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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Kim is in China during trade talks

One and one make two. Trust me on this.

Headline: "China hosts surprise visit by Kim Jong Un amid US tensions."

Headline: "U.S.-China Trade Talks Extend to Wednesday, Trump Sees Progress."

President Trump imposed tariffs on Red China, and the Fake News media cried trade war, and then told us no one wins a trade war.

President Trump imposed sanctions and bluster on North Korea, and the Fake News media cried nuclear war.

Now we just happen to be discussing a new trade deal in Beijing, and Kim just happens to travel to Beijing to celebrate his birthday.

A criminal lawyer once told me that 35 years in the courts had taught him there is no such thing as a coincidence.

NPR reported, "North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has traveled to China at the request of Chinese president Xi Jinping, state media of both countries announced. It's Kim's fourth visit to China in a year.

"The four-day visit could be a chance for the two leaders to coordinate ahead of a second summit between Kim and President Trump, NPR's international correspondent Anthony Kuhn reports.

"Kim, accompanied by his wife and top North Korean officials, was 'warmly seen off by leading officials of the Party, government and armed forces organs at the railway stations,' North Korea's state news agency announced. The officials, North Korea said, wished him 'good successes in his visit to China and a safe trip.'"

Here was Kim's ride.

Do they have it in convertible?

The Democrat Party reported, "BEIJING —  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has issued a veiled warning to President Trump with his surprise visit to China this week: He has other options for economic and diplomatic normalization if their rapprochement falters."

OK, that was the Washington Post report.

But what is the difference?

The report continued, "It is the North Korean leader’s 35th birthday — a government spokesman declined to say whether there would be a party — but also the second day of talks between American and Chinese trade negotiators aimed at finding a way through their fractious trade war.

"It was almost as if Kim and Xi had picked a date that would hammer home their messages to Trump most forcefully.”

"Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said it was just a coincidence. China had a 'wonderful and rich' diplomatic schedule, so it was inevitable that events would sometimes overlap, he said. 'It’s very normal for us to maintain friendly exchanges,' Lu said.

Red China has a trade surplus of $365 billion annually with the United States.

No way Red China sacrifices that for the likes of North Korea.

The second summit is the signing of the surrender.


  1. Do they have it in convertible?
    Those hubcaps are kinda cool, too.

  2. But does it have rich Corinthian leather?

  3. On another note maybe the Chinese are briefing Kim directly what the outcome of the trade talks will be and the impact on NK. Doubtful buy maybe. More likely Don is right and it's all optics. Just like the Destroyer the US sent to sail past some supposed Chinese islands..

  4. "No one wins a trade war." Just like Comey is a straight arrow and Mueller is respected by all.

    Geez. It's like ya just can't believe a thing the TV or newspapers tell ya.

  5. "No one wins in a trade war" might be true, but it's not really a trade war. There was a prior, unfair trade deal. Trump raised lots of import taxes, trying to make a more fair trade deal. Xi raised a few import taxes, since they already buy much less, to save face.

    China loses far far far more than the US the longer it goes on. Better to just go for Free Trade now, altho that might not actually be in Trump's offer -- tho lower tariffs on both sides means, both sides win, relative to now. Trump will inevitably win more.

  6. Xi wont blow it. His fate is tied to Trump. If the tariffs go into effect, Xi will be out of power in a week.