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Sunday, December 02, 2018

Expert thinks Trump was set up

John Solomon is a journalist who exposed intelligence failures before the Sept. 11 attacks. Now with The Hill, he has an interesting take on Muellergate, the attempt by the Deep State to convict President Trump of something (anything) that would end his presidency.

Solomon made a good case that someone set up Candidate Donald John Trump.

"Early in my reporting that unraveled the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe, tying it to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and possible Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses, I started to see patterns just as in the old mob meetings: FBI or intelligence-connected figures kept showing up in Trump Town USA during the 2016 campaign with a common calling card," Solomon wrote.

"The question now is, who sent them and why?"

I noticed that Mueller concentrates on meetings in Trump Tower in June 2016.

Now we all know that in a rare nod to the Constitution, a FISA judge appointed by Chief Justice John Roberts actually turned down an Obama request to bug Trump Tower that month, so surely there was no illegal spying on Candidate Trump by the Obama administration.

But it sure is curious that all these meetings went on.

"At least six people with long-established ties to the FBI or to U.S. and Western intelligence made entrees to key figures in the Trump business organization or his presidential campaign between March and October 2016," Solomon wrote.

Just a coincidence.

"Campaign figures were contacted by at least two Russian figures whose justification for being in the United States were rare law enforcement parole visas controlled by the U.S. Justice Department," he wrote.

No, there was not any undercover spying going on. Mister Bond is just a typewriter repairman from Novosibirsk.

"Nearly all of the contacts involved the same overture — a discussion about possible political dirt or stolen emails harmful to Hillary Clinton, or unsolicited business in London or Moscow," he wrote.

This was a set up and Mueller's mission is to destroy the evidence. Unfortunately for him — and fortunately for the Republic itself — President Trump has those FISA applications and other incriminating material. I believe he knew it (suspected it) all along. Remember his joke about having the Russians find Hillary's "missing" emails?

Solomon ended his column, "The American people deserve to know how much of the Trump-Russia probe was the result of agent provocateurs and political muckrakers and FISA cheaters, and how much was legitimate law enforcement work."

I know the answer. The only question is whether the truth will surface in my lifetime.


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  1. 5 will get you 10 it will.

    Trump respects the American people and I think he wants them to know the truth.

  2. Roberts is the only one who can appoint FISA judges and he went to lipping-off right on cue. Just saying.

  3. Fry everyone involved in this corrupt jungle dance!

  4. Problem is, without an AG outraged at FBI corruption, nothing will be exposed.
    Senate will confirm no such AG. Nobody like Joe diGenova to clean house.
    The Republic continues to dissolve.

    1. DiGenova would be terrific! Finally we'd see some of those who corrupted the FBI/DOJ get consequences.

    2. The deep state is protected by the uniparty. The republicans won't approve or allow someone who it interested in dealing with the dry rot in the FBI or our intelligence agencies overstepping their bounds.

    3. I watched the fascinating interview of Joe diGenova by Justice Clarence Thomas' wife. He laid it all out then:

    4. Thanks for the diGenova video. He seems disgusted with D.C.

  5. I think Trump is holding the exposure of those FISA docs till the dumocrats get sworn in and start trying to carve him up. Cooler heads will prevail but there's too many of them ate up with the dumbass to stay away. Trump is just waiting for the right moment. Acosta will totally melt.

    1. I thought the same thing when i heard Trump throw some high heat last week about all the bad stuff that will become un-redacted and how it will just make the democrats look bad. I think that was him just being nice, knowing the dems will be "bringing the dumbass" in February like they have promised.

  6. And Obama knew.

    Trump's name was unmasked by Susan Rice so Obama and most of his administration would have "context" in when reading the Presidential Daily Intel Brief.

  7. Solomon does a really good bit with Larry O’Connor every week on WMAL. Low key, dispassionate, but truly concerned about the clown show MSM and their absolute refusal to dig into this story, which is only a step or two away from Uncle Joe Stalin’s tactics. Rarely do I say this anymore about a journalist but...John Solomon, at least at present, can be trusted.

  8. At risk of doom-saying, the coup attempt's existence is hardly a secret to any Americans by now.
    Fact is though, tribal loyalties remain what they are.
    The percentages of those who applaud and those who decry the "win by any means" contortions our corrupt institutions embrace remains steady.
    Not a promising backdrop for the survival of a Constitutional Republic.

  9. I have long wanted, and part of me still wants, Trump to do a frontal assault against the Deep State. But now part of me wants him to allow the Dems to drip drip drip here an indictment, there a guilty plea -- nothing to do with Russia Collusion.
    The Angry Dem Witch Hunt.
    A witch hunt much like the McCarthy tactics -- except McCarthy had more truth, there really were lots of commies around.

    If it never all comes out, a possibility I fear, this means the frontal assault would have at least been a good try.

    In the meantime, we can all say it's a witch hunt, fishing expedition -- and all the Dems approve of it.
    More Dem Derangement Syndrome.

  10. Dominoes.

    Multiple intersecting dominoes.

    The tangled webs of deceptions.

    Challenge being not if the dominoes will fall, but which, when, and with what benefits to MAGA.
    The who of these dominoes is substantially known to MAGA.

    As is the how of their deceptions.

    These dominoes stand naked, wobbling on their narrow, stiffed base, awaiting their individual moments of being knocked flat.