacted, for don't spoil the surprise security, would be interesting and amusing to muse upon.

      Or would the entire article be redacted?

  13. "His opening offer may be his only offer"

    We went through this during the campaign and know the process. Weren't the Dems listening?

  14. Ya, I sure do hope that Trump is about to use more executive orders, maybe daily?

    He'll hopefully try to do a big RIF, too.

    Another fantasy is that he start asking for MORE money, so the Wall building is funded for MORE years. And he increase his requests ... until the Dems come back with this offer.

    Which he'll then accept; helping some (not all?) Dreamers and getting some money for the Wall.

  15. What ironic about all this is Trump is an elite, but not an elitest. He was born wealthy and went to an elite military academy and then graduated from an Ivey League college.

    Yet, he affiliates more with the electricians, plumbers, janitors, and factory workers of the world.

    He has apparently been this way his entire adult life.

    A blue collar billionaire, they say.

    The elitists wanted his money and even his time, when it suited their needs. However, now he the devil incarnate to them.

    Such disgusting hypocrisy and vile pettiness by his opposition is on full peacock display.

    1. He is a contractor, putting up big buildings.

  16. Old Nancy should have quit while she was ahead, although that was 10 years ago, now it is downhill all the way for her.