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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Germans want Poles to defend them

Seven years after ending its draft, Germany is trying to entice Poles, Italians and Romanians to defend the Fatherland because so few Hansels and Gretels are enlisting.

President Trump pressured the Germans to keep their word with NATO. Germans had promised to spend 2% of their GDP on defense but they spend only 1%.

That is not as easy as it sounds. A nation of 83 million people struggles to have 179,000 soldiers. So it must hire foreigners to serve in its military.

"Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced plans to recruit Poles, Italians and Romanians, magazine Der Spiegel said, citing a ministry document," the Daily Mail reported.

These would be Poles, Italians and Romanians already living there.

"According to the classified ministry document, some 255,000 Poles, 185,000 Italians and 155,000 Romanians, aged between 18 and 40, live in Germany -- about half all foreign EU nationals. If 10 percent of them could be interested in the Bundeswehr, that could generate 50,000 new applicants, it said," the Daily Mail said.

Germans have sponged off the American military long enough. If Germans don't believe their country is worth defending, why should we?

By the way, did you notice that the Germans are not interested in arming their Muslim migrants? They remember Major Hasan.

At any rate, there is no more sponging off America.


  1. I am quite sure the Poles have not forgotten their history, just like the Chinese remember their treatment by the Japanese. I don’t think the Romanian people were treated too well by the Germans either. Keep on dreaming Frau Merkel.

    1. Rumania was an ally of Germany.

    2. Romania was invaded by Germany in WWI. In WWII, she switched sides and, for her trouble, suffered a combined 500,000 military and civilian deaths. (The US lost 400,000.) I doubt many Romanians think fondly of Germany.

    3. As a piece of historical trivia, 18 Romanians received the Knight's Cross during World War II, the most of any foreign military, and more than the next two (Italy [9] and Hungary [8]) combined.

      Also of note, Romania is home to a German minority who interestingly enough managed to not get expelled after the war like so many other German populations in Eastern Europe. The current President of Romania is one of them.

  2. Frau Merkel doesn't even believe that Germany should exist as an independent country. So what is it that they wish to defend, exactly?

  3. I like the idea of a Polish German Army. Not a chance of another partition, and those guys will be more loyal to the West than Germany.

  4. Perversion won't fight. That requires self sacrifice. Fact is, Germany was culled hard in the two wars. So, we can plainly see what is left. Functional society requires functional testosterone. There ya go.

  5. A German Foreign Legion?

    And the Nazis recruited a number of Muslims in World War II, most notably the 13th Waffen-SS Gebirgsdivision, "Handschar." It was noted for brutality and savagery in combat and atrocities against civilians. Sound familiar?

    - Elric

  6. Your first paragraph made me laugh out loud!

  7. Somewhere Wladyslaw Sikorski is smiling.

  8. Poland and Hungary is where the Reconquista will begin from, after the Merkelisieren of Western Europe into Eurabia takes place.

  9. Recruiting foreigners to fight for them didn't work out so well for the Roman Empire.

  10. What is happening in German is what was predicted to happen in the United States. It didn't happen here because we still have a lot of Patriotic people who don't buy in to the globalist garbage Eew-you're-a-peon folks get spoon fed by the grain scoop.
    The United States prior to ending the draft had a decent percentage of people who were volunteering, and not because they had a low number. In Vietnam a full 2/3 of the combat soldiers were volunteers. It was easier to stick draftees into support jobs where their apathetic behavior would not place other lives in danger.
    All my brothers volunteered. One was turned down for flat feet, one was turned down because the recruiter had me his quota for the next six months, one served in Vietnam and the other in Korea.
    Wait, what, a recruiter met his quota six months out? In war time? In 1970? at the height of the anti war protests? Yup. Rural America still turns out Patriots.


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