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Monday, December 10, 2018

Things Democrats want to ban

Metallicman, a blogger, compiled a list of things Democrats want to ban. From Barbie to plastic straws, Democrats are not content with boycotting products they don't like. They want to keep anyone from using these products.

Their sense of choice is limited to abortion. Oddly enough, the one thing we all should agree to ban is the killing of babies in the womb.

Metallicman meticulously included links to each item Democrats want to ban. His ever-expanding list is here.

The bans are always for a higher purpose. The list starts with a 2009 call to ban Barbie by then-Delegate Jeff Eldridge, a Democrat from Lincoln County, West Virginia.

He said, "I knew a lot of people were going to joke about it and poke fun at me. I couldn’t get anybody to sign on the bill with me but I said I’m still going to introduce it."

Voters laughed and showed him the door at the next election.

But he was mainstreaming liberalism. Their argument is Barbie projects an impossible body image for girls.

That is their stated reason. Their real problem is little girls have fun playing with her.

Air fresheners also insult the sensibilities of liberals.

Democratic Assembly Paul Aizley of Las Vegas introduced legislation in 2011 to set restrictions on air fresheners and scented candles to accommodate people with "chemical sensitivities," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Apparently he has never used a men's bathroom.

In 2012, parents in New York City wanted to ban ice cream trucks. The New York Post quoted, Sarah Schenck, a mother of two and co-founder of the eco-friendly

She said, "Nobody wants to be a crank, but one in three kids are going to be obese or diabetic by high school. When my kids see other kids get ice cream, they just start begging me. I just don’t think these are the fights we should be having."

So because she does not like to tell her children no, she wants a world in which no kid gets ice cream from a truck.

But she frames the issue as something grander. She's fighting childhood obesity. How noble.

All of these demands to ban are for some higher purpose. I can see their virtue signals from my backyard.


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  1. That is quite a list, with many more entries than the Trumpenfreude list - although Trumpenfreude has been active for a much shorter time.

    One item is to ban Christians from holding public office. I want to ban liberals (anti-Americans) from holding public office.

  2. "Nobody wants to be a crank..." Yeah, sure. Cranks, and scolds, and biddies (of all ages and sexes), and just general pains in the behind.

  3. The democrats.

    Torturing children since this political party's inception.

    The democrats.

    Grafting, grifting and grabbing anything znd everything not nailed down as their primary principle.

    The democrats.

    Spouting, on occasion, actually sane concepts, which they then proceed to shit upon by their actions.

    The democrats.

    Liars by words, by deeds, by intrinsic natures all.

    The democrats.

    Their motto: Vote for me and I'll bill you for being fucked by me.

    The democrats.

    Alternate motto: Ya fucked up. Ya trusted us




    And their rino cock sucking whores.

  4. Wow. Metallicman's site is quite the rabbit hole.

  5. To be fair, Democrats also advocate freedom of choice in other matters: gender, obeying or not obeying the law, hypocrisy, etc.

    1. Freedom of choice in Gender??? Your gender is determined by your chromosomes. If you have XX you are a female. If you have XY you are a male. being castrated and having your penis stuffed inside you does not make you a female. To maintain the aura that you are less of a man, you need to take a witches brew of drugs to suppress the facial hair, deep voice and other traits that males possess.
      After that is done to some one, they still cannot mother a baby, and when they regain their senses, if ever, they can never father a child either. All gender destructive surgery does is render the mentally ill sterile, something the dems used to be opposed to for unknown reasons.

    2. Sarcasm.

      Often too subtly phrased for some to perceive.

      The clue can be found in the qualities of the examples, few tho they be here.

      The mild sloth exhibited by presenting only 3, followed by a premature enunciation of the "etc." presumptive ending, is what appears to have enticed J into a reply too serious to not be mildly imperious.

      Comments are not being charged the commentor at a per word rate and the format provides ample time to ponder selection of words to equal intent of meaning, nor to inhibit understanding of posted comment's intended meaning by pondering same before posting replying comment.

      Even jesting requires sincerity of purpose and the avoidance of careless disregard.

      Naughty, naughty naughty!!!!!

  6. It is not freedom of choice, if the choices have to be pre-approved.

  7. Easier to list the things they'll allow us to keep, isn't it?

    1. World's shortest lists, right ahead of French military victories and true statements made by HiLlARy.

    2. Two thumbs up to Don & Jeremy!

  8. Progressives and Moslems share similar attitudes. A Christian can walk past a whore house, shake his head and pray for the sinners inside. A Moslem sees a brothel and he wants to murder everyone inside and burn down the building. Simply resisting temptation is not enough, all temptation must be eradicated. So it is with the Left, free choice must be abolished by any means.

  9. Actually, virtually ALL Dems DO, IN FACT, want to be little (or big) despots, to be cranks. They just want some believable lie to tell themselves they're not.
    All are smart enough to tell themselves untrue things in a way that they believe it -- when you actually do believe in something that's not true, it's not quite a lie. But it's not true either.

    They should be called Social Despots.