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Sunday, January 06, 2019

Have Kanye host the Oscars

I know my readers do not have enough hours in the day to think about the Oscars, because even if there were forty more they wouldn't worry a minute away. But there is some satisfaction in knowing that Never Trump Hollywood cannot get anyone to host their show of shows.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are the perfect solution to the problem. They could host and hostess the fest because they did more for the liberal cause than all the former Harvey Weinstein concubines in their pussyhats.

Thank you to Kanye West for your nice words. Criminal Justice Reform is now law - passed in a very bipartisan way!

Instead of wasting time on a virtue signaling resistance, West and his wife worked with The Donald to get a criminal justice reform law passed that Obama was too chicken to even propose.

Working with people to accomplish things is what grownups do.

Calling the president an MF and his daughter the C-word are what adolescents do.

By the way, I oppose the Criminal Justice Reform. I do appreciate the efforts to work together.


  1. Calling the president an MF and his daughter the C-word are what adolescents do.

    It's also the vocabulary of the Left.

  2. The best part of the Oscars is the infighting over the racism of hollywood for not giving enough good parts To minorities and the lack of minority nominees while also positioning themselves as the inclusive and tolerant ones of society.

  3. Viva Don Surber!

    Mark S.

  4. If Kanye hosted the Oscars, even this old white heterosexual male guy would watch it. That would be awesome TV!

    In fact I'd throw a party & invite everyone I know to watch it with me! It would be worth it, just for the massive snowflake meltdown that would occur. It would be legendary!

    Why, we could even have bets on which celebrity would be the first to asphixiate him- her- or it-self, drowning in their own bile! With any luck more'n half of Hollyweird would take themselves out, and spare us their sanctimony forever!

    1. Perfect image. Leftist hypocrite A-listers convulsing on the stage choking on their own vomit. Let's dream.

  5. Oh hell no. Don't soil Kanye with that crap. Let Kathy Griffin do it. Birds of a feather and all.

  6. It was either Siskel or Ebert who said, "The Oscars is that special time each year when Hollywood gets together to pretend that they have class and good taste."

    I quit watching the Oscars a couple years ago before I quit watching television altogether. I haven't missed anything.

  7. They'll get some NPC liberal minus a brain to host. Why not get de Niro? He can spend 3 hours ranting and swearing off and on. Wow, what a guaranteed snooze-fest it'll be.

  8. I have a much better plan. Cancel the oscars.

    Although, it does give me great info on which movies/actors I will never watch because of their anti-American agitprop. I do, however, NEVER watch the oscar telecast. Or CNN. Or MSDNC. Or Panhandler Broadcast System. Or any other non-local news broadcasts. Even the locals are in the progs' back pockets, but at least I do get SOME local facts, largely with SJW slant. But I can decode it for my needs.