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Sunday, December 02, 2018

Mia loves the Trumpenfreude list

Losing a congressional seat ordinarily is not a cause for celebration for Republicans. But in the case of Utah's Mia Love, a little House cleaning is a good thing.

For the past two years, Love has played to the press gallery. Her virtue signals are blinding.

The Hill reported on October 8, 2016, "Mia Love: I can’t vote for Trump."

The Republican congresswoman disowned her party's candidate a month before the election because of his locker room talk 11 years earlier.

But President Trump did not hold that against her.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported on January 16, 2017, "Utah Rep. Mia Love calls President-elect Donald Trump 'kind, gracious' after phone chat."

Six months later, Love was at it again. He tweeted back at his critics on the Morning Joe Show.

Fox News in Salt Lake reported on June 29, 2017, "Rep. Mia Love on Trump tweets: ‘I wouldn’t accept behavior like this from my children.’"

When Democrats lied and said the president called Haiti a shithole, Love accepted their version of the story as gospel.

That led to more virtue signaling.

The Deseret News reported on January 11, 2018, "Rep. Mia Love demands Trump apologize for vulgar remark about Haiti."

The virtue signaling continued.

National Review reported on June 11, 2018, "Running for Re-election, Mia Love Distances Herself from Trump."

She showed all the loyalty of a snake. I cannot recall any Democrat congresswoman disowning Obama or Clinton or any Democrat presidential candidate.

Yet here we are with her backstabbing the president every step of the way.

Given the choice between two Democrats, voters in her district went with the other one.

The New York Times reported on November 20, "Representative Mia Love, Once a Republican Star, Loses Re-election in Utah."

So who does she blame for her loss?


The Washington Examiner reported on November 30, 2018, "Mia Love pans Trump and GOP for making women and minorities feel unwelcome."

Republicans welcomed her with open arms. She spent the last two years disdaining the leader of the party. Instead of retiring as Jeff Flake and Bob Corker did, she sought another two-year term to bash Trump.

Enjoy her loss. Savor it. Let it serve as an example to all those in Washington who think there is no penalty for Trump bashing because Mia Love is now on The Trumpenfreude List.


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  1. I don't visit the instapundit site anymore, but the guy was really in love with this refugee when she first ran. Has he disavowed her?

    Swooning over minorities who come over to the right is a form of virtue signaling in itself. And when we put a premium on them we involve ourselves in strengthening the moral position of the other side. Who gave Mia love the podium from which to reinforce the idea that republicans are racist? Republicans engaging in the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    It is time to stop this. If the MLK thing is to be taken seriously these people should be recognized on merit only, and skin color is not a merit. No more affirmative action politics.

    Besides, it doesn't work. They recognize it for what it is, and go on as usual.

    1. True enough, but the hope is that the Mia Love’s of the right can break the democrat hold on minorities. Many were disappointed when she lost her first bid for the house. Then she won and was a major disappointment after being elected as a tea party Republican. Now I am glad she is gone.

    2. Most of them are not right wing in the first place. That's the problem. Most are grifters who know that they can get Republicans and "conservatives" to swoon over them and push them to the front of the line.

      If people like her had to slog it out volunteering to man polls, make calls, and do footwork, after a few years you'd be able to see better where their loyalties lie. But no middle of the bus. Straight to the front. Gotta have them front and center for everyone to see. It's actually rather farcical. Comedy sketch material.

    3. I remember reading your posts at Instapundit. I post there as "Reformed Trombonist."

      I think Glenn Reynolds is almost unfailingly level-headed. I won't vouch for certain of his partners on that blog, however.

      I was "in love" with Mia Love myself, until she showed me who she was. No, I don't think she's a bad person. I think she's a liberal Republican and probably surrounded herself by liberal Republicans, who to a one gave her liberal Republicanesque advice.

      The only things liberal Republicans are good for are:

      1. Bashing conservative Republicans.
      2. Losing.

      This is true going back at least to the 1964 Goldwater campaign and probably earlier than that. Goldwater was to the GOP in '64 what Reagan was in '76 and '80 and what Trump was in '16: a threat to the GOP establishment of liberal Republicans.

  2. I really liked her. And yes the President does raise the hairs on the back of my neck at times with his comments. But I view actions since they speak, to me, more than words. She could not see beyond his impolite words at times. But those who have been so civil in the GOP before, have been eaten up by the Democrats. I have noticed over the years that when you compromise with Democrats, they will stab you in the back the first chance they get.  Ms Love chose to follow that route herself and has added to the Democratic membership to oppose the President on all things.

    1. Thank you! You basically said everything I came to say. I had a lot of hope for Ms Love, and was disappointed. She's not as bad as K-Sick here in Ohio, but blaming the people who put her in office in the first place was tacky, at best.

      I may not like Trump the public persona, and I don't agree with every decision, but he DOES dance with who brought him. Gourch, Kavanaugh and other choices show that.

  3. She lost because when your choices are a liberal with a "D" and a liberal with an "R" you go with the D because you know what it will do, then hope the "R"s pick a bit better the next go around.

    1. Fool that I am, I sent her money; I believed the BS she was spouting when she first ran, and of course she said all the right things.

      Like so many RINOs she tacked hard-right until she got elected, then presto! chango! Suddenly she's a NeverTrumper squish who wants to "work with the Democrats." Grrrr.

      If Mia Love is ever drowning, I'll be glad to pour a glass of water on her. She's lucky that I'm saving my bodily fluids for McCain's grave!

  4. I love the Presidents twitter feed. I'm totally lacking in Virtue to Signal. I love taking it to the opposition unapologetically , losing like a gentleman is so 2004. I'm in Utah and happy to be rid of the atrocious Mia backstabber.

    1. YES !

      Let's hear it for President rump's twitter & other things that "Raise the hairs on the back of liberal's necks" !!

      President Trump doesn't cross any lines of decent speech that ALL liberals do - routinely. They talk that way daily, behind closed doors.

      President Trump is just Honest about it.

      And, obviously, honesty, and effectiveness in office are things the "Virtuous" Liberal hates the most.

  5. The Utah republican party isn't much better than the Arizona republican lite party.

  6. The person I want to see at the top of this list in Romney because you can bet your butt, he is going to be a Royal Pain in the Ass in the coming years.

  7. I am sure she has a future as a contributor to MSNBC. They always room for another Republican quisling.

  8. Romney sees himself as the new John McCain, a reliable backstabber showing off his power by attacking his own party and its leaders.McCain had some kind of personality disorder, Romney has no excuse.

  9. Sometimes the swamp drains itself. Buh, bye, Mia! I'm glad I never got around to donating to her campaign.

  10. Hey, she fooled Glenn Reynolds, I don't feel so bad that she fooled me...

  11. Yaknow who looks to be solid? Candace Owens. I enjoy listening to her debate.

  12. You can tell y\that Mia Love is a Democrat at heart because she talks about her feelings. She says that the GOP didn't make her FEEL welcome.

    I'm sorry, but this is the grown-up's party. The kindergarten party is over there on the left.

  13. The 800 lb. gorilla can get away with anything. See Obama.

    1. That skinny SOB can't weigh more than 185-190lbs. As for comparing him to a gorilla, if you had a hit television show you would have been fired by now.

  14. I've been involved in a Haitian Charity.
    They don't bother even digging a hole, sometimes.Why wasn't she critical of the
    Clinton foundation when they were robbing the poor of Haiti? Always held McMuffin was
    behind this..

  15. Funny how how much my liberal chums love her now. The love started the minute she lost. Any doubt that she is a DEMOCRAT was needed when she went right to the victim card after she lost.

  16. I like Mia Love, and like all Reps until they vote against conservative actions. I wasn't enthusiastic about her votes, nor her way of distancing from Trump. The right way "what Trump says can be taken in an offensive way -- and the Dem media always tries to do that, so I wish Trump was more diplomatic. I don't like some of his tweets. But he's doing good policy, good for America".
    Her way, as above, "I can't vote for Trump". That's not a good Rep, that's a RINO. Now, a loser. I don't think she was really reading all of Trump's tweets -- just the spin by the DDS media.
    (Democrat Derangement Syndrome). DDS, she seems to have it.
    Too bad.

    It's true that Reps would like more women, and more blacks, to be conservative leaders. But America First needs conservatives first.