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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Miss America homeless

Gretchen Carlson was a personality on Fox News who rose to co-host an afternoon show, but it became a drag on the ratings. Fired she sued for sexual harassment. Fox News fired Roger Ailes and gave her every penny she asked for, which was $20 million.

She wound up as the chairwoman of the board of directors of the Miss America Organization. She was Miss America 1989. Her new team of leaders included Miss America 1998, Miss America 2000 and Miss America 2012.

Carlson took over a mess.

The group's previous leadership was caught making catty remarks about the looks and mannerisms of winners and contestants. Their resignations led to Dick Clark Productions to drop the pageant. The mayor of Atlantic City, where it returned in 2014 after a seven-year run in Las Vegas, wanted to cut ties to the contest.

Carlson announced with great fanfare that the contest would no longer be a beauty contest, and that it would drop its swimsuit competition, finally giving into the demand of feminists 50 years earlier.

Smithsonian magazine noted earlier this year, "The Miss America pageant has never been a progressive event, but in 1968, it sparked a feminist revolution. As women organized the first protest against Miss America, they were responding not only to the pageant and its antiquated, misogynistic attitudes toward women and beauty, but also to how the United States, as a whole, treated women.

"The 1968 uprising was conceived by a radical feminist named Carol Hanisch, who popularized the phrase, 'The personal is political.'"

That has since been expanded to everything is political.

Carlson's move led to an uprising as 22 states gave her a vote of no confidence.

And Miss America 2018 accused Carlson and CEO Regina Hopper of harassing her, saying "silenced me, reduced me, marginalized me, and essentially erased me in my role as Miss America."

The New York Post reported, "Miss America in crisis mode after Atlantic City drops venue."

File this under Who Needs the Noise.

The Post said, "The iconic beauty pageant is seeking a new host city after New Jersey officials said the state will no longer bankroll the troubled event in its longtime home of Atlantic City, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"'The Miss America Organization is interviewing cities to partner with Miss America 2.0 as it prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary,' reads a Request for Proposal for the 2020 and 2021 Miss America competition obtained by the newspaper.

"'This event can bring exposure and economic activity to your city!'

New Jersey spent $12 million over the last three years to stage this event and is no longer interested

The Post also reported, "The organization says future host cities will have to cough up between $2.5 million and $4.9 million to stage the pageant, plus another $325,000 for other expenses, according to the paper.

"They will also need to put Miss America chairwoman Gretchen Carlson up in a presidential suite."

This swimsuit contest dates back to the days of the Victrola and male cheerleaders with megaphones. It died long ago. Instead of canning Bert Parks in 1979 to try to attract a younger audience, they should have cancelled the show.

But then, what would have happened to the Miss America bureaucracy?

Meanwhile its equally irrelevant rival Miss USA is still going on. Having Donald Trump own it for 20 years helped.


  1. New definition of Stupid: One who takes any demand of Feminists seriously.

  2. Take away the feminine qualities of XX (chromosomal identifier) humans as well as their function in procreation and what you are left with is odd looking "men" who want to compete with you in the workplace and in running society. And who do nothing but complain about it.

    This isn't just a beauty contest going by the wayside. It is a metaphor of a social implosion in progress.

  3. Most men don't find femininity and female beauty as irrelevant as you, Mr Surber. Might want to get your eyes and your testosterone checked. What God made out of Adam's rib (figuratively) is the best part of being a human being, and it is as true today as it has been for thousands of years.

    1. Um, how did you arrive at this conclusion? The beauty contest is antiquated because there are so many more and better opportunities to observe the beauty of women.

  4. It's ironic that a beauty pageant should decide that being a beauty pageant is just too old-fashioned, and instead they'll show... um, what? What will they show? Hmmm.

    Hey, I know! They can show wymen womansplaining how they've been oppressed by the Evil Male Patriarchy who've kept them barefoot & pregnant, slaving over hot stoves!

    I'm amazed that this trailblazing approach hasn't taken off like a rocket, but the audience did instead. Who'd have guessed it?

  5. If you had $20 million, why would you work?

    1. It's not the money. It's the power and (self) perceived importance.

      People who take on a high visibility “chairmanship” and then demand huge perks are showing their true nature: ‘looks ats ME! I'm DaQueen/DaKing! Genuflect! Show proper servility before me!’

      She might argue that she “needs” a suite for meetings, but most large hotels have MEETING ROOMS just for that purpose!

      Additionally, meetings held in meeting rooms vs suites are much more efficient, (there've been numerous studies showing this is the case).

      In any event, I'm not sorry to see this pageant go. My wife and I watched it more than a few times over the years and the outcome always seemed based more on “cultural politics” than based on the beauty and talent of the particular contestants. I remember that the last couple of times we watched it, the wife & I picked the winner before the pageant even started, solely on what “group du jour” was ascendant that year, (if there was more than one, it was the most phenotypical representative *grin*).

      At that point we decided it was just a waste of time. Though there aren't variety shows anymore, one can pick and choose competitions in any talent for entertainment and the quality of competition is superior.

      Young ladies, who are pretty both inside and out, (while not empty-headed) abound in our church — the LDS Church, which upholds old fashion values — we can enjoy their sweet spirits any Sunday meeting.

    2. I got a whiff of that watching the Miss Universe pageant the other night. Miss Poland was robbed.

  6. Does anyone even watch this drivel anymore?

  7. Get woke, go broke.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my internet porn.

    1. Made me laugh - not easy to do either since I've been following politics for quite a while! Women - REAL WOMEN - enjoy being women and doing women stuff and having a REAL MAN to share their lives with. These "femanist" (I spell it that way on purpose just to piss them off) are miserable and want ALL women to be miserable - their work is never done!

  8. If women did not have tits and vaginas there would be a bounty on them. Sure, get rid of the swimsuits. Just bring in the naked yoga.

  9. The inane questions (answer - world peace) evolves into a political correctness party. Pity the poor girls who answered correctly, religiously and/or conservatively. This spectacle lost its shine decades ago. Adios.

  10. When it comes to Feminism, Carlson is a WACK-JOB LEFTIST! She's RUINED the pageant.

  11. The problem is that the "market" for beauty is, exactly, the market for sexual attractiveness.
    First, a wonderful body. Then face, smile, personality ...
    Without a great body, being shown, there is too little show. Too woke.

    Maybe we need an "All-American" beauty pageant, which is mostly about beauty?