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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Old movies can save us

Ted Anthony of the Associated Press wrote a perfectly PC story, "Old favorites, outdated attitudes: Can entertainment expire?"

The answer to his question is no. In fact we need those old films now more than ever because they can instruct us on normal social interaction. It was lost in the degradation of family life and the rise of political correctness.

He gave as an example the 1940 classic, "The Philadelphia Story," which he said "opens with a case of domestic assault played for laughs."

Nothing of the sort happens. There is playful interaction between a man and a woman that has been going on for 10,000 years and will, despite the best efforts of academia, continue for another 10,000 years.

Anthony's ignorance of romance is startling. He is one of the biggest prudes on the planet. He fell for Molly Ringwald's hamfisted attempt to turn her film "Sixteen Candles" into a tale of pedophilia because two high school seniors were attracted by *gasp* a freshman!

So Ringwald would imprison 18-year-old boys for being attracted to 15-year-old girls.

Well, she's 50 now, so maybe she has forgotten being a teen.

Thankfully, the rest of us haven't forgotten.

Anthony however is a scold. He writes about the past as a "a less-enlightened age."


People back in the day understood flirting was not a call for the #MeToo police. They also understood that asking a girl out for a date was not sexual harassment. They also understood that they should never be so full of themselves that they take jokes seriously.

I don't quite get what Anthony meant by this sentence, "So if we’re watching 'I Love Lucy,' do we consider how belittling Ricky (and most everyone else) is to her?"


On the show, she was a talentless woman who kept scheming to get into show business.

Ricky thwarted her, but on those few occasions when he schemed to stop her, he would get his comeuppance.

Of course she was the target of most of the jokes. It was her show. She played for the laughs, and she was good at it, and 65 years later people are still watching her show. Outside of "The Honeymooners," I cannot think of a show from that era that remains in the public conscience.

By the way, the only character on the show who could mock his accent was Lucy. It was as if she were the only one who heard the accent. What hump?

In the end, Anthony comes to Ringwald's conclusion, "Erasing history is a dangerous road when it comes to art — change is essential, but so, too, is remembering the past, in all of its transgression and barbarism, so that we may properly gauge how far we have come, and also how far we still need to go."

I would go a step further: learn from history. Learn how to flirt. Learn how to joke. Learn how to play.


  1. Now it is the "Fun Police" of the SJW's that ruin life. Even in my small NE Oregon town we have them....
    Could any of Mel Brook's comdeies be made today?

  2. Amc, American movie classics has gone full sjw. The movies that used show both male and female stoicism has gone full scale namby pamby, most evident on memorial day and veterans day

    1. Don't know about that, but the gay caballero they got to replace Osborne wouldn't know what makes a good flick to save his life.

  3. Learn how to joke.

    If there is anything that's always characterized the Left, it's the total absence of a sense of humor.

    1. "German Chancellor Angela Merkel said nationalism remains the key threat to the global order,..."

      The joyless lefties (GLOBALIST Democrats/ Rinos/ Socialists/ Communists) have no room for a sense of humor in their deadly serious agenda to destroy America.

  4. Yes, Lucy Ricardo got laughed at, but Lucille Ball took to the bank. She became the biggest star ever on the small tube, all while playing only one character.

  5. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Copulate.

    Animals all.

    Secure in the animal fundamentals, the human animal then does what?

    Absent security of the fundamentals, the human animal does what?

    The best and the worst blossom from these conditions of human animal existence.

    The sense of humor of the Designer/Creator is, indeed, wicked.

  6. For real, watch Dr.Zhivago. It's starting to happen here.

  7. One day Ted will wake up and find he isn't PC. His grandchildren will site this article as how

    he belittled an empowered Lucille Ball.

    Referred to Lucy as a her.

    Marginalized the empowered immigrant.

    And having made money from an organization that enables those who would deforest the planet.

    Perhaps if he could extrapolate his thinking he could truly become enlightened.


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