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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Press wrong about "Trump’s Little Mexican War"

The Wall Street Journal sneered about "Trump’s Little Mexican War" in an editorial on January 27, 2017. The once thoughtful editors at the Journal said, "The President is treating our neighbor like Obama treated Israel."

Fact-check: You lie.

This weekend, Mexico and the United States as well as Canada signed an agreement to replace the dreaded NAFTA.

Also, Vice President Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump attended the inauguration of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as Mexico's new president.

That is hardly the cold shoulder Obama gave Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, whom he made wait for more than an hour while Obama ate dinner with his family.

But the Journal's editorial board's lie was small compared to the whopper the Associated Press told.

The Guardian reported on February 1, 2017, "Donald Trump spoke of sending troops south of the border to take care of 'bad hombres' while on the telephone with his Mexican counterpart, according to a transcript cited by the Associated Press."

AP lied.

"It's absolutely false that the United States president threatened to send troops to Mexico," Peña Nieto's spokesmen Eduardo Sanchez said.

Indeed, Nieto's government has worked with the USA not only in ditching NAFTA but in trying to stop the caravan of illegal aliens from breaching our border.

In its story on the new Mexican president's inauguration, Reuters reported, "Lopez Obrador also reaffirmed plans to create a low-tax special economic zone on Mexico's northern border to act as the 'final curtain' to keep Mexicans working inside their homeland."

Final curtain?

More like a wall.

Paid by Mexico.

So file "Trump’s Little Mexican War" next to that nuclear war with North Korea in the garbage.

The smallest thing on the planet is the credibility of the press.


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  1. Opportunity zones are legendary for falling short of expectations, but Mexico isn't the US, so it may work.

    We'll see.

    1. It'll never work. Since mankind mastered basic sanitation and hygiene, invented vaccines and antibiotics, and started producing chemical fertilizer, there has been no excuse for poverty.

      Sustaining poverty in today's world requires the right (actually, wrong) state of mind.

    2. Okay.

      Quite the tempting bait there, bucko.

      Yet, somehow, the content of your comment betrays your insincerity.

  2. There should be penalties for printing lies that are spelled out in headlines as click bait, so the reporter is held liable, the editor and/or press he works for, too.

    There ought to be a law that states at least:

    Lock up the reporter, if his name is unknown and the editor of the publication...

    Hold them in jail until a front page retraction and apology to the readers has been printed in large bold print for a week or ten days?

    Then hold the culprits for an addition length of time?

    If the case has been other thrown, meaning proven to win or there were no grounds for bringing the charges then the person who filed charges pays all court costs, for the defense attorney's fees, a substantial fine, serves double or triple the amount of time those falsely accused would have to serve... and the felony would be their first of three allowable felonies, third time and he's never allowed to similar file charges against anyone again and serves a sentence.

    1. There are penalties.....for those choosing to not think.

      I think, therefore, I am, is backwards.

      I am, therefore, I think, is accurate.

      Just what each thinks is the indivdual's choice.

      The phrase you used, there oughta be a law, is the attitude cause of much nonsense.

      There is but one law, the law the Creator saw fit to impose.

      Live until you die.

    2. That is quite a slap at Renee Descartes. Just because someone is does not mean they think. Especially on the left!

    3. Now now gentlemen- if there's any disagreement on this question of thinking or not thinking, let's put it to an expert:

      Will Ms. Occasional-Cortex please step forward!

    4. Your body produces a sensation, a pressure sensation.

      That sensation of pressure induces thinking, "Gee, I gotta pee!!!"

      You are, therefore, you think.

      You are stuck in traffic when this pressure sensation induces your thought and you begin to feel an emotion, and think, "Fuck me if I piss my pants!!!! Damn traffic!!!"

      Sensation induced thinking, which induced emotion feeling, which induced further thinking.

      If you did not exist, there would be no you to think.

      Thus, you exist, therefore, you think.

      Just what you think is for you to determine.

      Just how you think, ditto.

      You exist. You think. = I am, tberefore, I think.


  3. Live until you die is why I'm still breathing.

    1. To be or not to be, is not the question.

      To Love or to not Love is the question.

      To exist, experience existing and to choose to not Love leaves only wantings and needings as the experience of existing.

      To Love is to care more about another than you do about yourself.

      Love = Sacrifice

      Sacrifice chosen by you, for those you Love, and humbly received by those who you Love who Love you.

      Those who you Love who Love you appreciate your chosen Sacrifices.

      Those who you Love who do not love you depreciate your sacrifices, thus turning you sacrificing for them into you being sacrificed by them.

      Wantings are never satisfiable.

      Needings must be met, or body dies.

      Love abides the realities of Creator Design, and offers to help.

      Breathing is imposed by body, thus, no direct willful choosing applies.

      Thirst and hunger are compelling but not imposed as breathe.

      Absent the pain imposed by thirst and hunger, no further consumptions are imposed by body.

      To exist absent body is an either Yes or No question.

      If No, then no body and no one will, or can, ever know this to be so.

      If Yes, then, no body can know, and all persons will know.

    2. It's amazing how you take lines out of context to try to make your points. Have you ever read Hamlet by Bill Shakespeare? Your denials make no sense because they are taking both Renee and bill out of context. Without context it is impossible to determine what someone really means.

    3. The only someone whose meaning is inescapable is the someone who designed, created and maintains all existence.

      What is mildly interesting is the concept that a comment is construed to be a personal criticism.

      Especially as a personal criticism of individuals so long dead as to be unknown as persons to even those who truly and sincerely believe to know them by their writings.

      To zero in on the disregarding of the posted thoughts contained within the comment, by declaring your particular valued concept is your choice.

      Still Breathing is, quite actually, still breathing, presuming the comments posted under the monicker are being posted by the same, still breathing, living person.

      All bodies constructed of substances, portions of solids, liquids and gases, cease to function after some sequence of duration.

      The individual Who animating each determines the portion of the nature of their own experience of existing, with the imposed natures of existence effecting said individual chosen perceptions.

      We each only concur with what we each agree with, disregarding what we do not agree with, as we can, as in, when the imposed natures do no compel us to displeasingly agree.

      Deny gravity, gravity rejects the denial.

      Ponder or ignore. You are free to choose.

    4. Is a statement disguised as a question still a question?

  4. Keep up the good work, Don, especially pointing out and reminding normal folk of the Dem media lies.
    The Fake News war against Trump, which they started.

    But the people need to stop buying their Fake News for Trump to win; and I believe that means some Real News needs to be available. Fox news is going the other way.

    1. Fox news has been less and less reliable of late.

    2. Hard to believe Juan Williams can be so dishonest!