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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

56% say do more on illegal immigration

An ABC/Washington Post poll this month showed 56% of Americans believe the government does too little to stop illegal immigration.

Only 17% said it does too much.

Among Hispanics, 44% said the government does too little to protect the borders, while 23% said it does too much.

Indeed, Hispanic support for President Donald John Trump shot up from a rating of minus 14 to plus 4 thanks to the government shutdown.

The Black Christian News Network One reported, "Hispanic Pastors Thank Trump for Pushing Border Security in White House Meeting as President Touts Growing Support Among Latino Voters."

Waco pastor Ramiro Pena told the president: "You’ve done a very good job and been the leader we need you to be in extending a hand to them to come to the table. And we want to say thank you for doing that, and we want to say thank you for doing everything you can to get aid, in a humanitarian way, for this crisis where it’s needed most, securing our borders, and providing for law enforcement and the Border Patrol everything they need — all the tools and resources that are needed."

Reading that for the first time?

I am not surprised. The American press is the worst pack of liars and propagandists in the world. 

The ABC/Washington Post poll also showed that 24% of Americans believe border jumping from Mexico is a crisis, and another 47% said it is a serious problem.

Only 1% said it is not a problem.

Congress is catering to the 1%.


  1. Must be 75%- being an ABC/WaPo poll they start with their news rooms first...

  2. Those who say we're doing too much to stop illegals are about the same as the percentage of illegals and their employers.

  3. It's why the Demos are pushing vote fraud schemes like vote harvesting.

    Their most trusted constituencies - women (Kavanaugh and the MAGA kids), blacks (work), Hispanics (work), working stiffs (work) - are being wooed successfully by Trump.

  4. It will be interesting to see what phony "border enforcement" the democrats (and republicans) will be offering up in the coming weeks. They can read polls as well as anyone and understand no one wants open borders. They can come up with a million reasons not to have a wall but none of their counter proposals do anything other than watch illegals come into the country unimpeded. What's the use of putting security cameras in a store and then allowing shoplifters back into the store the next day?

    1. What the Dims are pushing out here in Cali is a "virtual wall", using drones and sensors.

      Sili Valley types like the idea ($$$ for them), but the real problem with a virtual wall is that the next Dim president will just flip the switch and turn it off - bingo, Marxist utopia.
      - peasantnumberthree

  5. Replies
    1. Flying trucks with cluster munitions circling overhead

  6. Anymore I give poll results about the same level of credence as the USG's economic numbers (GDP, inflation,, etc.)
    And did you look at the previous question in the ABC/WaPo poll? Apparently, more respondents believed that Pelosi & Dems (rather than Trump & Repubs) can be trusted on the immigration issue.
    Go figure....

    1. "Trusted" in what way? To provide cover for illegal immigrants? They have telegraphed they plan to water down anything Trump tries to do.

    2. Hey, I'm not the one who wrote the poll question! ...that's why I don't give poll results a minute's consideration. (And those that ask "right direction, wrong track" garbage -- what does that even mean to an individual?)

      Here, read the "trust" question for yourself & decide what it's asking..., like what "handle" means:

      "Q: (HALF SAMPLE) Who do you trust more to handle the issue of illegal immigration - (Trump and the Republicans in Congress) or (Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress)??