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Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy birthday, junior


  1. Don't know about CPL's record for the last seven months, but he should have a record soon. And a nice picture with a number under it.

    1. evicted from his offices

      $Ms in debt to a former partner

      $Ms in bankruptcy

      caused his porn star client to have to pay $263G to Trump

      conducted a failed investigation into Tucker Carlson's son's underage drinking

      under investigation for lying to congress

      arrested for domestic assault

  2. As Al Gore is to the climate, Michael Avenatti is to politics.
    Best wishes to you and your readers, Don, for 2019. Whichever side of the Pacific you're on the coming year is going to be interesting. To say the least.

  3. I would say that his record sucks. He owes millions of dollars to his former law partners. He's stolen hundreds of thousands from a video whore that he was supposed to be representing. Not real impressive in my opinion.

  4. Actually, how come we haven't heard much about Potus's kids lately? I was expecting breathless reports every week about Don Jr.'s divorce/kids/girlfriends, that Eric's baby has been kicked out of 17 different babysitters, that Tiffany failed fashion school, that Barron ridicules his teachers for being shorter than he is-- is the press, gasp, leaving them alone?


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