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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The wall and criminal justice reform

Voting for Donald John Trump was the best vote I ever cast, but the results have not met expectations. Official Washington believes it can outlast him and so it has yet to make a deal with him.

President Trump has a strategy.

The unwarranted persecutions and investigations are a pain but no worry. Still, this morning I worried about that.

A beloved reader emailed: "Your post today on Trump's resigning is pretty wimpy. It isn't going to happen and saying you hope a proven fool is wrong means you think it could which is not a show of strength on your part. Trump would destroy himself and his family if he resigned Which he won't do. The Dems will try impeachment but he will go to the wire. For that he will need allies not prayers. Sharpen your sword and pen and suit up.

"Best always."

I emailed back, "Thanks. I needed that."

So let me explain what I see President Trump is doing. You learn that by watching what our enemies do.

First, they want to undermine support of President Trump by blaming him for Washington's refusal to build the wall. Official Washington favors Mexicans over Americans.

Eddie Scarry wrote in Washington Examiner, "The 'wall' is now 'steel slats' and Trump has screwed his supporters."

He quoted Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News, who told Kellyanne Conway, "People who voted for him and want the wall, went to the polls to vote for that wall, they want to know how he’s going to do this and they want to know why he seems to be softening his stance this morning."

Scarry is concern trolling to please his boss.

The Washington Examiner is owned by the guy who owned the Weekly Standard. He also hired Fusion GPS to get dirt on The Donald. There was nothing there. Fusion GPS then was hired by Hillary and Obama to come up with a justification for wiretapping Trump Tower.

The Examiner's owner is folding the Weekly Standard because its name is mud. He will launch the Weekly Standard 2.0 as a weekly Washington Examiner.

However, that does not reduce the Trumpenfreude over the fall of the Weekly Standard. Like most conservative organizations, it deteriorated into liberalism over time. Good riddance.

President Trump cannot get funding for the wall. Paul Ryan is a Democrat now, and Mitch McConnell does not have the votes in the Senate. Why embarrass the Senate?

House Republicans failing to put up a fight in the midterm to keep their phony baloney jobs was a definition of passive aggressive behavior.

Ryan finally made House speaker and he quit? Look for him to officially quit the party in a fit of virtue signalling.

Facing this, President Trump is looking for some victories.

So the Senate passed a criminal justice reform law, which the president will gladly sign. I hope he brings in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in for the signing, but I doubt they will go fearing it will hurt the ratings for their show. 

The really good news is we are withdrawing troops from Syria. He declared victory, which means we are outsourcing the war to the Saudis. America First means avoiding land wars in Asia. It also means never trusting Democrats to support a war effort.

Where I made my mistake this morning was believing media accounts. I know better. I was indeed wimpy.

But the third act begins on January 3, 2019, when Pelosaurus Vex becomes speaker. Democrats should Animatron her. Trump supporters should put some popcorn in the microwave. They will impeach him. They will show their true colors. They will lose bigly.

As for this morning's post, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, which hurts because the bed is next to the wall.


  1. All is forgiven, Don! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Your super-duper crocodile tears are sweet to us.

    Where is Ta-too from Fantasy Island because that is where you lovers of your chronically criminally-induced fuher reside.

    1. You shouldn't speak of Barry Soetero in that manner.

    2. That's Barry Hussein Soetero to you.

    3. Oblamer
      Oflamer. . .

  3. Oh great, withdrawing from Syria even though his own appointee - Defense Secretary Jim Mattis - and other senior national security and Pentagon officials have advised President Yeti against it. I guess Putin is still not tired of bossing Trump around.

    1. What was that? It sounded like the bleating of a sheeple addicted to (D) Donkey feces.

      Oh, it was just an anonymous Troll. Never mind.

  4. Frankly, The Donald has so wildly exceeded my expectations, I still can't believe it.

    and I was put in (are you ready?) timeout on disqus because I called out the NeverTrumper and Libertarian trolls on another blog for all their "If Trump doesn't build the Wall before '20, he's finished" baloney.

    House Republicans failing to put up a fight in the midterm to keep their phony baloney jobs was a definition of passive aggressive behavior

    The Whigs threw away those seats to spite Trump, but do they understand they will never get them back?

    (nice William J LePetomaine reference BTW)

    They will impeach him.


    I get the occasional vibe from the oldsters (the few that are still sane) that it's sinking in impeaching Trump would be a gesture in futility in several ways.


    1. > "... I was put in (are you ready?) timeout on disqus because I called out the NeverTrumper and Libertarian trolls..."

      DisCuss banned me for describing what should happen to Sascha Swishy Barren Conehead. I had to start over with a new gmail addy.

      Free Speech? Not on DisCuss!

  5. In my experience The Washington Examiner is not a Trump friendly source.


  6. Can't blame you Don, I too have moments of doubt.

    I have an advantage though: I don't believe anything in the MSM, ever, until it's been proven beyond doubt with actual evidence. Still, it's hard to do that when all the FakeNews media are all yelling the same lies constantly and with some success: many still think that in this big pile of manure there must be a pony. There's not; and that's not horse manure, it's worse!

    Your correspondent is quite correct though, President Trump cannot abandon the fight. His opponents, and ours too, would hound his entire family and destroy them all utterly if they can only find a weapon that gives them power to do so.

    Those same evil people would cheerfully destroy us all and they'll continue to try. We too cannot give in, cannot give up, we must fight or die!

    But it sure would do my old heart good to hear some handcuffs snapping shut on some of the many, many unindicted felons that are living large, in full view, and laughing at us in our impotence.

    The rage is building, and President Trump isn't the only one who wants to see some victories soon!

    1. Thank you Esky, and dittos. I share the same opinions. In 1981 I had a landlord try to give me a TV set. I politely declined and said "why would I want one? It would take up space and I'd never turn it on."
      I'd never seen Trump on TV, and knew nothing more than supermarket tabloid headlines about him, until in January 2016 I heard him on Alex Jones show. It was a stunning interview, and I knew immediately that this guy was not only whip smart, but knew what he wanted and how to get it. I understand how deep and evil the swamp is, and I just have to trust that he has long term strategy always in mind. The dog-n-pony show of the daily nooz is just for distraction.

  7. Goldfish have better attention span than Trump supporters.

    Thankfully some of us can remember what was promised.

    And the crowd rally cheered!

    "And who is going to pay for it?", the conman asked the crowd.

    "Mexico!", the dupes yelled!

    Bait & switch.

    1. Really?

      I thought the Deplorables would stand by him even if he shot someone on the street?

      Which is it?

    2. Again, let us remember how many times Candidate Trump was acclaimed to be dead in the water...’cept
      he wasn’t.

      Let’s pay attention to his history at least as much as the prophets of the MSM.

      Didn’t he also write “The Art of the Comeback”?

      Getting knocked down and knocked out can look the same at first blush.

      If it were anyone else, I’d say “game over”.

      But he’s Trump. Let’s just see...

    3. You know Anonwuss, if this is the best response you could make you shoulda stayed in bed and sucked on your bottle.

  8. The David Singer article today, in Canada Free Press, is hopeful that the countries that receive US aid but did not vote with us at the UN recently (to condemn Hamas terrorism against Israel), should feel some shlongdefreud? " .. Trump has warned on many occasions that those who receive money from America—yet do not support America diplomatically—stand to lose financially as a result. ..." USA sent $15 Billion in 2017 to those so voting: Bangladesh, Congo, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe ...

  9. I too have my moments of doubt and disgust. I still believe that our president has a plan and it will all
    Work out. I am not at all a fan of Alabama football, but an admirer. What they say fits what I need to say and feel now - trust the process.

  10. There is this thing called "learned helplessness." That's when you have been beat down so hard for so long that you don't even try anymore. You are literally hope-less.

    Donald Trump gave us hope. That is why they are trying so hard to destroy him.

    1. The Elites want you to believe you are helpless and you are not. They want you to embrace hopelessness, You MUST NOT. We are Americans!! We always have and always will defeat Evil! The Racist, Fascist, and Evil Democrat Party (Party of Slavery, Segregation, KKK, infanticide,...) will always lose in the end!

  11. In your words Don, don't bet against the Donald.

  12. "Pelosaurus Vex"
    Word of the day if not the week

    1. Actually Anon, Pelosaurus Vex is the Word of the Year.

      Don nailed it.

  13. Our Nation is not the government. Not any of the many governments.

    Our Nation is We, the People, All.

    American is a state of Spirit.

    All others are mere temporary transient visitors.

    Those who come to America with sincere intent to BE American Spirit are welcome.

    Those here who choose go be shit can await their flushings, their providing themselves as food for the flies, worms and maggots, and those who seek to be here imbued with feckless intent can fly their feeble asses into the Flame of the American Spirit.

    The American Spirit, in essence the manifestation of Free Will as chosen by humanity, will, as the Force of Nature it is, endure.

    Tbe buzzings of the bottle flies, the mosquitoes, the gnats, the horse ass flies and such, is of no greater consequence than the singing of the worms.


  14. Trump is doing A- work; Dems are doing D work, in my view. But they won a majority in the House.

    Dems are winning the culture war, and Trump can beat any Dem, and even most Dems together, but he can't beat culture in the long term.

    Universities that discriminate against Reps need to lose their tax exempt status.

    1. Here's the culture that matters:





      Infectious diseases, aka, epidemics

      A machete whacking off your daughter's head as you are made to watch

      Your 30 buck an hour job no longer yours, but now belonging to a 5 buck an hour cash paid invader

      These "culture" wars you speak of are only free to indulge in when the real culture of the real world does not intrude upon the delusions.

      STOP sending your kids to colleges, the vast majority of which are worth less, in total, than your 20 year old mini van.

      Practical knowledge is King.

      All else is optional.

      In the long run, there is no long run.

      Just back to the disassembly line for everybody.