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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Mueller inadvertently exonerates Trump

I laughed when Bungling Bob Mueller got his key witness against Donald John Trump to cop a plea for lying. How does that work in a courtroom where if you lie once under oath, the jury does not have to believe a word you say about anything.

But investigative reporter Paul Sperry of the Hoover Institute believes the situation is worse for the Team Anti-America that Mueller assembled because if a jury does believe President Trump's turncoat lawyer, Michael Cohen, his testimony will clear The Donald.
Trump had discussions about building a Trump Tower in Moscow but the deal never went through. 

At the same time he was transforming the Old Post Office in Washington into Trump International. Does that mean he was colluding with Obama?  

Anyway, Mueller filed a nine-page criminal information.

"Page 2 of the same criminal information document holds additional exculpatory evidence for Trump, sources say. It quotes an August 2017 letter from Cohen to the Senate intelligence committee in which he states that Trump 'was never in contact with anyone about this [Moscow Project] proposal other than me.' This section of Cohen’s written testimony, unlike other parts, is not disputed as false by Mueller, which sources say means prosecutors have tested its veracity through corroborating sources and found it to be accurate," Sperry wrote.

Sperry quoted an unnamed source who said, "ultimately [Trump] determined that the proposal was not feasible and never agreed to make a trip to Russia. Though Cohen may have lied to Congress about the dates, it's clear from personal messages he sent in 2015 and 2016 that the Trump Organization did not have formal lines of communication set up with Putin’s office or the Kremlin during the campaign. There was no secret 'back channel.'

"As far as collusion goes, the project is actually more exculpatory than incriminating for Trump and his campaign."

But where are the urinating hookers?

Obama, Comey, and Clapper in their "Russian Dossier" told us there were urinating hookers. 

And yes, Obama is part of this conspiracy because he held the meeting in which they slipped a reference to the "Russian Dossier" in a pile of intelligence papers they gave the then-president-elect.

That led to the CNN story that led to this farce.

Face it, Obama is still butt-hurt about his birth certificate. But that happens when you lie in your book biography about being born in Kenya.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, told Sperry, "Mueller seems desperate to confuse Americans by conflating the cancelled and legitimate Russia business venture with the Russia collusion theory he was actually hired to investigate. This is a transparent attempt to try to embarrass the president."

Embarrass Trump?


Stormy Daniels and her Creepy Porn Lawyer couldn't. 

Of all the people in the universe, Donald Trump is the last guy you could blackmail because he doesn't care and neither do we, his supporters.

Fitton added: "The plea deal is weak tea and I suspect, given Mueller’s track record, that there’s even less here than meets the eye."

After years of digging for dirt on Donald Trump, Democrats still have nothing because he is the cleanest politician in Washington.

I know. Faint praise.


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  1. Müeller's filings may be meaningful in a court of law, but they will mean nothing in the Democrat's Kangaroo Court House impeachment hearings.


    1. The Demos may have had a shot if it could be said Mule Ears had a court case, but this is getting around the Net, so a groundless impeachment could come back to bite them.

  2. Another component of this story is Cohen's key contact in pushing the Moscow deal was an FBI resource Felix Stater. Every supposed contact between Trump and the Russians occured because the FBI sent a resource to try to entice and entrap a political opponent. The Trump campaign never fell for it but Mueller is trying to make the case anyway.

  3. Obama is still at the bottom of the collusion cesspool. If it is ever drained he will still be there. It is possible Brennan put him up to it given his inability to be original and his two handlers scrupulous attention to covering his projected billion dollar ass they expected to share in perpetuity. Some day it may all fall out but not anytime soon. Trump seems interested in pursuing his goals for the country more than political flailing about. He needs an adroit but fundamentally savage attorney general on his flank.

    1. 0bama ran nothing as president. He was a pawn for Brennan and Comey, running between them and Schmidt (google), and other deep staters, while keeping the media and hollyweird fed.

  4. There is MAGA.

    There are the idiots, assholes, liars, poverty pimps, race baiters, gender goons, pandering politicians, sjw lunatics, soros sore assed knuckleheads, rino whores, clueless newly elected twit brained twats and the college miseducated goofballs.

    Then there are those not yet MAGA, yet still indulging in thinking that straddling the fence begats anythin other than slivers up their asses.

    The democrats, plus their whore rino suck asses, can do whatever the fuck they choose; MAGA does not give a fuck.

    The fence straddlers can either begin to pull those splinters out of their asses or they can stay on the fence and add to the thatch up their ass.


    1. I love the titles you gave to all of the useful idiots. I am befuddled daily by people, educated people, who fall for this crap. I'm not sure if it is simple laziness or a desire to fit in, but someone failed in teaching critical thinking to these people, because this batch of miscreants is not even particularly good at perpetrating these lies.

    2. They eat too reliably.

      They drink whenever thirsty. Easy peasy.

      They are warm when it's cold and cooled when it's hot. Civilization has provided them with opportunity to disregard the nature of Creation.

      Hunger, thirst, frozen extremities, fevorous heat which cannot be escaped, all these natural perils they have not experienced. And these ungrateful, ignorant fucks think these things are their birthright to not experience.

      Fucking dummies.

    3. Well said. My wife would have beat me if I said that. But everyone in my family knows how I feel. I'm surrounded by a bunch of liberal boobs.

  5. This is at least the second time Mueller has filed phony Russia charges to influence foreign policy events. That’s an outrageous and criminal abuse.

    Cohen is Mueller’s little trained monkey. If Mueller wants Cohen to plead guilty to planning war crimes with President Trump, Cohen will do that. If Mueller wants Cohen to plead guilty to conspiracy to jaywalk with President Trump, he’ll plead guilty to that, too.

    Ironically, if Cohen needed a better email contact address for the Kremlin, he could have asked Mueller for the one the Russians gave to Mueller when he was delivering our uranium to them.

    Reports are out that Gen. Flynn's sentencing is finally due, an entire year after McCabe's pal the FISA judge was thrown off the case and a real judge assigned. It is said Mueller will give a very lenient recommendation--since they were caught red-handed trying to railroad Flynn. I actually expect it to be thrown out entirely rather than Mueller having to defend his criminal acts.

  6. "There are the idiots, assholes, liars, poverty pimps, race baiters, gender goons, pandering politicians, sjw lunatics, soros sore assed knuckleheads, rino whores, clueless newly elected twit brained twats and the college miseducated goofballs."

    Unnecessary redundancies! Coulda saved your trouble by just saying, "DEMOCRATS"!!!

    1. And deny thee tbe opportunity to comment on the obvious?

      That would be greedy.

      Greed is, after all, one of the 7 Dead!y Sins, is it not?

  7. There's no NEED to "exonerate" Trump. If they had an IOTA of evidence of ANYTHING against Trump...he'd already be spending the rest of his life in prison! LOL!

  8. Years ago, William Safire referred to him as J. Edgar Mueller.

  9. Excellent post & great comments! But my eye was caught by this:

    "Face it, Obama is still butt-hurt about his birth certificate. But that happens when you lie in your book biography about being born in Kenya."

    Why do you assume he was lying then, and not more recently when it mattered more since it would disqualify him for the presidency? I can tell he's lying: "when his lips are moving" but also when they're not.

    BTW, his "birth certificate" is still a photoshopped phony, and all his records are still sealed.

  10. Mueller needs to be indicted for withholding exculpatory evidence that Trump was in the clear.