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Monday, January 28, 2019

Illegal aliens cheapen citizenship

That is correct. Illegal aliens do strip you of your voting rights.

First, their very presence dilutes our citizenship. California has between 2.35 and 2.6 million illegal immigrants. That gives California four congressional districts because in a census all that matters is the number of people and not the number of citizens.

This rigs the system for Democrats worse than any gerrymandering would.

West Virginia is the most legal state in the nation, as its illegal population is the smallest in the land.

The state will lose a congressional district in 2022. Scofflaw California will gain another seat or two.

That is one way illegal aliens steal your votes.

Second, illegal aliens vote.

"Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Friday that the state has discovered 95,000 non-citizens on the voter rolls going back to 1996, 58,000 of whom have voted in at least one Texas election," Fox News reported.

So for more than two decades the state's election have been tainted. The votes of 58,000 or more Texans were negated by illegal aliens.

Fox News reported, "Texas has some of the toughest voter ID laws in the nation and has been one of the main battlegrounds in the Republican-led fight against alleged voter fraud. The office, in a statement, said that 33 people were prosecuted for voter fraud last year, and 97 were prosecuted between 2005-17. There are 16 million people in Texas registered to vote."

Democrat strongholds don't care. California had to be sued to purge 1.5 million "voters" from its rolls.

That's about the number of voters in four congressional districts.

Our nation is less because of illegal aliens. It is not just the street crime and the welfare fraud. It is that they cheapen the value of citizenship. We need a wall.


  1. You are right - democrat strongholds don't care. They are truly revolting. They are going to cause a revolt.

  2. Proud to be a Mountaineer, Big D!

  3. Read the West Virginia Regional Jails' website. Almost every day you'll see illegal aliens arrested and the charges will read "ICE" or "U.S. Immigration." - Elric

  4. This is so INFURIATING. Thank you for not only reporting it, Don, but putting it in context. It is also INFURIATING that the census won't have that citizenship question. I want our Republican elected officials doing something about this--Shelley Moore Capito should be raising holy hell about us losing a Congressional seat while illegals in California cause them to gain seats. Really-- Shelley Moore Capito-- we're watching.

  5. You could eliminate 80% of illegals crossing the border without a wall just by putting a stop to giving them welfare and free education; then end the drug war and no more drugs will cross the border either, because it would no longer be profitable. Wanna stop the OD deaths then let them have safe regulated drugs like alcohol and tobacco. After all they get drugs anyway!

    A wall would do neither of the above as they would tunnel under it or use drones to deliver drugs over it.

    But keep on with the wall mantra its just a feel good policy

    1. It’s not just a feel good policy. I think it was Mark Steyn, but he said the wall is important because it puts the rest of the world on notice that our borders and, more important, sovereignty matters. All the things you mention are important, but a wall establishes the fact that Americans, and those who become Americans by legitimate and legal means, have certain inalienable rights. And you don’t get to become an American with these God given rights just by walking across the border- like voting rights, which is the idea behind Don’s post.

    2. Run for President.

      Ya got almost a whole year's worth of days to get up to speed.

      Your overwhelming genious should make you a shoe in.

      Why, you'll be 50+ points ahead in no time!!!!

    3. Ever try to dig a tunnel? How's that going for the terrorists surrounding Israel? Noise is impossible to hide these days.

  6. California purged 1.5 million voters in Los Angeles alone. How many illegals are in the rest of the state needing purging too? How many districts did you read about after last election that had more votes cast than eligible voters in the distrct? The Democrats are not a political party, but, a crime syndicate..

    1. Yes-- it's become a crime syndicate, with a huge propaganda arm. There are probably so many situations just waiting to be exposed-- if we had a media with more true reporters (like Don). I can't believe there aren't more young journalists looking to make a name for themselves that could go undercover and bring these things to light. There is so much "low hanging fruit" to investigate.

    2. So, the SOTU has been rescheduled.

      It would be spectacular if, somewhere in the course of informing our nation of the up to date situations we are all experiencing, our MAGA President would do something like this:

      1. Announce the number of persons who have volunteered to share their tragic experiences caused by verifiably illegals. State by state. And the number who are willing to expose themselves to the public eye, plus the number who would not, for the math disabled.

      2. Express all valuable emotions and, then, explain how, after moral considerations, given the vast numbers having so volunteered, common decency requires, in the absence of submiting to the insanities of the insane, instead of relating personal experiences of these many, he will now proceed to reading the actual numbers, from his inauguration date to the two year anniversary, State by State, all 50, in, say, 3 categories causing death, then great bodily harm, then sexual felonious, then minors harmed in any manner, via the 3 fundemental categories, and finish with a segue to:

      3. Financial costs, again, State by State, caused by both criminal frauds committed upon governments, criminal acts committed by illegals of financial natures, lawful payouts in particular states, via democrat "generousities", increased costs to public education entities, insurance premiums higher for citizens residing within insurance zones highly populated by illegals, etc.

      A State by State enumeration of Reality, both bodily and financially, spoken in our MAGA President's Dragon Fire manner, would be...... very interesting.......

  7. That study from the PPIC is very flawed. It still maintains the phony "11 Million nationally" number that pro-invasion people have been quoting for the past decade or more, and it "estimates" the numbers in CA to be far lower than others do.

    US Border Patrol apprehensions: "1985-2015. Over that thirty year period, the Border Patrol apprehended 31,373,128 illegal aliens along the southern border, alone." Rule of thumb: for every one caught, 4 others got away. So over 31M caught coming in, but there are only 11M here now? That's BS of the purest ray serene!

    Nobody really knows how many illegal aliens we have, but they are enough to ensure that CA will be a Democrat hellhole forevermore. One's too many!

  8. I've been complaining about this forever. Democrats are complaining about the Electoral College and gerrymandering (both which were evidently serving us just fine when the democrats were winning elections) and voter ID, but nothing about the illegals giving them more power. And yes, effectively stripping true Americans of their vote.