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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

It is credit, not blame

At a meeting today, President Trump asked Nancy Pelosi if she will address border security. She said no. He said, bye-bye, and walked away.

And the government shutdown by Congress will continue. How will we survive?

The government shutdown continues to be the joke the late-night hosts dare not make. The inconveniences are minor and insignificant when compared to the cause.

Americans voted for a wall. Where is it?

Last night's debate crystallized the moment.

Robert Stacy McCain wrote, "President Trump is taking the side of ICE agents; Democrats are taking the side of the drug dealers and human traffickers.

"The president doesn’t have to get everyone to believe him in order to win this fight. He is aiming his argument directly at the voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio who elected him in 2016. They want him to stand strong against illegal immigration, and he understands this."

Democrats are using a 20th century playbook. They want to hold the government hostage, and watch the Republicans cave. They think blaming President Trump helps them.

But the Democrats have not shut down the government. They are too chicken excrement to do that. Cock-a-doodle do!

Democrats are working on the edges of an actual shutdown. Trash piles up at the national parks. That sort of stuff. Every time Democrats find a significant problem in this shutdown, President Trump fixes it.

If this is the shutdown, most people don't care.

Of course, other spending bills will come up later and that will worsen the shutdown. By that time, Democrats will be looking like the belligerent bums they are. Parliament thought it could drag out Brexit and it would go away. It hasn't. The wall won't either.

Democrats have overplayed the importance of the government. Politically, stalling the wall gains them not one vote.

Thanks to two years of demonizing President Trump, two years of a witch hunt, two years of Fake News about koi fish and the like, and two years of unprecedented ridicule on TV, his supporters will gladly re-elect him with or without the wall.

Reuters reported, "A growing proportion of Americans blame President Donald Trump for a partial government shutdown that will cut off paychecks to federal workers this week, though Republicans mostly support his refusal to approve a budget without taxpayer dollars for the U.S.-Mexico border wall, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday."


Try credit.

I fully credit President Trump for this situation.

The inconvenience of this Mickey Mouse shutdown is a brilliant strategy because it shows Democrats for the priggish ninnies they are. They are putting politics over keeping alive that government they adore so.

The reliably wrong David Frum wrote, "The president, trapped without a decent exit in a predicament of his own making, will yield everything and get nothing."

Wait, didn't Stormy Daniels already end his presidency? The Russian dossier? Emoluments?

Frum wrote, "President Donald Trump is about to discover the reverse side of Richard Neustadt’s famous observation that the most important presidential power is the power to persuade. Trump’s conduct as candidate and president long ago deprived him of any power to persuade anyone not already predisposed to support him."

The problem for Frum and company is those "predisposed to support him" are enough to re-elect him.

That is President Trump's trump card.

And he has a bower card, too, of people who sat out 2016 but are so fed up with Washington that they will vote for him in 2020.

UPDATE: Readers asked. I'll answer. The bowers are the jacks of the same color as the suit that is trump in the card game euchre. They are the second- and third-most powerful cards.


  1. I really don't see "I will pay any price, I will bear any burden, just to make sure federal workers continue to be handsomely compensated well above those of us not working for the government" being a winning campaign issue for the Dems in 2020. Could be wrong. People are quite manipulatable. And Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the Fake News Media will do their damnedest to make that a winning issue.

  2. It's fun to see the Dems face Jimmy Hoffa at the negotiation table for a change.

    1. Yes, if only they could meet him for real. Sigh.

  3. Americans voted for a wall funded by Mexican pesos. Where are the pesos?

    If a friend told you to go to lunch with him and he'd get Mexico to pay for it, do you need to bring your wallet? You better hide your wallet if your friend is an orange con man.

    Show me the pesos!

    1. What can I say? I'm a euchre-ist

    2. OMG = Orange Man Good!


    3. Directly or indirectly, Mexico will pay for it. This has been well covered at Conservative tree house. If we deport them all, the jobs will still need doing. That means Americans going back to work who are NOT sending pesos to Mexico and latitudes south. Mexico loses the money.
      If President Trump does little in the way of deportations, and taxes the money going back to Mexico at the same rate Mexico taxes them, the wall is fully funded in six years.
      They laid out other scenarios as well.
      You're just worried that you will be forced to rely on bath tub meth instead of the stuff flowing north from Tijuana.

    4. Orange Man Excellent!
      We take him seriously but not literally.
      Nonny takes him literally but not seriously.

  4. Don take a look at the NY Times, what a disgrace they repeat without evidence (their favorite expression now) that Trump "stormed" out of the meeting even though every Republican denies it which they somehow neglect to mention. That newspaper is a POS. When even a liberal like Jill Abrahamson calls you out you know you've lost all credibility.

    1. "Stormed" is a bow to Stormy by the newsies.

  5. Replies
    1. The dems tried having a meeting of the minds. lasted less than one synapse.

  6. Trump is getting away with this because nobody is around to notice the partial government shutdown since we were all killed by the repeal of Net Neutrality.

  7. Added bonus, people are noticing what a dick Obama was back in 2013. Obama, or "above the Department", took specific actions to make the shutdown as painful to average Americans as possible.

    1. At Rushmore the Park service operated facilities are closed, but the contractor ones are open. I'm sure it is the same at others.

  8. It irritates me a great deal that the furloughed federal employees will still get paid later on--why do they get a free vacation at our expense?

    What I'd love is if the shutdown continues, if they start to quit their federal jobs. That would be a marvelous way to trim 5% or more off the bloated and expensive federal payroll.

    Trump could get a two-fer out of this-- a border wall, AND a reduction in the federal labor force (by voluntary resignations), without having to mess with the restrictive federal employee unions.

    1. I have been thinking and saying the same thing, so in a way this shut down if it goes on long enough will be a very good thing for America. Very good post.


    2. The bad part is that once the government reopens they will all rush back for their seat on the gravy train.

  9. In their rebuttal last night, Julius and Ethel didn't offer one solution to the border problem.

    That's because for Democrats, an open border is not a problem; it's a solution to a problem.

  10. Bowers are the first and second most powerful cards in Euchre.