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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Trump cancels press Christmas party

Last year, the New York Times reported, "Trump Throws a Holiday Party for the Press. Awk-ward."

That came after this story in the Washington Post two days earlier, "CNN disinvites itself from annual White House holiday party for the press."

That came after this story in Vogue in December 2016, "At Two White House Holiday Parties, the Obamas Prove Grace Under Pressure."

President Donald John Trump decided this year to have a merry Christmas, and canceled the press Christmas party.

"The White House didn’t announce the cancellation, according to the report by Howard Kurtz, who didn’t disclose where his information came from. The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment," the New York Post reported.

"During last year’s event, the president and first lady did not pose for pictures, a tradition in which guests would briefly chat with the couple near the Christmas tree before being snapped."

Why fake mutual respect when there is none?

Dan Bongino wrote, "The news of the cancellation isn’t that surprising considering the media’s hostility towards Trump. A study by the Media Research Center found that 92 percent of press coverage over the summer of Trump was negative, compared to just eight percent positive."

Last year, April Ryan complained that she wasn't invited to the Christmas party.

This year, she changed her story.

Like last year, I wasn’t planning on going. I don’t break bread w/people who don’t like me. I feel sorry for those who wanted 2 go. Party on? The White House’s holiday press soiree may be a ghost of Christmas past


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  1. Similarly,I have cancelled the Lardmaster’s White House Press Party as well as the Lardmaster’s holiday party for all of the Ambassadors to the UN.

  2. I guess President Trump realized that treating the media with respect was a one way street and did not make a difference in their approach. So, just kick them.

    1. The newsies still are Obama's lap dogs, so a kick is a good thing.

    2. None of those people believe in Christ anyways, so what’s the point? Mr. T, with another Captain Obvious jaw-snapping jab.

  3. "Waah, waah, Trump cancelled the Christmas party, now I won't be able to make a big scene refusing his invitation. Waah, waah, I want my blankie."

    Probably a quote from Jim Acosta in a public unisex restroom somewhere.

  4. Doesn't this qualify for inclusion in the Schadefreude list??

  5. The press can sing an old tune;

    I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas
    Melania and Donald are mad
    I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas
    'Cause I ain't been nuttin' but bad


    2. Thanks Jeremy, best selection I heard in several years:

      3 Hours Of CHRISTMAS SONGS | Best Christmas Songs OF ALL TIME