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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Chicago chases fake case, ignores 400 murders

Chicago suffered 530 murders last year. The victims ranged in age from 1 to 93. Police will solve 17% of those murders because most of the victims are young black males killed by young black males. Sadly, our society does not care about black on black crime.

But actor Jussie Smollett, 35, told police that at 2 a.m. two white men in MAGA hats called him names, put a noose around his neck, and spilled bleach on him. Oh and he got a black eye.

Chicago police are treating the case as if it were a murder while dismissing more than 400 murders as if they were hoaxes. As the number of murders in Chicago soared, the number of officers assigned to homicide declined. Mayor Rahm Emanuel gave them space to destroy.

This is part of the Democrat plan for America. Chicago, California, and New York are Democrat fiefdoms -- thiefdoms, really -- that provide the blueprint for the Democrat return to power in Washington.

The police are political enforcers in Chicago, used to sell a narrative that President Donald John Trump and his rebel army are a deplorable mix of the klan and Nazis.

The abuse of power is just like the FBI storming the home of Roger Stone, 66. in the wee hours of the morning under the floodlights of CNN. This is how Stasi operated.

Washington has the highest percentage of police officers in America. The city alone has 55 cops for every 10,000 people. On top of that are Secret Service, Capitol Police, and various other federal agencies. Do prisons have as many guards?

It has the 7th highest murder rate in the nation.

The Smollett case isn't a crime, even if his bizarre tale is true. He got a black eye. 530 people were murdered.

But the Chicago Police are promoting the Smollett case because it serves an agenda designed to gain power and control Americans. The plan is to divide and conquer the country by race, sex, who you screw, et cetera.

Just why Smollett was on the streets at 2 a.m. in subfreezing temperatures is as odd as it is to have two white guys in MAGA hats out in the cold hunting down gay black celebrities to harass. It is so cold in Chicago that they cancelled two performances of "Hamilton."

Has anyone else in Chicago been noosed and bleached like this at 2 a.m.?

But I do know why Chicago Police would rather go to the wall working on this case than they would solving murders. Politics.

By the way, murder soared in Chicago under Obama, rising from 453 in 2009 to 876 in 2016.

Under President Trump, that dropped to 650 in 2007 and 530 in 2018.

But this year, the number of actors noosed and bleached at 2 a.m. already has hit an all-time high.

Of one.


  1. Why do I expect this to be another fake crime? Why do I expect it to not be reported as such?

    1. Because 99.99% of these stories are fake and never corrected by the mainstream media.

      This famous person who I have never heard of is trying to resurrect his career.

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  2. Black on black crime doesn't fit the Democrat narrative, and the narrative is all about the Democrats gaining power and money, by any means necessary. - Elric

  3. a Black eye while bobbing for dick and missing....

  4. Empire's ratings are falling and his character was probably on the chopping block to be cut.

    Nothing gets your name known faster & remembered longer than a race hoax. (Tawana Brawley/Trayvon Martin effect)

    1. Trouble is people are woke to this crap.. doesn't work as well..

    2. St. Trayvon of the Sidewalk, patron saint of thugs.

  5. This is why black voters made the difference in TX and FL. They're wising up.

    This is how Stasi operated.

    Also the Gestapo and the NKVD.

  6. Hey Don, ole buddy, ole pal, ole amigo. Just thought I'd let you know. One of the top five pet peeves in my life for the past 20 odd years is to listen to the pre-recorded instructions on the other end of the phone line in English and then have to listen to the same instructions in a foreign language. I've listened to those recordings in Spanish so many times I now speak the language fluently. So, when I opened your blog a minute ago I was quite pissed to say the least. There, at the top of the page was an Xfinity ad that said, "El Control Remoto". I can't take it anymore. I'm outa here.

    HAHAHAHA. Just kidding. But it did raise the hairs on the back of my redneck just a tad.

    1. Try clearing out your cookies and not visiting those sites anymore

  7. The vampire will not give up his cell phone to the cops to confirm he was on the phone with his manager when, he says, he was being attacked. I'm sure that conversation has been recorded by the NSA,as every one knows,or at least it's existence can be verified. Perhaps a back channel request by a local pol would help. In this case though the truth is irrelevant to the narrative. Maxime has already spoken, according to Drudge.

    1. The NSA is reputed to have records of every phone call, text msg, email & so on ever made- and I'm sure if they have all that, they have Her Herness' "missing" 33,000 emails. You know, the ones that were wiped off her illegal server, "like with a cloth."

      So far though I've never heard of ANY time the NSA actually came through with the goods; they might have this info, but they don't share it with anybody or use it to set the record straight.

      I wonder who actually runs the NSA, and what their real purpose is, since it seems to be of no more benefit to the American people than the KGB.

  8. I think about this nonsense, and about Roger Stone, and the ability of a politized law enforcement agency that can ruin or hassle people for their own ends.

    How is this for a personal story. Late last year I had a run-in with one of those pack and ship places that lost a package of mine, then claims it was found, then returned it to sender, costing me money. When I went down to confront him, he through obscenities at me, which were returned. He said I was breaking the law for "refusing to leave" and called the police. I laughed at him and left.

    A month later, LA police are calling me about the matter. I gave them the basics, but they started asking me odd, leading questions. I told them I was done. A month later, they called me again, left a message, that if I didnt come down to them they would "come and bring me in for questioning". I ignored them.

    Three weeks ago I get a letter from the city stating I am charged with two crimes, inciting a fight and refusing to leave an establishment, neither of which I did. I don't trust these people, so I got a lawyer, cost me $3500, which in LA is pretty much the minimum for a good one. He attended my first court date, and the City Attorney said to him "you want this to go away, fine, have him come in and 21 days in jail".

    This is for a heated, non-threatening, 30 second altercation with an unbalanced, obnoxious shop keeper. My attorney is just amazed. He has never seen anything like this. He told the city attorney that he does not sell his client out. He told me he will try to get this reduced to a $150 disturbing the peace, non-misdemeanor deal. I may have to actually go to trial.

    Just let what I told you sink in. This is in a major city in the LA area. I have not left anything out of the story. My best friend was run off the road by a road rage and almost killed....they guy was found, he was charged after a year of going to court with a misdemeanor,$5000 fine.

    I am sitting here watching law enforcement from my level to the Justice Department being completely corrupted. It is sickening.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I failed to complete my thoughts as they apply to this story. In my city, there are murderers all over the place, larceny, assault, road rage. But law officers and cities want to come after people like me, no record, never arrested, middle aged, tax paying, property owning citizen, because I opened my mouth. Imagine you opening your mouth against a politician. About an abortionist. About a bill you don't like. And if someone thinks you are too loud, you may have to get a lawyer and go to court. Is this where we are headed? The police in this story, a dozen cops, going through the motions to what, look good? While others are getting shot up?


    4. "In my city, there are murderers all over the place, larceny, assault, road rage."

      These people have no money. They can't be squeezed and it costs big bucks to find, arrest, and incarcerate them. Bad for the bottom line.

      You, on the other hand, have the financial ability to pay a hefty fine as well as employing an attorney (who no doubt knows the people he's dealing with in law enforcement and justice fairly well) and offering no violence or threat of absconding. Good for the bottom line.

      Yes, it's an upside down system these days. At least you followed Rule #1: "Never take a court-appointed attorney. They don't work for you, they work for the people out to get you."

      I wish you the best of luck.

      - Elric

    5. The world is practical.

      Your imagined principles of what is just are imaginary.

      Your pleas for rightous, principled agreement are infantile.

      Here are the practical realities:

      1. You fucked yourself. You fucked yourself by holding, as principles, the delusion that you can act as if no one can drop you dead bang just because they fucking feel like doing it. You fucked yourself by acting not as if everyone is armed, and, thus, will be more likely to be courteous, but, rather, as if you being, according to your principles, right, must then be free to act stupid.

      2. The law enforcement employed authorities don't, as a rule, give a flying fuck about mickey mouse bullshit. They are way too busy. However, a pesky, asshole, like your described clerk, repeatedly complaining, about your dumb ass actions, results in these law enforcement employees having to deal with both your dumb ass and the asshole complaining. Thanks, dumb ass.

      3. Place of business. Video & audio security captured. You, dumbass. Basis of law enforcement employed having to deal with not only the asshole complaining + your dumb ass, but also their bosses.

      4. Can you say Civil Lawsuit? Set up, 1st, by Criminal Complaint, proceeding to Criminal Conviction, leading to..... Take a guess.

      5. Practical is the world.

      6. You screwed your own pooch by disregarding this and acting upon your principles. Your principles.

      7. The asshole you refer to is acting upon it's principles. Figured out what those are?

  9. This is just sick. I live about an hour from LA and I am curious what city this was in, so I could avoid it.


    Do your background research.

  11. If its mot a hoax'''(Which I think it is)...My guess is he was out looking for some guy he could blow and he grabbed the wrong guys junk and got his ass kicked. This scenario was common on the north side 30-40 years ago...

  12. History has shown us that these types of claims are almost always hoaxes. I now assume they are hoaxes until proven otherwise.

    1. Ditto. Doesn't even cross my mind anymore that it actually could be legit.

  13. I knew the guys story was BS at the “MAGA Country” statement.

    Chicago is one of the furthest places from MAGA country.

    I was at the cancelled Candidate Trump rally at the UIC Pavillion in 2016.

    The event was cancelled because of hundreds of organized anti-Trump agitators that infiltrated the venue causing Trump to be waived off before his arrival.

    It was well attended by pro Trump people, very well attended.

    But upon leaving, the place was surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of rabid aggressive anti-trumpers.

    The police were overwhelmed.

    The whole thing was one fire-cracker or one punch from a major bloodbath.

    All because of the Left.

    The media buried it.

    Even if Smollett is telling the truth which is doubt full, it was two guys.

    It was nothing like what I saw in 2016.

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