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Monday, December 17, 2018

May I embrace my white identity?

Former Republican congressional aide Kurt Bardella switched parties last year. He now writes Former Republican columns for HuffPost, NBC, and the like.

On the anniversary of his switch, USA Today ran a column he wrote, "I became a Democrat a year ago and found my own voice. It changed everything.

"I wrote my truth, held my breath and waited. I now care about lots more things than I used to, and I've finally embraced my Asian-American identity."

Good for him.

My question for him and USA Today is simply this: May I embrace my white identity?

I mean without being branded racist.

If we are going to turn ourbacks on e pluribus unum -- out of many, one -- then may I join the self-pity party that Bardella enjoyed?

It seems like fun.

He wrote, "On a personal level, one of the biggest changes for me has been how I view issues of race. I’ve spent the bulk of my life avoiding race. My first name is German, my last name is Italian and I was born in Seoul, South Korea — I’m adopted. I grew up in a very rough part of upstate New York where I was taunted and at times beat up by kids because I was (and looked) different. On some level, I was conditioned through this treatment to believe that being different was a bad thing and so I avoided it.

"I’ve spent the bulk of my life rejecting my Asian-American heritage. Quite frankly, as a Republican, this was very easy to do."

But now that he is a Democrat, he can talk about race all he wants. He can revel in being taunted and beaten up.

And Republicans are the racists.

I see. I am glad he has embraced his Asian-American history but he's not Asian-American. There is no such beast.

He is an American who was born in South Korea. Embracing his South Korean heritage makes sense because that is where his lineage stems. He shares nothing in common with the people of India or Pakistan or Malaysia or other Asian people. Besides, Korean culture is very interesting.

I really don't want to embrace my white identity. I am happy being an American. Actually a West Virginian, which of course is the best kind of American you can be.


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  1. Ohhh yeahhh, Big D. West By God Virginia. Jerry West. Mary Lou Retton. Don Knotts. Kevin Pittsnogle. Greatest state in the land of the free. You won’t be seeing any rag dispensers in our men’s bathrooms, now or ever. We keep it real in DubVee. My old home Montana has become corrupted by LA. Sux ta be them. Almost Heaven for me, baby.

  2. When I read the phrase "I wrote my truth," I knew the guy had nothing to contribute. "My truth" is a signal to me that I'm just going to see a lot of self-absorbed whining if I continue reading. Saves me a lot of time.

  3. I embrace my white identity - the group that has made greater order out of chaos than any other and raised more of the world out of poverty and slavery than any other. Sad that the left views those achievements as bad things.

  4. I call out leftists for their anti-white statements. If necessary I will support whiteness in positive ways. For example. If someone says something like their are too many whites in an anization or in a school, etc. I will reply either "thats great" or "nothing wrong with that".

  5. White is just all right!

  6. Loved WV! Felt absolutely skinny while visiting there.And I'm no lightweight, LOL!

  7. The Lefty riff-raff is trying their hardest to make us Whities regret and/or apologize for our whiteness. It ain’t working.

  8. Only disagree with one thing in this column. I’ll take my Mississippi.

  9. I know how you feel: I left Illinois for Georgia and wild horses couldn't bring me back.

  10. All I have to do is look in the mirror.

    PS Methinks he doth protest too much.

  11. I am a straight, white, male. I've been this way all my life. But there were times when I was taunted and even beat up by other kids. There were times in my life when I applied for jobs but didn't get hired. I've been turned down for credit.

    I've been pulled over by cops lots of times, and usually got a ticket. One time I locked myself out of my apartment and I was trying to climb in a window (in broad daylight) when a cop came by and saw me. He not only stopped me, but he would not take my word for it that I lived there. He actually made me show him my ID!

    I was a Democrat for over 20 years. Then one day I realized that the Democrat party hates people like me. They think that the world would be a better place without any straight, white, males in it.

    Why would I want to belong to a party that hates me?

    The worst part of Obama's legacy is his use of identity politics to "divide and conquer" America.

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