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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Howard Stern's contempt for his listeners

Headline: "Howard Stern says Trump's border wall won't solve immigration problems: It's just something 'morons can get behind.'"

His home in Palm Beach.

His home in the Hamptons.

Walls for me, not thee.

Stern doesn't like President Trump who was on his show numerous times, which goosed his ratings. That makes Stern the Joe Scarborough of radio.

Stern told Yahoo, "The wall’s a problem because it’s a waste of money, even Donald knows that.

"You gotta know Donald a bit to understand what’s going on here. The wall’s a simplistic answer to our problems with immigration. It’s something that, you know, morons can get behind because they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, if you build a wall no one can get over it.’ But it’s not that simple."


Trump supporters who listen to Stern's show are morons, according to Stern.

That's good to know.

Stern also said, "You’re talking about building a massive wall across this country on the southern border.

"It’s a tremendous amount of property and a tremendous amount of area to cover. You’re not going to get a whole wall for $5 billion. If you really want a wall, it’s probably going to cost you some trillions of dollars."


Stern showed a stunning ignorance of money and even what air traffic controllers do.

He said, "Right now we don’t even have air traffic controllers being paid.

"Talk about a lack of security. If I’m a terrorist, I’m coming in now. I bet you they’re flooding in while this government shutdown is going on."

Um, no.

Air traffic controllers control (wait for it) air traffic. They are not border guards. They are not there for security. They are there for safety, to make sure planes don't hit each other.

The story noted, "Stern said that Trump doesn’t consult him anymore, though. 'I got it figured out, but nobody talks to me. Donald doesn’t call me anymore because I didn’t vote for him.'"

No, he stopped calling Stern because Trump realized Stern is a moron who does not know about walls, money, or air traffic control.

But Stern does know his audience. Too bad he is tired of them.


  1. Anyone who listens to Howard Stern and takes any thing he says seriously, IS a moron.

    Another has been reject who's popularity is either stagnant or sinking. And the comparison to Scarborough is apt. Joe's angry because he couldn't get people to vote for him for higher office which is why he quit the Representative game. That and banging his co-host and being led around by his d!ck.

    1. Look at the positives though: Mika hasn't been found dead in his office yet.

      So Joe has that going for him.

  2. Funny how all of these people coming oht publicly saying the wall is a waste of money have never been heard saying anything else the government does is a waste of money.

    I want to know what particular interest all of these extremely rich people have in keeping an open border. Has Stern ever been to Jeffrey Epstein's house?

    1. I would be willing to bet that those who care for his property are not here legally.

  3. Stern thrives on controversy. He's a brilliant manipulator. If he was for the wall, it would cost him. But this? We highlight him. Show his opulent wealth. It's all part of his plan. Same with the other "celebrities" We make them that, they risk our families. Simple to me.

    1. Bingo! When it comes to ginning up controversy, Stern is the "Trump of radio."


  4. What is a Howard Stern? the aft end of Howard Sailboat?

  5. I heard that Stern was one of the finalists for secretary of homeland security. Not.

  6. 'I got it figured out, but nobody talks to me. Donald doesn’t call me anymore because I didn’t vote for him.'

    Well, to be honest, most Americans didn't vote for him.

    1. Can we be sure about this? The elections in California are showing serious issues exist there. We haven't heard a lot yet about the 2018 elections, but several incidents show fraud is being perfected. Soon California will have no need of citizens when it comes to voting.
      And to be honest, Almost no one voted for Howeird Stern.

    2. Bill Clinton won plurality victories in 1992 and 1996. Sooner or later the Democrats will win another election with less than 50% of the popular vote.

      When that happens, Democrats will tell us that popular votes are irrelevant, it is electoral votes that matter.

  7. Stern basically invented the "shock jock" genre on radio. Most or all of the things he says are neither witty nor funny, they are merely offensive. Nor does he have any expertise in the topics he covers.

    Unfortunately there seems to be a market for his product. In a free country we have to tolerate people like Stern, but we do not have to approve of them.

  8. Stern became a paint by numbers liberal years ago. Ever since he went on satellite radio, his influence dropped to next to nothing. I miss the guy he was in the 90's.