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Monday, December 31, 2018

Deep State was Clinton's friend

In the media's remembrances of the 20th anniversary of Bill's impeachment for perjury and suborning perjury, Republican Henry Hyde got scant attention.

He was the chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary which pushed for the impeachment.

But he also was the central figure in Clinton's acquittal. The impeachment showed the power of the House. The acquittal showed the power of the Deep State.

Which side prevailed?

Hyde was a politician in Springfield from Chicago in 1967 who rose to House Majority Leader in the state's legislature. Elected to Congress in 1974, he ran not only against the Cook County political machine but the national backlash against Watergate.

He rose to power in Congress. He is best known for the Hyde Amendment that bans federal funding of abortion, and which is ignored.

Congress uses his anti-abortion law to protect Planned Parenthood from its competitors as it funds Planned Parenthood for reasons that are constitutionally vague but protected by the courts.

Federal laws on social issues are meaningless because Congress never takes them serious. Remember the Defense of Marriage Act or the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law? Where are they now? Congress repealed one, and the Supreme Court repealed the other.

The only laws that matter are the ones that expand the power of the state. FISA. The Patriot Act. Obamacare.

As a member of Congress, the FBI had the goods on Hyde. J. Edgar Hoover had the goods on every elected official in DC until his death in 1972. His successors at the FBI carried on the tradition.

In 1967, Hyde had an affair with Cherie Snodgrass, which resulted in her divorce and almost cost him his marriage.

But his wife forgave him and they stayed married another 25 years until her death in 1992.

In 1998, the Deep State released this information to the media, not to ruin him -- his wife after all was long gone -- but to remind senators that the FBI had the dirt on him.

The Deep State then released info on the infidelities of both Newt Gingrich and his would-be successor Bob Livingston.

That is how Dennis Hastert became House speaker. He was a closet homosexual and a pedophile. That did not make the news until a victim sued.

Clinton also survived because he worked for the state.

The Deep State.

So does the press because you cannot survive in Washington without sources.

Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy started investigating the FBI. Then they mysteriously decided against another term, and concluded there was nothing wrong in the FBI exonerating Hillary.


  1. Gowdy got rich by letting Hillary off on Benghazi. I've never expected anything but hot air from old Trey. Hot Air? good name for a cuck website.

  2. Willie was always a whore.

    In Arkinsaw, he was owned by Don Tyson and Sam Walton.

    In DC, by the media (his so-called political genius was the media bailed him out every time he got in trouble).

    He used to be owned by anybody who wanted influence, but now he's just an old dried-up whore.

    And I think the Deep State's days are numbered, too.

  3. I used to read Zero Hedge to laugh at their crazy conspiracy theories but after the last 2 years of watching how the FBI & DOJ have behaved during the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA nonsense it would not surprise me in the least if Pizzagate and Island of Pedophiles rumors were true. I think this is why the swamp is so terrified of Trump. They don't have the goods to blackmail him so that makes him a wild card.

  4. There is actually no reward in Congress for "doing the right thing". Most politicans have limited skill sets with few options after retirement or even in office. Most are elected by a tiny minority of their constituents, the rest of whom don't know their name. Cynicism is the default attitude. In Gowdys case he couldn't produce a smoking gun probably because it was Obama himself who made the decisions on Benghazi, and He was very well protected. Also what was there to gain for Gowdy himself? No higher office was available or it was not offered for 'getting' her highness. If he planned to become a lobbiest later, like many do, some Clinton swamp alligator would have been waiting for him, or if a judge he would be better off seen as a player, not virtuously incorruptible. There is very little justice at work in any purely political system, just influence. In fact one of the reasons Trump is hated by these people is that he doesn't have the same financial restraints as they and can float above the sordid fray forever. They do not see him as a friend now or in some distant future when they might need him personally. The Romans called it Amacitica. It made for some strange alliances, all driven by self interest. Our rough analogy is the swamp. Gowdy feels more comfort and friendship there and so do almost all his amici.

  5. Way back in 2017, when it was already becoming clear that the FBI had misused FISA and even after the report on the Section 702 FISA database query abuse came out, the Congress passed a renewal of the FISA legislation, with little debate and on a very accelerated schedule. We don't have to wonder why, now that we know the truth.

  6. I didn't see any specifics on how Hyde worked for Slick's acquittal.

    1. By making sure they only dealt with "sex" instead of murder, et cetera, knowing the nation would not Clinton removed for "just" sex. See my prior post.

  7. As a kid I remember watching the Watergate hearings. That's how I got interested in politics. I have watched a lot of hearing since then, including Iran-Contra, Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales, Clinton Impeachment, Benghazi, and Eric Holder's Fast and Furious evasions and lies. I think the low point had to be Elijah Cumstains'tearful defense of ther IRS.

    It has been a long time since any House or Senate hearing accomplished anything of value. They have become scripted performances and the format is incompatible with a search for the truth.

    I can think of several changes that should be made, starting with hiring experienced prosecutors and defense attorney's to conduct the questionings.

  8. Ben Sasse was Hastert's fixer. Got rewarded with a senate seat.

  9. The day after midterms 1998, Henry Hyde shut down David Schippers, a Democrat, from investigating multiple possible homicides linked to the Clintons, including that of Vince Foster. David Schippers has lived in fear of Hillary Clinton ever since.

    Four years before that, Kenneth Starr shut down Miguel Rodriguez, a Democrat, from investigating the death of Vince Foster as a homicide linked to the Clintons.

    I knew without a doubt that Bill Clinton would not be removed from office after his impeachment.

  10. The Deep State was every Presidents friend except Trump. Bush Sr. was the deep state. That tells you all you need to know.

  11. Trump, and the USA, would be better off with a Special Prosecutor to reopen and investigate Clinton's illegal email server -- and the obstructions of justice plus destructions of evidence by the Deep State.