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Monday, December 31, 2018

You are mentally ill, "ma'am"

A clerk at a Game Stop store called a man "sir" and the man went off on a tirade demanding to be called "ma'am."

Sorry, Aerosmith. Dude doesn't look like a lady.

I am no expert on the subject but that rage looks like mental illness. He is dressed as a man but demanding to be recognized as a woman because he is insane.

No one is brave enough to call him out, and I do not blame them because why risk assault or loss of a job simply to set the record straight on a minor matter?

Submission to this stupidity is now ingrained in our culture. We pretend there are more than two sexes. It is one of many lies we accept just keep the peace.

And then something strange happened. Someone said no, this is not right. He began to capture this idiot's meltdown for posterity. Then he posted it online for the world to see.


I hope that Fake Ma'am seeks help but our society coddles the mentally ill. San Francisco lets them poop in the street. California elected San Francisco's mayor as its governor. The Golden State wants to become the Poop State.


Zachary Petrizzo at Townhall called the Gamestop Meltdown Man a "transgendered woman."

He is not. There is no such thing as a "transgendered woman."

He is a sick man in a society too afraid to help the mentally ill face reality.

Facebook meanwhile suspended Franklin Graham for 24 hours because in 2016, Graham said men should not use the ladies room. That is further proof that social media is a social disease.


  1. Indian medical student kicked out of college by racist white professors for questioning their SJW beliefs

    Kieran Ravi Bhattacharya was a medical student at the University of Virginia and he has been kicked out after having questioned his white college professor's SJW beliefs.

    Here is the audio of the lecture where he questioned his professor's SJW beliefs:

    He speaks from 28:45 to 34:00

    Here is the audio of the suspension hearing:

    Here is a picture of the people who were at the suspension hearing:

    Notice how 14 out of the 16 people at that suspension hearing are white people. If this is not an act of racism against a sincere indian medical student, then I don't know what is. Look at their smug arrogant faces as they kick him out for DARING to question their SJW beliefs.

    His twitter handle is kieranravib if you want to ask him questions or set up an interview with him

    Already the media is beginning to cover it:

  2. Ma’am, here’s the number: It’s 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

  3. If you can intimidate society into accepting an inversion of social norms you can do just about anything. That is what this is all about.

    The key thing is to understand that this is the result of taking the Declaration of Independence as our "organic law". If we are all equal we have to accept people "as they are", not how nature made them. There is no philosophy on the face of the earth that does not have built in contradictions no matter how good it looks in the beginning. That is why the founders did not incorporate the Declaration into the constitution (contrast that to the French who used the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen into theirs, and the resulting chaos).

    And many conservatives are to blame. They took the words of Jefferson and Lincoln and made them the basis of our government, rather than simply stick with the practical wording of the document we were supposed to use, and created a jurisprudence that gradually became more and more separated from reality until we got to the point that a solicitor general of a Republican President got the courts to accept queer marriage.

    Folks, the cat was out of the bag with "separation of church and state". The rest of this nonsense was just a matter of time.

    Problem is, I don't think this is something we will see rolled back by judges who were brought up in this milieu. It's either going to take a revolution and the overturning of myriad institutions, or we'll just see more degradation.

    People need to learn to hate the institutions that cradle this stuff and actively seek their destruction, or they will just get more of the same.

    We all know what the next step is. You guys going to be happy when your grandkids have been declared by the courts to have given consent to lose their virginity to their gym teachers?

    Go ahead. Laugh your ass off. Then read about classical Greece.

    1. In Attic Greece, mostly Athens, it was done among the upper classes and you were eventually expected to grow up, find a nice girl, get married, and have a family.

    2. Read the symposia of Plato and Xenophon. It didn't stop there.

      Oh. And check out the "Sacred Band" of Thebes.

  4. They closed the insane asylums, and opened the universities. I don't think that was coincidental.

  5. Forgot where I read it, but some poor college student, neck deep in a PC environment, was being reprimanded for using the wrong pronoun. He listened patiently, then said something like, "Ok, if we're each allowed to select our own identity, then from now on, I demand to be addressed as, 'Your Majesty.'"

    It's perfect because, technically, it complies with an unrealistic demand by a typical Leftist nut, and simultaneously ridicules the idiot. Needless to say, I have tucked this away for future use.

    Store clerk, “Okay, I’ll address you as Ma’am, but only if you address me as, Your Majesty. That’s only fair, right?” This is best if there is an audience.

    The Left encourages this fantasy, even though a huge percentage of these transgender types end up killing themselves. This is just another line item of human tragedy the Left eagerly accepts as long as it contributes to the destruction of our culture. As Forrest Gump would say, “Evil is as evil does.”

    1. 25+ years ago, I was teaching a preschool Sunday School class. As the children came in, one mother came over to me and quietly told me that "Today, [her daughter] will only answer to 'Princess Diana.'" I asked, "Can I call her Princess Di?" "NO! Only Princess Diana. And be happy, last week she was Queen Elizabeth."
      I said ok, but noticed that during class she didn't seem upset when the other students just called her by her name. These people have not matured past the level of a four-year-old.--

  6. "Transgenderism" could be cured nationwide in a year or two if members of the general public would simply point and laugh whenever one of these people are sighted.

  7. All this insanity and confusion about sex points to one thing--a huge spiritual issue where people have rejected God and His truths about our identity (and if you think science and not God is the answer, then let me direct your attention to "scientists" who have rejected the truth for lies just to support their belief that there is no God--ahem--the theory of evolution and global warming, are just two examples).

    People want to make up their own rules as they go along, and by doing so, they condemn themselves to a miserable, insane, illogical, foolish existence. We were never meant to be God.

    Romans 1:22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools. . . .


    1. Not just God's truths, but Mother Nature's.

      And we all know what happens when you try to fool Mother Nature.

  8. He is dressed as a man but demanding to be recognized as a woman because he is insane.

    In a nutshell.


    In 50 years, we've gone from the Marlboro Man to the Meltdown Man.

    1. I suspect that "recognized as a woman" means, actually, "Not held accountable, and exceptions made when throwing a tantrum."

  9. "Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand
    Why she walk like a woman but talk like a man
    Oh my Lola la-la-la-la Lola la-la-la-la Lola"
    The Kinks - Lola

  10. Maybe he can replace occasional-kotex as the left's new "thing".

  11. Black Rifle Coffee Company sells a mug with F*ck Your Feelings on it. I think that describes my attitude well enough.

  12. These men are not trying to be women, they are trying to dodge being seen as beta men, which they are, by "winning" over women in sports, rest rooms etc. Many are homosexuals acting out their fantasies. cm

  13. A swift kick in the nuts would've reminded him that he's not a girl.

  14. Women's sports teams could end this very quickly if they all refuse to compete with the cross dressers.

  15. Well they are teaching 5 yr old boys that they can have "periods" also, because all humans, male and female have menstrual cycles! So as odd as this sounds, it seems to be the future unless God says "Enough is Enough" and he deals out his wrath!

  16. How about he undergo a species-change operation in an effort to become a human being?

  17. I saw the video and found it deeply disturbing. The dude is totally bonkers, God help America!