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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tariffs work (Red China just blinked)

While the media Muellerbates over the latest leak from that loser, President Trump continues to score big wins.

"China agreed to reduce tariffs on U.S. autos to 15%, down from 40% currently, during a phone call with U.S. officials that opened the latest round of trade talks aimed at settling a trade dispute festering between the world’s two largest economic powers," Market Watch reported.

"Chinese Vice Premier Liu He informed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer of the move in a phone call late Monday evening, Washington time, the person said, which restarted trade talks between the two nations. It wasn’t clear when the change would take effect, but Washington is pushing Beijing to make concessions as soon as possible."

I have said all along that Red China needs us more than we need them.

But the globalists tried to panic people.

The Cato Institute said in May, "Trump’s Trade Policy Is a Disaster, But Postponing the China Trade War Was Smart."

As a matter of fact, America's new trade policy is a disaster -- for Communist China and its enablers here at home.

For Patriots, the policy led to record high wages and record high employment.

The reporting on this subject has been obnoxious and misleading. In August, Business Insider had a story, "One map shows why Trump's trade war with China could be a disaster for average Americans."

It was a map of the states showing the top source of their imports, not what they export.

And exports -- what we sell -- are the real issue. Only five states had China as its leading customer nation.

President Trump understands business. He sees trade deficits as a loss.

He is working to correct this. He already negotiated a replacement for NAFTA. The press said his tariffs on them would backfire.

Now China is capitulating.

Pretty much, if the press says President Trump will fail, he will succeed. They said he would not be nominated. He was. They said he would not be elected. He was. They said he would not serve. He has.

The American press is run by morons who never, ever learn.

The Red Chinese are smart. They learn. They adapt. I respect that.


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  1. And surprise! Automaker shares got a bit of a boost on the news. Once the change is in place they should rise even more. - Elric

  2. That's big, because American cars are very sort after in China, especially with the many newly wealthy. Chinese cars are, rightly, considered crap by the Chinese themselves.

  3. "Muellerbates" Oy! (grinning like an idiot)

  4. I am afraid that in an authoritarian country, there are many other ways to block the sale of American cars other than tariffs. It will be hard to really find a way to win.

  5. Even now, the media fails to mention that every economy is contracting while the US is growing at 3.7% annual rate - the most in more than a decade.

    China, UK, France, Germany - all contracting.

    But Trump is the one who doesn't know what he's doing????

  6. There can be no victory in the trade conflict until the trade deficit with China is reduced to $0.
    And as a practical matter, only high tariffs can accomplish this.

    1. One commodity at a time. The deficit will keep declining.

  7. Interesting analogy:
    The US has major economic links to Saudia Arabia. The Khashoggi killing was a low blow, but the Trump Admin is going to ignore it, choosing many American jobs over the one-man tragedy of Khashoggi.

    China has major economic links to America. The arrest of Meng Wanzhou was a blow to the trade negotiations, but the Xi government must choose what to do. Will China further destroy their economy by not agreeing to the US conditions for trade to get the heavily connected Communist Party Member set free?

    Very interesting!

    1. "Unknown?" Yeah right!
      That was me, Newton Love, and I post all over the news netisphere.

    2. I Googled your name and only got one return:

      When Dead Cats Bounce (Nick Schaevers Mysteries, Book 2) by Newton Love (. $63.20. Paperback. How the Strong Survive. $3.99. Kindle Edition.

      How hard do you have to throw those cats to get them to bounce?

  8. "The Red Chinese are smart."

    Criminals can be smart and pay dearly for their crimes when caught... our prisons are filled with smart cookies the wise call dumb asses.

    The wise I'm referring to are not just smarter but have the wisdom to know it's wiser to abide by the law.

    I read a story a year or two ago of a South Korean company that was persuaded by promises of "fair trading" to invest in China so he built a chain of several supermarkets and soon had several stores open and running well so he was investing in building more.

    He soon was paying dearly to keep them open as inspectors would find strange violations to fine him and some stores would be shut down, causing all perishables to rot while he was forced to pay all employees a living wage even though they didn't have to report for work they all got paid.

    He'd pay to get someone higher up the ladder to clear up matters and another clown would enforce regulations that were previously unheard of... I never found out what became of the supermarket chain.