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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Weekly Standard on Trumpenfreude watch

One month after Donald John Trump entered the presidential race, Bill Kristol, then editor of the Weekly Standard, announced we had reached Peak Trump.

And so we had, and Donald Trump dropped out of the race and was never heard from again. The end.

Just kidding. But his false prophecy inspired me to write the best chapter in "Trump the President." Read it here.

What we had reached was Peak Weekly Standard. Its influence has slid ever since.

By so fervently opposing the man who won the Republican nomination and the presidency, Kristol and his publication became as relevant as a phone book. I suppose they still make those but who needs one?

According to CNN, this may be the fate of Kristol's publication.

"The fate of The Weekly Standard, the conservative magazine that has staked out a position as a publication on the right still critical of President Donald Trump, is uncertain, Editor-in-Chief Stephen Hayes told staff in a series of phone calls Tuesday, according to two people familiar with the matter," CNN reported.

"The magazine's precarious position comes after its leadership spent months searching for a buyer, the people told CNN."

I wonder if this means the cruises are off.  The 2018 one hasn't been announced yet.

Media DC owns the Weekly Standard and also the Washington Examiner, which is not feuding with President Trump.

"Ryan McKibben, the chairman of MediaDC, asked to meet with Hayes in a meeting tentatively scheduled for late next week, the people said. McKibben, they said, also requested the entire staff of The Weekly Standard be made available following the meeting," CNN reported.

"That request, coupled with MediaDC's Monday announcement that its other conservative news organization, The Washington Examiner, would be expanding its magazine into a weekly publication, has left The Weekly Standard's leadership worrying about the future of the magazine."

Just an aside but the media is the worst when it comes to media relations.

"Hayes did not respond to emails on Monday and Tuesday requesting comment," CNN reported.

Replying to @KurtSchlichter @LarryOConnor and 2 others
SHOCKING: Weekly Standard has discovered that conservatives want to read articles attacking liberals, not stories attacking other conservatives.

July 2015: "Kristol: 'I'm Finished With Donald Trump.'"

Now conservatives are finished with him and his magazine.

Never feud with Donald John Trump.

Never bet against him either.

With that we add another to the Trumpenfreude List, which is now at 96.


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  1. "Kristol and his publication became as relevant as a phone book. I suppose they still make those but who needs one?"

    Unlike the Weekly Standard, a telephone book is still useful as a doorstop.

    1. I'm going to show my age with this question, what is a telephone book? Is it an inside joke or a comedy? Why would anyone write a book about a telephone?

    2. A phonebook is a directory of most phone numbers in a given area indexed by the name of the person or business. They traditionally did not include cell phone numbers. They also have a yellow page section that lists businesses by category, Doctors, dentists, architects, liars err lawyers and so forth.

  2. The cruise ship Weekly Standard blindly collided with an iceberg named Donald John Trump and is about to slip beneath the waves. Why would anyone want to ride along on that cruise? - Elric

    1. Iceberg? Cap'n Kristol and Crew "Red Octobered" themselves.Right in the magazine,er, Lido Deck..
      I used "Trumpenfruede " over at Brietbart.Gave Don Credit...

    2. Thanks. A reader came up with Trumpenfreude, but heh

  3. Love your blog and this one especially … first time poster long time reader.

    Bye Kristol … go find job on CNN.

  4. Kristol reminds me of the captain of that Italian cruise liner who hightailed ashore after running it aground -- leaving his passengers and crew behind to pay the price of his egomania.

    1. It wasn't egomania. He was thinking with the wrong head.

      "Captain Francesco Schettino sought a plea bargain agreement. When his trial resumed in October 2013, the Moldavian dancer Domnica Cemortan, 26, admitted being his lover and being on the ship without a ticket, after the prosecution alleged that her presence on the bridge "generated confusion and distraction for the captain".

      - Elric

  5. Rumors abound that the Weakly Substandard has recently been financed by a leftie "philanthropist".
    Apparently the support has limits though.


  6. Get woke, go broke.

    Good riddance to the entire Neo-Con movement, the failures of which are now glaringly obvious.