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Friday, December 21, 2018

A bad week for Cruise Ship Conservatives

President Donald John Trump's reversal on shutting down the government over the wall was a pleasant surprise.

He had made a tactical retreat, but then Paul Ryan decided to pass a budget resolution with funding of the wall included. Maybe Ryan did that to troll President Trump.

At any rate, here we are on a Friday afternoon with the Senate in session.

Senators are prepared to shut down the government -- well, the nonessential parts -- rather than allow President Trump to fulfill a campaign promise.

This should have happened a year ago, but Republicans run Congress the way Hillary runs a presidential campaign: regally, expensively, and ineffectively.

Bob Corker -- the Tennessee version of Jeff Flake -- is upset not because the government may shut down.

Corker is not upset that a wall may be funded.

He isn't even upset that this delays the beginning of his holiday.

No, Corker is upset because Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh may get their way.

The last thing a Republican politician like Corker wants is for conservatives to succeed. They would rather give liberals Obamacare than give conservatives a wall. I fully expect Chief Justice John Roberts someday will declare the wall unconstitutional.

!! Corker: “We have two talk-radio show hosts who basically influenced the president, and we’re in a shutdown mode. It’s just—that’s tyranny, isn’t it?”
Corker’s going off: “Do we succumb to tyranny of talk-radio show hosts? ... I mean, this is a juvenile place we find ourselves. The reason we’re here is that we have a couple talk-radio hosts that get the president spun up.”

Free speech is tyranny!

See? You no longer have to be liberal to engage in NewSpeak.

This has been a bad week for Cruise Ship Conservatives.

And not because the SS Weekly Standard is being scrubbed. Its Never Trump owner, who hired Fusion GPS before Hillary hired it, is re-launching the old magazine as the Washington Examiner Weekly or something like that. The name is dead, not the false conservatism.

But the wall funding saga is a sideshow to their real loss. The war. President Trump decided to declare victory and bring the troops home from Syria.

This. This. This. Trump’s declaration of victory is obscenely premature. He’s giving ISIS a lifeline. This is one of the most grotesque displays of American weakness I’ve seen in my lifetime.

French cited a string of tweets from a stringer for the New York Times as evidence that a Republican president is wrong. Stringers on foreign news are notoriously biased.

As the Daily Caller pointed out, actually the New York Times was against the war before it was for it.

Syria with its Kurds, ISIS, and Assad is too complicated. How about we go back to avoiding foreign entanglements? I believe the Saudis and others in the region can handle things from here.

The Kurds are lobbying to keep us there. They want their own country, which of course would screw up Turkey and Iraq. Naturally, people on the left are for such chaos. Kurdistan 24 reported, "Noam Chomsky says US should stay in Syria to protect the Kurds."

My God. has turned Noam Chomsky into an interventionist. There is literally nothing Trump can't do.

But of course, President Trump does not do anything other than reveal people for whom they are.

Which why Cruise Ship Conservatives had a bad week.


  1. While it continues to be enormously entertaining to watch, the dog-n-pony show in DC is not to be taken seriously until a bill lands on the Resolute desk for PDJT to sign.

  2. It seems that Chief Justice Roberts just sided with the Leftists against President Trump's plan to keep illegal immigrants in Mexico while they wait for their asylum claim to be processed. What is it going to take to secure our border? - Elric

    1. The judge can't possibly be biased, he said so.

  3. The Cruise ship is bing steered by the captain who capsized his ship off the coast of Italy.

    When I want military strategy, former presidential candidate French is who I turn to.

  4. Govt. shut down? Who will notice? The media/democrats will have a hissy fit and the normal people will think, "we're doing fine, do we really need all that extra government?". The longer it goes on the more panicked the ruling class will get. Our masters need us to believe that we are totally dependent on them.

    1. Tach it up
      Tach it up
      Buddy gonna shut you down

    2. Big D!!! Groovin with Brian on a Friday night! Me likey, lots.

  5. A new Weakly Substandard? Fresh wrapping, same stale product?
    That's a brilliant move.

  6. Any doubts I may have had about leaving Syria disappeared when Hillary Radium Clinton said we would be helping ISIS, Iran and Russia. That's when I knew it was the absolute right thing to do.

    And then I see that the president got the well-armed Saudis to step up, protect the Kurds, thwart Erdogan and bring our troops home.

    Merry Christmas, indeed!

  7. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are sending troops to replace ours.


    1. Our troops were not even fighting directly. The Arab Army headed by a Kurdish woman commander, of all things, are doing the fighting house to house and town to town. We never hear about their sacrifice.
      Our Trump rules of engagement changed the outcome. The killing of over 200 Russians, who were part of an attack on a US protected oil facility, certainly gave Russia pause and people in the Middle East a belief that we finally had a measure of credibility. Of course our media ignored the story in large part; it didn't fit the Trump collusion story.
      We already see that others have committed to filling the void. And just how many troops there were conventional troops, not special ops personnel. The artillery fired was from the Marines, but what other regular troops were there, if any. It makes a difference, but I doubt if we will ever see that info.

  8. "Cruise Ship Conservatives"?

    The Good Ship Wieners, no doubt.

  9. Ryan trolled Trump with the first bill, which did NOT have Wall money. Ryan is a rich kid (yes, he is, and his wife is even richer) who will not be missed by actual patriots.

    Ryan has failed in everything he tried, except getting elected. Deficit? Larger. Entitlement problems? Worse. Planned Parenthood? Still generously funded. ObozoCare? On the books.

    One COULD argue that Ryan actually wanted to do what he did; IOW, those were not "failures," they were "accomplishments."

    Frankly, that makes more sense.

  10. The Dems were wrong about pulling out of Iraq, too early, in 2011 (for Obama). But that doesn't make Trump wrong about current Syrian pull out.

    The Mid-East can be run by Mid-East dictators who deal with the US, mostly; or dictators who deal with others, mostly. We could, if we choose, have a big influence on which dictator wins the internal fights, by using funding to help the dictator-in-waiting who is most willing to lick US boots.

    It's not big US funding for a boot-licking dictator is a bigger win than just pulling out and going back in when some ISIS or other terrorist org is "too bad".