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Friday, December 21, 2018

Trump's not used to liars

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas revealed why President Trump is not doing well in Washington.

Donald John Trump is not used to dealing with liars.

Gohmert told WMAL, a radio station in Washington, "He wants to work with people over here on the Hill, and he’s just not used to, in the private sector, having people that are reputedly on his side conspiring to keep him from getting what he promised, and that’s what we’ve seen.

"In the private sector, Trump knew if somebody that was on his side undermined him, there’d be hell to pay.

"He was apparently not shy of suing people that didn’t keep their promises. And so, he’s not used to being in a government setting, even two years later, where people that are supposedly on his side are not trying to help him as they say they are."

You can lie without consequence in Washington, and so people lie. And cheat. And backstab. One can see why the place reverted back to its natural state as a swamp.

Paul Ryan is a creature of this black lagoon.

Gohmert said, "Just a few weeks before the election, we were told by Paul, by our elected leaders that, gee, the only way we can keep the House majority is just all of us start running against the president.

"Fortunately, we had enough people one after another on the call that pushed back so hard they backed off of that."

Ryan quit as speaker at 48. Say what you want about the Pelosaurus Vex, she is no quitter. Nor is Trump. He may get more out of her than he did with Ryan.


  1. Paul Ryan is a warning to not have people who start their careers as political aides represent them in office. The one skill they learn better than any other-- and they learn from the best-- is the backstabbing lie.

    The most lasting memory of Ryan is him being derisively laughed at by Creepy Uncle Joe Hairplugs during the vice presidential debate. Looking back, he earned and deserved to be the laughing stock of an idiot.

  2. I'm concerned that the new speaker, Kevin McCarthy, is going to be the same as Ryan. I made alot of phone calls to Representatives encouraging them to vote for Jim Jordan instead. Wish he'd have won. Steve Scalise would have been better than Kevin McCarthy.

  3. Meant to say, not the new "Speaker", but the new "Minority Leader".

  4. I like and respect Gohmert. i wish there were like him and Jordan and less like Ryan and McCarthy in Congress.

  5. I realize Trump was leaving wiggle room for Pelosi and Schumer, but I wish he just would've told them to stop blowing smoke up his butt. We know that they don't want "border security" 'cause they want open borders.

  6. Why would anyone think that Trump is not used to liars? Trump associated with Michael Cohen who is going to jail for lying. And Trump himself is not above telling untruths every now and then.

    1. According to whom? His enemies? In politics, too often, truth is in the ear of the auditor. It does not often wind up in the MSM.

  7. In Washington DC an "honest politician" is one who stays bought.

  8. It should be a requirement for public office that you work in the private sector. Paul Ryan is such an embarassment, so weak that it's sad. Many of our representatives have no executive experience and it shows.

  9. Pelosaurus Vex,

    Do you think Trump will tweet that.
    I wish he would, but he has to negotiate with her

  10. I am so disappointed in Paul Ryan. He had excellent position papers in the past as a representative and when placed in a position to develop them, he utterly failed to lead. The same with so many TEA Party, supposed supporters, we got elected. We need a constitutional amendment to allow recall of congressional members. The SCOTUS has ruled against that as the Constitution was written.