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Thursday, December 06, 2018

What's the French word for Trumpenfreude?


Emmanuel Macron.

Four weeks ago, he politicized the centennial of the World War I armistice by attacking President Trump. Macron bizarrely said nationalism is the opposite of patriotism.

They are synonymous.

But with Macron's job approval at 26%, he felt he had to do something.

He is down to 18% now -- below Nixon's 24% and Truman's 22%.

Macron surrendered to rioters who opposed his Global Warming Tax.

The Sun reported, "Despite a humiliating government U-turn on proposed green taxes on fuels, the Yellow Vests sense they can achieve more.

"The group is named after the high visibility jackets that all motorists have to carry in France and originally called for a reduction in the price of diesel and petrol. Now disgruntled groups from Left and Right, including students and emergency workers, have joined their campaign."

(The British call it petrol because they cannot spell gasoline.)

Trumpenfreude is going mainstream, by the way.

Alex Lockie of the liberal Business Insider wrote, "Trump gets the last laugh on Macron with Paris burning after his rebuke of America First."

Lockie wrote, "While champions of morality in politics may have celebrated Macron's rebuke of Trump's America First policies, which are often seen as inhumane and turning away from the US's much-publicized values of compassion and openness, the massive mobilization of the Yellow Vests and the downfall of liberal leaders across Europe may give Trump the last laugh."

Inhumane? Really? Not bombing the hell out of Libya in the name of the New World Order is "inhumane"?

But it slowly is dawning on Marxists and globalists that unlike Obama, President Trump knows what he is doing. He does not need a minder, and he can defeat them with one arm tied behind Bungling Bob Mueller's back.

Read about Macron and his 95 buddies on The Trumpenfreude List. Save the link. When you are feeling blue, read it. Just remember: every single one of them picked a fight, and every single one of them proceeded to make a mess of their lives.


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  1. OMG! I am rolling over in laughter. This is great!!!

  2. Beware the men who have something to lose. Because when they come out to fight it will be very real and not the play-acting that AntiFa does.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. This dude was low hanging fruit from the get-go. The French have a habit of, instead of going for the the moderately radical as a compromise solution early on, to try so hard to be more moderate in the beginning, that they end up beating the already dead horse of moderatism beyond recognition, and end up going for the utterly inappropriately radical in the end. Their futile attempt at constitutional monarchy early in the revolution is a good example of this, as is their current approach to politics.

    They could elect enough people from the patriotic front to act as a check against the globalists, but their moderation prohibits them from doing so. In not doing that simple thing they end up further radicalizing their own people to the point that they will end up electing some weirdo government no one could have imagined. Like the last one before Macron.

    1. Elect some weirdo government like californians do.

  4. macron had to capitulate before all the white flags got burned.

  5. And the best laugh with Trumpenfreude is that half the time all our President did was ignore them.

  6. The French have bad political options because they took the socialist road to the worker's paradise and really don't want to get off it. It will always be electoral groundhog day as long as this is the case, which as far as I can see, is forever.

  7. He stuck a feather in his cap and called it Macron-i.

    1. Macron-i might easily be confused with Marconi, the radio guy.

      Macaroni is more appropriate as it describes his brain

      Which reminds me of this:

      A guy walks into a store. He sees three brains on display. First is a Libertarian Brain, priced at $300. The second is a Republican Brain, priced at $275. The third is a Democrat Brain, priced at $5,000,000.

      The guy asks the sales clerk, "Man, why does the Democrat brain cost so much more than the other two?" Clerk replies, "Well sir, that brain has never been used!"

  8. Plus the French are thinking about / have chosen to?/ start reducing their use of nuclear power.

    Dumb, dmub.

  9. AceofSpadesHQ- Ace linked your Trumpenfreude List. Now that's 'the show'.

  10. Replies
    1. Allan Sherman sings (not the best voice but a funny song) "You Went The Wrong Way Old King Louie" (3:32) it starts out slow but after the first minute sounds better and better from 1963.


      Louis the Sixteenth was the King of France in 1789.
      He was worse than Louis the Fifteenth.
      He was worse than Louis the Fourteenth.
      He was worse than Louis the Thirteenth.
      He was the worst since Louis the First.
      King Louis was living like a king, but the people were living rotten.
      So the people, they started an uprising which they called the French Revolution, and of course you remember their battle cry, which will never be forgotten:

      You went the wrong way, Old King Louie.
      You made the population cry.
      'Cause all you did was sit and pet
      With Marie Antoinette
      In your place at Versailles.
      And now the country's gone kablooie.
      So we are giving you the air.
      That oughta teach you not to
      Spend all your time fooling 'round
      At the Folies Bergere.

      If you had been a nicer king,
      We wouldn't do a thing,
      But you were bad, you must admit.
      We're gonna take you and the Queen
      Down to the guillotine,
      And shorten you a little bit.

      You came the wrong way, Old King Louie.
      And now you ain't got far to go.
      Too bad you won't be here to see
      That great big Eiffel Tower,
      Or Brigitte Bardot.

      To you King Louie we say fooey.
      You disappointed all of France.
      But then what else could we expect
      From a king in silk stockings
      And pink satin pants.

      You filled your stomach with chop suey.
      And also crepe suzettes and steak.
      And when they told your wife Marie
      That nobody had bread, she said
      "Let 'em eat cake."

      We're gonna take you and the Queen
      Down to the guillotine,
      It's somewhere in the heart of town.
      And when that fella there is through
      With what he's gonna do,
      You'll have no place to wear your crown.

      You came the wrong way Old King Louie.
      Now we must put you on the shelf.
      That's why the people are revolting, 'cause Louie,
      You're pretty revolting yourself!

  11. He was a Socialist finance minister who told the voters less than a year later that he was actually an independent centrist. Amazing that he is now behaving exactly like a socialist finance minister.