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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Flynn case shows FBI lied

Bungling Bob Mueller is an epithet well-earned over the decades in a career marked by incompetence wrapped in fealty to the right people. I do not have to remind readers about the anthrax case that he botched as director of the FBI. We paid $5.8 million to clean up his mess.

But the agency has plenty of Muellers. Peter Strzok. Jimmy the Weasel Comey, and of course, Andy McCabe, who tried to bring down retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn by lying to him, and then charging him with lying to the FBI.

According to Flynn, McCabe assured him he did not need a lawyer. The FBI just had a few questions.

Now we know the FBI already had the answers, and wanted to entrap the general so they could bankrupt him and use him to get the Orange Man.

The Daily Caller reported, "Just days into President Donald Trump’s tenure, then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe urged then-national security adviser Michael Flynn to meet with two FBI agents without White House lawyers present, claiming that a limited meeting would be the “quickest” way to have a conversation about Flynn’s discussions weeks earlier with Russia’s ambassador.

"As if that scenario was not fraught with enough legal landmines, Flynn was also not warned by the two agents he met with about the penalties for lying to federal investigators. That’s because McCabe and other FBI officials decided before the fateful Jan. 24, 2017 meeting that “they wanted Flynn to be relaxed.” The officials “were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the rapport” between Flynn and his FBI interlocutors.

"Those revelations are tucked into a 178-page filing that Flynn’s lawyers submitted on Tuesday in the special counsel’s investigation.

"While the filing contains new details about the White House interview, Flynn’s team does not provide an explanation for why the retired lieutenant general made false statements to the FBI agents, aside from saying that he 'recognizes that his actions were wrong and he accepts full responsibility for them.'"

Flynn does not owe anyone an explanation.

Certainly not an agency whose former director told Congress "I don't remember" 250 times.

It is a rogue agency that should be replaced by nothing. The Constitution does not require one, and in fact may ban one.

This Muellerdom has too much power and too few ethics.


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  1. The lying and subterfuge go on to no avail whilst the general public look on with a dose of apathy that clearly spells out either 'ho-hum' or the 'Donald better take care of that'.

    No, The Donald is only one man and as smart as he appears, can only achieve so much.

    Take the so-called refuge crisis of last month which while it has to some degree wound down, is not over by a long shot. Had say 50 to 100 thousand concerned citizens got out from under their daily lives and turned up on the border legally armed and made a showing of citizen resistance to the economic invaders, then that message would have been both felt and heard around the world in Technicolor.
    I don't believe a single shot would have been necessary.
    It would also have sent a definitive message to future border jumpers and the deep state.
    A warning message that most likely would have caused these perpetrators at multiple levels a pause for reflection.
    Whatever it would have caused is a moot point compared to the sense of pride and national motivation that citizens would feel by representing their collective selves and values.

    Much like their brothers in arms during the war of independence felt when they were the direct cause of their own destiny.

    Freedom of all shackles of oppression takes precedence over all else on this worldly plane.

    America, the world looks up to you to lead the can be no other way.

    1. The nature of the Constitutional Republic of States United is the essence of the lack of nation wide common sense.

      Each state, being as a quasi independent nation, complying only with federal laws when said federal laws are Constitutional, thus contains citizen residents not quite committed to national common sense.

      States bordering the south are affected far more than states bordering the north.

      Were there to be a historical huge invasion of illegal crossings from canada, these northern bordered states would be much more involved in this matter of border security.

      Human nature is what it is, even when considering Americans.

      And Anericans, as a rule, tend to expect comfort as a given, full bellies as a birthright and inconviniences as an afront to their very existence.

      Yeah, too fucking bad, ya spoiled fucks.

      You don't use it, you lose it. It gets taken.

      See beyond the tip of your own nose and you will know how much you have failed to earn the freedoms you take for granted.

  2. I was reminded about Mueller and your earlier post about media spin when I was watching the local CBS affiliate's noon news. They had a breaking news cut-in from NYC about the Cohen sentencing. A fairly close quote from the female correspondent on the scene was, "Cohen cooperated with Mueller by giving information against Trump in the investigation of the Russian meddling in the 2016 election." How professional of her, stating facts that so far aren't in evidence.

    I thought how embarrassing, no, how disgusting, no, I don't really have strong enough words for this whole travesty that is the Mueller "investigation." The fact that it seems everybody on the Left is embracing it and covering for this schmuck Mueller doesn't bode well for the direction of this country.

    As far as the news, it's a sorry state of affairs when the most accurate segment of the newscast is the weather forecast.

    1. And they are wrong about the weather quite often.

    2. Speaking of affairs, maybe Don can tell us how WV manages to employ sexy former Miss KY to entertain and have affairs with their teen boys?

  3. This nut with a pasta strainer on his head said Flynn had set a trap for them!! A long time ago he said Flynn was pleading to a phony-bologna charge to get released from all his non-disclosure agreements, he might know something, being the head spook during the Bama administration.

    1. Wictor has been abducted by aliens again and can t be reached for comment

    2. Thomas Wictor is not a nut at all. And Rex is the one who just published an article on Quodverum regarding Michael Flynn deliberately compromising himself so discovery could be reviewed and the sources of all the trouble discovered.

    3. Anonymous- Thomas Wictor has an impressive track record of being right. You don't.

      ck- I think you're being tongue in cheek, but I wouldn't call TW a "nut" though he does sometime wear a pasta strainer!

      Rex, or Imperator_Rex as he was known on Twitter, is now at Quod Verum, where Thomas Wictor also posts.

      I side with MMA; and here's the latest from Imperator Rex:

  4. Flynn was compromised from the beginning. When the Whitehouse was told of his compromise, they took 18 days to take action.

    Why did Flynn feel the need to lie? Why did the Whitehouse wait?

    The perjury trap is so complicated. Investigators ask questions and wouldn't-ya-just-know-it, lil Trumpsters just can't avoid that the trap of committing perjury. Tricky stuff.

    1. Try again.

      Little Lefties always have to lie and place things out of context to make their case.

    2. Yea, they should just pull a hillary or comey "I don't remember." Perjury, but, no trap because it can't be proven that they really could remember. comey figured if the "smartest woman in the world" could get away with it, so could he. At least he didn't say "at this point what does it matter?" Or, maybe he did. I didn't read the transcript.

    3. Nonny I hope you never have to suffer a Fed investigation I had months of
      harassment and general Bravo Sierra by the NTSB and the FBI and the FAA due to the fact that I and one other guy were the last two to fly an aircraft tha the next day flew and killed 15 people. The The chief pilot and also head of maintenance tries to nail me and the other pilot as to blame for the crash as somehow the logs for the
      work were mysteriously lost.WE DID write up the roblem with the trim system. the Chief was the one who simply pulled the aircraft out of the hangar, and signed it off. the new crew knew nothing about the problem, which was manageable -if they knew it.
      They crashed. On takeoff due to a full nose up trim that showed a normal takeoff setting in the cockpit.
      I and th eother guy were grilled fired and basyed by the Feds. the big trick is to get you to screw up by not following the previous testimony.
      Please nonny try it some time you might grow up..

  5. Shouldn't this be considered a violation of the Miranda rulings and thus tossed out?

    1. Good question, but I think Miranda only applies to people who have been arrested. My uncle was the DA in a corrupt small town. He hated the Miranda rule because it helped bad people get off when it was first was promulgated. Flynn was poorly advised. He must have known he was of some political interest to them but seems to have gone into the lion's den either alone or over confident. His side of this is not yet known.

  6. Not mentioned is that it is the official procedure within the DOJ to notify the White Counsel in advance of any official investigations being conducted by the FBI on any WF employee, The WH Counsel was never notified and learned about the Flynn bushwhack from the newspapers. As minimum the WH Counsel would have cautioned Flynn and seen the the agents' 302's were truthful.
    Second, it is highly unusual for the FBI to have a "suspect" at the White House. Any WH interviews require the approval in advance by the Attorney General.
    Who was the attorney general that signed off on this perjury trap? Why, none other than acting-AG Sally Yates, now known to be be a serial unmasker and leaker to WaPo, and who refused a direst order from her President to follow his EO on shutting down visas from Iran and other terrorist countries (for which she was hustle fired).
    So, there's more to the story than just Srrzok and McCabe.
    The whole nest needs to be dancing at the end of piano wire.

  7. This is the very best explanation of the law re: campaign finance expenditures that I have read to date.
    It makes perfect common sense:

    And yet, just about every "news" story assumes a violation of campaign finance law..., and they always gratuitously throw in that dreaded word "felony," as well.
    If anyone cares to see an example of "begging the question," that one, right there.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I used to respect the FBI agents I had met. It is hard to respect anyone from that tarnished organization anymore. It either needs to be disbanded as Don suggests or the entire Washington DC office needs to be purged.

  10. Judge Sullivan just demanded the FBI's phony 302 reports.

    He got rolled by the Gangsta Government in the Ted Stevens frame-up and took an oath "Never again".

  11. The FBI definitely needs the 4D treatment. Disarm, Disestablish, Disperse, and Dismiss.

  12. The FBI, Comey and Mueller, are deep state criminals. The USA needs prosecutors to go after them for their crimes. But the DOJ deep state Dems do not want to.