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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Mueller's case collapses

A Washington Post headline said, "New Mueller filing says Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen was in touch with a Russian seeking ‘political synergy’ with campaign."

BREAKING: In his just-filed memo recommending sentencing for Michael Cohen, Special Counsel Mueller finally acknowledges the president's personal lawyer never actually made contact with Putin or even Putin's press secretary in the defunct Moscow real estate project

Totally clears the President. Thank you!

Cohen was supposed to be this big stool pigeon who was cooperating with Bungling Bob Mueller's investigation.

Cohen would bring the Orange Man Down. In August, the press threw an early Fitzmas Party. ("5 big reasons why Michael Cohen might bring down Trump's presidency.")

Instead federal prosecutors now want a maximum sentence saying, "Cohen repeatedly declined to provide full information about the scope of any additional criminal conduct in which he may have engaged or had knowledge," according to the Post.

Then Paul Manafort was the man. ("Paul Manafort’s flip is a major turning point in the Mueller investigation.")

But now Mueller calls him a liar, too. Off with his head.

The press is ignoring the sentencing of General Michael Flynn because the leakers in Mueller's leaky fishing boat are not talking about him.

Enter Thomas Wictor to explain. He is a man so dangerous to the Never Trumpers that Twitter banned him.

"Flynn pleaded guilty to a 'process crime.' In other words, they found no evidence for a single accusation made against him. He lied to the FBI. I’m positive that he lied to the FBI so that he would be charged. This was the only way to prove that the Obama administration used FISA warrants to spy on political opponents," Wictor wrote.

"Once Flynn was in the system, his lawyers were given the evidence against him. As a spook, Flynn would be able to point out precisely how corrupt the FISA application system had become. FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras accepted Flynn’s guilty plea, and then Contreras was yanked off the case. We were never told why."

Wictor contends that General Flynn now has enough good information to bring down the whole corrupt FISA process that allowed Obama to wiretap Donald John Trump.

I have my doubts, but Wictor made a convincing case that Flynn exposed the adultery by FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who were part of the effort to overturn the election results when Trump won.

The press ignored the importance of Strzok-Page because they see it as a silly sidelight.

But to that small sliver of people neutral on the subject, the pair symbolize an FBI hierarchy that has lost its way. For many people, FBI no longer stands for fidelity, bravery and integrity.

Flynn's case goes before federal Judge Emmet Sullivan for sentencing in ten days. He threw out the Ted Stevens conviction after learning federal prosecutors failed to disclose exculpatory evidence to the senator's legal team.

The Team Anti-America that Mueller assembled is asking for no jail time for Flynn. They want his case to just go away because they know the damage the Flynn case has done to them.

The media wastes a lot of time "fact-checking" President Donald John Trump when it should fact-check itself and make sure its stories are factual.

But the media no longer cares about the truth. For example, the Post claims that as president, The Donald has told 6,800 lies.


Was he lying when he said Obama wiretapped him?

Or was the media when it said he lied?

The New York Times had published months earlier the highlights of transcripts of those wiretaps.

Given that Obama's wiretapping was based on false premises, this should have been the story. Instead the press sides with a Democrat who was so amoral that he made Nixon seem like a Boy Scout.

Presidents should not under any circumstances spy on political opponents.

Instead of punishing Obama for his Soviet-style abuse of power, the press wants to bring President Trump down.

And so reporters and editors lie.

That Post headline is Post-truth.

So is this investigation.

Far from being a man of honor, Mueller is a serial abuser of power whose career is marked by bullying and bedeviled by incompetence.

The same can be said for the press in the Trump presidency.


  1. I think we're getting to the point where people don't care who is technically right or wrong, they just want the other side dead.

    Things like this happen when power matters more than the rule of law. But that is where the left has left us.

    1. This is correct.

    2. Agree, clear concise and on the money, doc.
      Well, they don't have to be dead but I don't want them controlling my life.

    3. Doc has nailed it. We're getting very close to what I call "Claire Wolfe time" from something she said quite a while back:

      "America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."

      We're past that awkward stage now, and it's almost time to fertilize the Tree of Liberty. It's been a long time coming!

    4. And if the feds shut down the internet? And telecommunications? Cable / digital TV? Electricity, which will take out ATMs, gas pumps AM / FM radio? Water?

      Yelling Wolverines! ain't going to cut it.

    5. But that is where the left has left us.

      You could also say, "But that is where the left has led us."

  2. Trump said Flynn got himself into trouble for no reason. Was that lie # 6801? No. Flynn was poorly advised and/or made an error in judgement. He didn't lie to bankrupt himself and save the USA. Wictor lives in the shadow of the grassy knoll listening to gun shots echo off buildings all day long.

    1. Ah, the democrat posts.




      The lords of lies.

      The democrats.

    2. When it's all over, Flynn will not be BK and he WILL have saved the USA. And one way or the other, Hillary, Obozo, Holder, and the other dozen members of that crime wave will not be factors in US society.

    3. Add Meuller to the Crime wave. He needs to go down hard when all of this is through.

    4. You do know, don't you, that Trump ordered the release of almost all the documents on the JFK assassination, one of which was the official FBI medical report that stated unequivocally that JFK died from a gunshot wound to the FRONT of the head.
      In other words, the grassy knoll "conspiracy" was known to be factually correct since the time of the assassination.
      Go look it up.

  3. Also, I see that Muh-ler has reserved the right to bring additional charges in the future. Am expecting a permanent Special Counsel bill to be introduced by the Demmie pretty early on next year.

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    2. always feed the Dog before posting .
      10 pounds of hungy Maltipoo is distracting-especially when she lands in your lap with this:"FEED ME HOOMAN! " look..
      Any way anything out of congress will get whackd by OMIC (orange man in charge)-vetoed or never make it out of the Senate..

    3. The democrat house is the gift that keeps on giving.

      Rely upon the democrats to provide profuse proofs of the wisdom of the Senate.

      The contrast will be clear!y visible to all but the willfully blinded by their inner buffooneries.

      The newly elected twit brained taco twat is already leading the charge to epic democrat dumb.

      The whore media will predictably up their whore game to levels not seen outside a golden shower specialty faci!ity. Maybe even achieve scat house specs.

      The democrats are rancid sausage, spiced to toxic concentrations and consumed by the lazy losers prone to devouring anything tossed in their direction.

      The infantile yearn to return to poopy pampers, changed by their mommies, with no need for any effort on their part.

      Orwell's big brother is, to democrats, big mutha.

      The clinton cunt bag was the catalyst most savory at the time.

      Now, the house democrats have the opportunity to exceed the clinton cunt bag's level of smarmy snooteries.

      C'mon, house democrats!!!!

      Youz can do it!!!!!!

      Taco twit twat will !ead the way!!!!!!

    4. OK, I've got to give you a thumbs up for "taco twit twat," it's just too perfect! ROFL

  4. U.S. caca media needs to be bitch slapped into oblivion.

  5. Wow, all great posts and a big THANKS to you all.


  6. It's quite likely that Trump has said exaggerated words which can be construed as, therefore false. Like 4 million illegals voting. Yet ... usually the "facts" are not really known -- WaPo is unwilling to call 2 out 3 "experts" who disagree on estimates liars. Because they're estimates.

    Trump has generally been more, or far more, truthful than the climate scientist alarmists who have been pushing global warming with predictions of higher temps and seeing their predictions turn out wrong.

    In real science, if a prediction fails, that mostly means the theory is suspect, if not clearly wrong.

  7. Look at Comey's recent testimony to Congress.

    He stated he did not know who started or how Hurricane Crossfire (the name for the counter intel op against Trump) came tobe.

    Funny that, he effin' signed the paperwork that went to the FISA judges the first time around.

    There will be more yelling from the media, but this "investigation" is done.

  8. Some people deserve to swing at the end of a rope and sooner or later the Left will push the Right too far and suddenly understand who has the guns...The tactics and the military.

    Tip: It isn't the SJWs.

  9. There is no middle ground in the New Civil War:

    Its Left v. Right, Globalists v. Nationalists, Deep State Progressives v. Deplorable Conservatives; Adolescents v. Adults.


  10. Two sides, one that considers hypocrisy taboo and one that considers it an acceptable course of action but just for their side.

    The utterly corrupt mmainstream media considers it an actionable offense when they can accuse the right of engaging in it and then totally ignore it when the left is caught doing it.

    The right hates hypocrisy, the left embraces it. For the right, it's like playing a game of badmitton against a team playing rugby.

  11. Extinguish the fire, call in the dogs because this hunt is defintely over