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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cher nailed the shutdown

Day 20 of the government shutdown. Trump supporters are enjoying the ride. Snowstorms are coming but states plow the roads. There is no federal Department of Snow Plows. If there were, it would be headquartered in Hawai'i.

Cher freaked out.

Good point. The party of the government is the one shut down.

Trump supporters are skipping along quite merrily.

Democrats think pointing out the ills of the shutdown help.
But as Joel B. Pollak pointed out, she wants to inspect food that comes from overseas for possible health problems but not people.

The shutdown show is a fundraising effort for her.
Gee, Democrats care as much about the lives of government workers as they do babies in a womb.

Not that Republicans are better. Everyone is using them. They are pucks in this hockey match.

Then there is Senator Amy Klobuchar (horse whinnies).

Old: Dog Ate My Homework.

New: Shutdown Kept Me From Doing It.
Democrats know we have a problem.

Democrats are playing a game, thinking President Donald John Trump will cave.

He won't.

Cher knows this.

She should be House Speaker.
I didn't elect the Border Patrol.

This is on Congress and the president. I want the problem resolved, but please, let them take their time.


  1. Cher is right. Before the government began intervening in health care there was no such thing as health care. Health care was invented by bureaucrats in DC and if they aren't there as the "primary mover" there is no health care.

    It's the liberal form of the "rapture" all doctors, nurses and hospitals are taken up, disappear. And they will be gone forever.

  2. These same Democrats who are screaming about the shutdown were prepared and committed to shutting down the government if funding for Planned Parenthood was cut. This week, the head of PP admitted that abortion was their primary business--which makes government funding of it a violation of the Hyde Amendment and illegal.
    These same Democrats have earmarked hundreds of billions in foreign aid to Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and even China! in their spending plan and were quiet when Obama sent 1.8-billion in pallets of unmarked cash to Iraq--yet they can't authorize more than $1.00 for a Border Wall.

  3. So far this is just on Congress. Have they sent the President a spending bill to veto?

    1. doesn't fit the narrative Jeremy, so.......crickets.

  4. When did a law passed by congress benefit anyone? Generally, there are unintended consequences. We will be fortunate if congress doesn't pass any laws. We benefit when nothing gets done by washington.

  5. The Senate has a funding bill, with the wall money in it. But it needs 60 votes to pass, since it's an appropriations bill. McConnel won't bring it to the floor, until he's sure he has the votes.

    I don't think the House has to re-authorize it, but I could be mistaken.

    1. that bill no longer applies, since the 2nd its a new house and congress and they cant take up bills by former houses and senates without the new house reaffirming the last house's vote FIRST. That's why the window was so small to get anything passed in the first place.

  6. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily... NBADJT

  7. This nation is going the way of Rome , rotting from within .

  8. Does anyone give a sh!t what that woman says? Not me.

  9. Not a dime for the useless wall. Let Trump stay painted into his corner.

    Nobody will squeal more than the lil' Trumpsters when they figure out they're less sufficient than they think. They'll need to suffer a bit first.

    "All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?"

    1. Nonny you insolent child-this is about safety-public safety. My Police Officer cousin hardly goes by a week without some Illegal getting off because of "Sanctuary" laws in Oregon.
      He's a detective.
      Officer Singh, however, is unavailable for comment..

  10. actually the lil' government workers will squeal louder than any "Trumpsters" will. That tends to happen when you are evicted for non payment of rent. All of europe has heavily armed and walled borders... hmmm you dont seem to tow the liberal line much

  11. Gypsies, tramps and thieves. Cher knows who she's dealing with.

  12. Sonny was the brains of that duo. Cher at one time had a good voice and a fairly nice ass, but that's about it.

  13. Solve the impasse. But there's no hurry. In the meantime declare an emergency and let the military do it. The shutdown also demonstrates how desirable limited govt truly is. It shows how the federal gov't could be reduced by 40% across the board with minimal erosion of service. It just means fewer 'workers' are surfing porn on the public dime.

  14. Dems have mostly stopped compromising, they only want to be dictators.

    But I'm thinking they will be offering lousy deals, and Trump will take one; I'm hoping he pushes for a good deal. Tho even a bad deal with a Wall is better, now, than some deal with no Wall, like for the past few decades.