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Friday, January 11, 2019

Mexico pays for not having a wall

Reuters reported on Wednesday, "Mexico prepares for arrival of next Central American migrant caravan." The current caravan is costing the city of Tijuana millions of pesos (thousands of dollars) each day.

Reuters reported on Thursday, "Mexico finds 20 bodies, 17 of them burned, near U.S. border."

The New York Post reported on Wednesday, "FBI confirms El Chapo seen in video grilling man chained to pole."

The Mexican drug lord -- funded by liberals and other drug abusers -- is a particularly nasty man who makes Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin seem like choir boys.

Gringos created him.

Their cheap highs are paid by Mexicans who endure a drug war that includes the assassination of policemen and judges. 

This is evil, an evil that Democrats and Never Trumpers condone because they are so consumed with hate that they are obsessed with stopping the Orange Man at any cost.

As long as that cost is paid by others.

Reuters reported, "Mexican authorities will meet with Central American officials to prepare for the arrival of a planned new caravan of migrants headed to the United States next week."

The story quoted a tweet from Heide Fulton, the U.S chargĂ© d’affaires to Honduras, who said, “The risks of illegal immigration are serious. Don’t waste your time and money on a trip destined to fail. The road is long and very dangerous. Thousands of Hondurans who participated in the caravan came back sorry.”

This human trafficking is a big business. And as CBS reported, two-thirds of the women brought in are raped. 

The second Reuters reported, "Mexican authorities discovered 20 bodies on Wednesday, 17 of them burned, near the city of Nuevo Laredo, close to the U.S. border, a security official said.

"Five burned vehicles were also found near the bodies in the town of Miguel Aleman, across the Rio Grande from Texas in the northern state of Tamaulipas, the official said in a statement, without providing details.

"Tamaulipas has become one of the most violent states in Mexico, convulsed by gangs fighting to control drug trafficking, extortion rackets and the exploitation of migrants."

Tell me again how drug use is a victimless crime or that how safe it is along our border.

Mexico pays for American indulgence in cheap labor and cheap thrills. History will not look upon these days with anything but anger and sorrow, which is as it should be.


  1. Build the wall, deport Paul Ryan.

    1. Don, we desperately need a "You damned right!" button. And while I am at it, thanks for sending Dana to Houston. I'm sure the Big 12 can sleep now.

  2. Surber once again demonstrates he's a zealot not unlike the Dem party. Using drugs, like alcohol, is based upon our freedom to pursue our own happiness.

    Why does my freedom depend on whether your weak conscience is offended? 1Co 10:29

    The drug war is unconstitutional. Conservatives don't care. They are just like democrats when it comes to freedom.

    End the drug war and El Chapo would be forced to retire as would tens of thousands of others all over the world. Ain't gonna happen until the feds bankrupt themselves and power returns to the States where it belongs.

    Now thanks to the drug hysteria the sickest people can no longer get the painkillers they used to survive life in their condition. Many are turning to suicide others to street drugs. Fox News and Human Rights Watch have both done extensive reporting on this travesty. As the legal painkillers are rationed they deaths continue to skyrocket. Their blood is on conservatives' hands now.

    Conservatives are biblical ignoramuses. Genuine freedom under Christ offends them especially Proverbs 31:5-9.

    1. "Tell me again how drug use is a victimless crime.." Surber sounds like my brother in law a police chief. They don't understand the law at all.

      So I buy drugs from a local dealer. He hypothetically buys them from El Chapo who just violently burned 20 people to death.

      Surber wants to indict me from what El Chapo did! Seriously that's what he is saying. The monster El Chapo is the one responsible for those deaths.

      Our ancestors understood this its why Prohibition quickly ended in 1933. It gave rise to the Mafia subsidizing their violent ways. Today we empower El Chapo type people.

      But because Surber and his kind have a weak conscience, they cannot think straight. Instead they want and do impose their weakness on the world. All of which empowers the most sinister people in the world, funds terrorism, and is run by the Deep State.

      For the scholars here check out the book
      The Politics of Heroin
      by Al McCoy who will stuff you with so many footnotes that it may take you months to follow the well documented money trail.

      Or anything by Peter Dale Scott. He also connects the dots very well.

    2. Finally if you drug lords here don't believe you have blood on your hands then just follow Dr. Kline a few days on twitter. He has a suicide list he keeps for his area its up to 37.

    3. Prohibition is unconstitutional. Fact check = TRUE! This one is for states and locales to decide.

    4. You cannot merely call a law unconstitutional and ignore it. Calling me names does not enable you to do so. The constitution provides avenues to challenge and change the law.

    5. Let me see if I understand unknown's comment. If I gave some one money and they killed my brother, why am i responsible? They chose to do it albeit for the money I proffered.
      Drugs, in and of themselves are not the main problem. The main problem is that many drug users like Nony the niny cease to be productive members of society. They are only concerned with getting their next high. Since they cannot or will not hold productive jobs, they turn to lucrative ways to earn money. Some to prostitution, some to being internet trolls for George Soros, but others to theft and violence. That is the chief concern.
      Some day President Trump will no longer hold office. At that point Nony the niny will have to make a choice, become an aging prostitute, he is already past his prime days for that although being a c*ck###### comes naturally to him, or turn to stealing. So Nony the niny, do you look good in orange?

    6. Don, I partly agree with Nony the niny in that I believe certain portions of the war on drugs are not within the confines of the Constitution. The part you are talking about clearly is because the federal government has the right and the duty to control imports and to tax them. It was nice of him to confess his drug addiction though.

    7. There are three motives for this "war on drugs":

      1. Inflate value of consumer demanded product.

      2. Increase nanny state powers to tax and spend.

      3. Induce dependence upon nanny state to "protect" citizens from the results of their own choices.

      All of these base motives are toxic to Constitutional freedoms.

      The 1st is blatant free market manipulation.

      The 2nd is an invitation to graft.

      The 3rd is the inducing of socialist acceptance of the discarding of individual accountability.

      All objected to vigorously by self defined conservatives.

      The delusion of thinking one can compel thoughtful living of life is the crux of the denial of all the harmful results submitting to nanny state impositions of laws fabricated for purpose not at all possible to achieve, even if one is sincere concerning the stated purpose of helping others to not "waste" their lives.

      You cannot compel thoughtfulness.

      You may be able to inspire it.

  3. 1Co10:29 - Keep reading, brother. Verse 31: So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

    The Proverbs verses are pre-Christ. Those Old Laws were shattered by His life and sacrificial death in order to provide us with an opportunity for eternal life. Cherry-picking The Word to prove a point may get you a worldly “win” but negates the power of God.

    1. No one can negate the power of God, but I get your point. Christians are accused of proof-texting but politicians and SJW's (am I repeating myself?) do it far more and with even less understanding.

    2. True dat. Maybe should have said “denies.” Thanks man.

    3. The Bard saw it, said it, as well as many less known and many not known at all.

      We are mere puppets, performing for the amusement of our puppet maker.

      We Love, and are tortured by the Creation Designed as intended.

      We do not Love, and we are danced as the puppets we are.

      Do you require the promise of heaven to choose to Love?

      Do you require the threat of hell to not hurt or harm?

      Do you relish the torture and murder of Christ as a benefit you seek to enjoy the result of?

      Do you strive to be as Christ is, or merely expect to ride on the river of His Blood to your Heavenly reward?

      And politics is what you invest your urgencies in?

  4. The entire Creation, as Designed, is a trick bag.

    Haven't all of you knuckleheads figured that out yet?

    There is not one, single partical in the Created Worlds that has Love in it.

    Not one.

    Be As I Am means nothing to you chucklebrains?

    What Gains a Man.... rings no bells in your belfries?

    The trick bag pulled on the Designer and Creator's newly made creatures, creating and putting that damn tree in the claimed paradise does not give you a fucking clue?

    The Original Sinner is the Creator of sin.

    The flim flam scam pulled on the two original created creatures is the proof of the nature of the Designer and Creator.

    WE Love.

    WE care more about an other, not ourselves, than we do about ourself.

    When we choose to not Love, we fit right into the Designer and Creator's intended purpose. Like the clueless puppets we are intended to be.

    When we choose to Love, we are as Christ, and can, thus, experience both the Ecstacy of Love and endure the Agony imposed by the Deisigner and Creator upon all who are here.


    What freedom, other than the freedom to choose to Love or to choose to not Love?

    Pull your heads out of the Creator's ass and see what Christ sees.

    1. Gotta go with the passage that led me to Christ: Romans 8:35-39. God is FOR us. We have free will, given to us by God the Creator of all things. The deeper we get into both the subatomic and a billion miles away, the more we know none of this is an accident. And Jesus transcends politics so should not be used to score political points.

    2. Spreading the Word via insults and condescension! Bravo! (You realize that folks only get to sentence 2 or 3 before they roll their eyes and move on, right?)

    3. Go with whatever gets you from first breath to last breath.

      Then, maybe, get to know what is true.


      As for politics.....poof.

      As for the conceit of those whose eyes are prone to rolling.....ditto.

      That which you value defines who you are.

      Who you are determines what you do.

      What we all are is defined by the imposed qualities of flesh, blood and bone.

      The Designer and Creator imposes.

      Christ Loves.

      We choose. To Love or to not Love.

      Let the eye rolling roll on.....just not while operating heavy equipment.

  5. ....that includes the assassination of policemen and judges.
    It also includes many news reporters who were trying to get the truth out. Many of them were slaughtered in the last few years simply because they tried to report the truth.

    1. Trying to get out the truth...
      So mainstream media works differently in Mexico.

  6. Wow. All these bible interpretations. Makes me even more glad I'm Catholic. /s

    1. Now, that's funny.

      Not quite Ha Ha funny, nor Wink Wink funny, nor Banana Peel Slip and Fall funny, nor Caught With Your Pants Down funny, nor Pie In the Face funny, more like Bullet In the Head funny.

      You funny guy.