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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Mueller grasps at another straw

The Washington Post: "Paul Manafort shared 2016 polling data with Russian employee, according to court filing" !!!

The New York Times: "Manafort Shared Trump Campaign Data With Russian Associate, Prosecutors Say" !!!

The Guardian: "Manafort accused by Mueller of sharing 2016 polling data with Russian linked to Moscow intelligence" !!!


Is this illegal?


Is the man a spy?


Hillary hired a firm that worked with Kremlin officials and Russian spies to get dirt on The Donald.

That Russian Dossier is the basis of Bungling Bob Mueller's witch hunt.

Guess what? The Washington Post shared polling data with Russian spies and anyone else with access to its web site. Ditto the Times and the Guardian.

Manafort is not charged with sharing polling data with anyone.

He is charged with lying to an increasingly Soviet-style investigation by one of the worst public officials in American history.

Bear in mind, taxpayers paid $5.8 million to settle out of court BBM's 5 1/2-year harassment of an innocent man in the anthrax case.

The Associated Press report noted, "The filing says Mueller has accused Manafort of lying to investigators about sharing the data with Konstantin Kilimnik, a business associate who was indicted last year on charges that he tampered with potential witnesses.

"Kilimnik has denied ties to Russian intelligence and is not in U.S. custody."

It was legal to talk to and share any legally obtained data with him. Lying to feds is not a crime in this case because it is nobody's business what Manafort and Kilimnik discussed.

Wrap this embarrassment up already.


  1. All these people being sent to jail for "lying to the FBI" are going to need a new prison complex.

    Working Title: "The Muellag Archipelago".

  2. No collusion! No collusion! ....Well, some collusion....

    Trump's story will change again....and again....

    1. You are confusing Trump for Hillary.

    2. Hillary is the one who testified before Congress for 11 hours, and more than held her own.

      Trump is the coward who calls a deposition a "perjury trap". What is he hiding? Why does his story keep shifting?

    3. Poor Hillary. She's not my president.

    4. Hillary, the one not under oath, held her own? lol She couldn't remember, remember? What was she hiding?

    5. Thank God she's not the President. And the only reason she "more than held her own" is because she knew she had the backing of the Democrats, the media, and even the neocons. Trump does not. Even what he says is true and righteous, the enemies of trump (and me) will not agree with him.

    6. and if Trump can't remember exactly AT THIS POINT, WHAT DOES IT MATTER?--

  3. This disgraceful investigation keeps getting more rediculous by the day.

  4. Why do you assume Mueller is working in "good faith" and not as a Democratic party operative who will keep the investigation going until well after 2020 or until he's fired and the subsequent astroturfed protests are given 24/7 prime time coverage?

  5. PHEW !!!! thought this was going to be a serious charge like "mattress tag pulling."

  6. When you said "Grasping at straws" I thought maybe the story had drifted into California territory.

  7. Sharing poll data is not illegal. Heck, paying for Russian lies as opposition research is not illegal.

    When did Manafort buy fake polling data and have the US government use it as a basis to spy on Trump's campaign and then continue the spying while Trump is a sitting president?