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Sunday, December 02, 2018

Another hate crime hoax

Take your pick.

The Daily Mail reported, "Black college lacrosse player, 21, is arrested for spraying N-word and swastika graffiti targeting HIMSELF and other minority students in two incidents that terrorized the campus."

Ashe Schow reported, "In mid-November, a Drake University student told school officials she had received four racist notes in one of the residence halls, at least one of which was addressed to her.

"After a police and school investigation, the student, who has not been charged or named, admitted to writing one of the notes. The Des Moines Register reports that Drake officials 'are confident the four notes reported by the female student were hoaxes.'"

The Wichita Eagle reported, "For second time in two years, racist slur at Kansas State was a hoax, police say."

The Wisconsin Gazette reported, "A woman who faked an anti-gay hate crime has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating probation, but she can apply to serve the time on house arrest. Charlie Rogers, 36, of Lincoln was sentenced late last week in Lancaster County Court, the Lincoln Journal Star reported."



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  1. More attention-starved people trying to drum some up for themselves. They should read the story of the boy who cried wolf.

  2. These kinds of things wouldn't be happening if those involved didn't see similar behavior being rewarded in other situations. "Hands up, don't shoot." is basically a hoax hate crime.

    Been reading a bit of stuff on Roman religion. Turns out differentiating the practice of magic from legitimate religion was to a great extent determined by divining the intentions of the accused. This is precedent for the followers (whether they know it or not) of Peter Abelard and what we know now as political correctness. People are tried, convicted and punished, not for any real harm they have done, but for their perceived intentions. It is no better than burning witches.

    "Hate crimes" are the same as prosecuting people for putting pins in dolls. Total bullshit.

    What is most interesting to me is that the folklore professors who know exactly what is going on are totally silent about this. To me such are even more guilty than the practitioners.

  3. "...gotta be a victim, gotta be a victim, gotta be a victim, gotta…"

    The Left has so fetishized Glamorous Victim Status, it is regarded as the highest calling in life. Some people will even sexually-mutilate their own children just to obtain Associate Victim-by-Proxy status.

    Just look at the rewards. You get the Automatic Moral High Ground. Bills named after you. Book and movie deals. Celebrity. Tenured professorships. Exemption from arrest, etc., etc..

    The intent of a hoaxer is also the same as a real perp--to terrorize. Therefore, they should suffer the same penalty. Wrist-slapping has led to the current state of affairs: almost all "hate crimes" are hoaxes.

  4. Leftists are really dangerously separated from reality. If you need to fake an example of your the abuse opposed by your cause...then aren't you actually fighting for a non-issue?

  5. Manhattan has had more than a few faux racist incidents. A friend of mine who is a landlord was in Florida on business. He called me and asked me to drive by his rental. Some one had spray painted "go away N!&&#r lover" on the door and front of the house. His tenant at the time was a white woman with a biracial teenager. She was behind in rent. She was accusing him of doing it and claimed to have seen his truck near the house when she left for work. She then used the claim to get housing assistance. My neighbor got the last laugh though. She was ineligible for the assistance. Not because she did the hoax, but because she lied about her income. He reported her and submitted her rental application to confirm she had full employment.


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