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Monday, December 03, 2018

Pence leads the way in Me Too era

Actually, it is the Me Too Error for the phrase invites false claims of sexual harassment as women say "me too" to fit in with the in group.

To protect himself from any appearance of impropriety, Billy Graham avoided the temptations of women as well as money. Vice President Mike Pence adopted this and never dines alone with any woman other than his wife, Karen.

Now Wall Street is adopting that rule because men must protect themselves from false accusations.

The press was livid when the Washington Post revealed Pence's adoption of the Billy Graham Rule.

Unable to argue against his personal choice, the press lied about the rule.

The Atlantic posted a column, "How Mike Pence's Refusing to Eat With Women Hurts Women."

Nonsense. He dines with women. He just doesn't dine alone with a woman who is not his wife.

The New York Times ran a piece, "A Christian Case Against the Pence Rule."


Atheist newspaper editors know more about Christianity than Billy Graham?

But as women lie about men in a frenzy stirred by the Pussyhat Patrol, more men are adopting this rule.

Bloomberg News reported, "This is hardly a single-industry phenomenon, as men across the country check their behavior at work, to protect themselves in the face of what they consider unreasonable political correctness -- or to simply do the right thing. The upshot is forceful on Wall Street, where women are scarce in the upper ranks. The industry has also long nurtured a culture that keeps harassment complaints out of the courts and public eye, and has so far avoided a mega-scandal like the one that has engulfed Harvey Weinstein."

This is a rule women should apply as well. Don't want to be raped by Bill Cosby? Don't go to his room alone.

Don't want to deal with the casting couch? Don't do a private audition for a producer in his home or hotel room.

Don't want to be ganged up on? Don't be the only woman at the party.

This is not excusing anyone's bad behavior. This is not blaming the victims. This is simple survival.

Then there is the 3 AM rule. If you want to avoid trouble, be home by midnight. Nothing good happens at 3 AM. When I read the words "football player" and "3 AM," I know someone is going to be suspended by the league.

I have a few other rules, including not playing chicken with freight trains.

Finally, don't let the media talk you out of protecting yourself, because the media is just pushing political correctness. Reporters and columnists are not concerned with your personal safety.

Be more like Mike Pence than Bill Cosby.


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  1. Orthodox Jews get a lot of criticism for refusing to shake hands with people of the opposite sex, but it's better to be called rude than to be called Harvey Weinstein.

  2. (Apologies to any frum Jews with that name.)

  3. I have a few similar personal rules. Among them are:

    "Be home by dark and you'll miss most of the cops, the drunks, and the deer."

    "Keep your pecker in your pants."

    "Don't walk on railroad tracks while blasting loud music through your earbuds."

    - Elric

    1. A guy was run over by a train as he was driving over the tracks some years back. Had ear phones on and the music turned up so high he couldn't hear the train whistle.

    2. Prime candidate for the Darwin Award. Get 'em out of the gene pool. - Elric

  4. Unfortunately, it's true that the careers of women dependent on advancement in any male dominated company will be affected by the lack of 1 on 1 talk. Plus reduced mentorship.

    Too many women liars, no longer is being innocent enough protection.

    I suspect there are very few companies that have grown from 10 or less to over 100 with CEOs that are women. (Less than 10%) That is the niche career women should be focusing on now, rather than Fortune 500.

    But, "going to the front of the bus" is what Glamorous Victimology promises, in its mostly dishonest & unrealistic promise.

    1. unfortunately, correctamundo. Me too may have helped a few collect for retrospective abuse, but prospectively it is and will always be an obstacle for the ambitious business woman. It also hasn't done much for the women Clinton ravaged in his lust. You have to have the right abuser to get traction.

  5. Years ago I worked in a company that was run by a woman. She was great-and there were very few problems with Sex harassment.Then I worked in Real estate. Had one co-worker accuse me of harassment.she did this because I wouldn't jump in bed with her. I managed to have witnesses for the incident in question. I never was in the room alone with her.. Pence is sharp, been there done that..

  6. Pence rule is a good one. I live by it as much as I can, had zero issues in two decades of management.

    But interesting that in the NY Times going after Pence, they proved that the blind squirrel with a broken clock can find an acorn and still be right twice a day or something like that.

    One of the consequences of the hoax rape claims and sexual harassment claims that followed in the heels (high heels?) of the legitimate claims of the #metoo movement is that it will make people much more cautious about 1-on-1 mentoring and similar issues.

    Abuse of power from Clinton to allegations against Weinstein and others in media and entertainment are bad. But so too is the fallout from false accusations. And in both cases the media plays a direct role. They cover up Hollywood and political abuses. They overplay Title IX claims and try to silence the innocent falsely accused.

    NYTimes was right about some of the consequences of the Pence rule. They just weren't honest about how they the media and entertainment share a large part of the responsibility for the negative consequences, while giving Pence no credit for the positive consequences of his personal decisions.


  7. They tried so hard to make Pence look like some backward Christian rube, and all they did was make him look like the smartest guy on the planet.

    Sexual harassment in any form is deplorable, but like the race card it's been pulled out way too often when people simply haven't got their way. They seem to think if you're a white man everything goes your way all the time, and when it doesn't we simply call that "life" and when it doesn't go their way it must be because of some form of nefarious oppression from old male, whitey.

    Men in power have been using it to get sex since the dawn of time, and women have been using their sex to get exactly what they want since the dawn of time.

  8. The fatal mistake for Me Too is the cultural Marxism that sees only victims and oppressors. Real life just does not work like that.

  9. If Billy Graham or Pence was secretly bi then he could use this as cover for being alone with guys... if so, would a new cause be the #meattoo?