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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Woodward catches on

Bob Woodward of Watergate infamy had an epiphany. After three years of bashing Donald John Trump's every breath, the American media has lost all credibility in covering him.

Gee, crying wolf 24/7/365 only sets you up to be eaten by a wolf. Who would have thunk?

Woodward of course is one of the chief criers of wolf. His book, "Fear: Trump in the White House," failed to turn the tide against President Trump because President Trump's supporters have heard it all before.

Stormy Daniels? The clutching of pearls over pre-presidential sex by the defenders of Clinton only amuses Trump supporters. Sex is private, remember? Everybody lies about sex, remember?

Then there is Jimmy the Creep Comey. The press demanded Obama fire him. When President Trump did, the press demanded impeachment. CNN became the Comey Newspeak Network.

Now there is the Keebler elf. When President Trump nominated Jeff Sessions, the press gave plenty of airtime and newspaper space to those opposed to his appointment, but little time or space to his supporters.

Now that Sessions quit as requested, the press has made him a hero.

This is not working.

On the Bill Maher show on Friday, Woodward said, "I think we’re taking the bait in the press. Trump is just throwing it out on the table and saying, you know, you’re the enemy of the people. And then we get all steamy and emotionally unhinged about it."

His comments came because he just could not get worked up to defend Jimmy Olsen Acosta.

This president is unafraid of the Washington press corps.

As I wrote in Trump the Establishment, "Trump had played bigger rooms than Washington. Four decades of seeking publicity in the largest, toughest, and best media center in the world had honed Trump’s skills. In the 1980s, when he owned a football team, he learned to go toe-to-toe with George Steinbrenner for the coveted sports front page of the daily tabloids. Trump became to the media what Les Paul became to the guitar.

"The Washington press needed to pick its battles better. It didn’t."

I wrote that two years ago.

At the same time, Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times wrote, "It would also be an abdication of political journalism’s most solemn duty: to ferret out what the candidates will be like in the most powerful office in the world. It may not always seem fair to Mr. Trump or his supporters. But journalism shouldn’t measure itself against any one campaign’s definition of fairness."

Biased news coverage did not stop the president's nomination. Biased news coverage did not stop the president's election. Biased news coverage did not stop the presidency.

The coup de journaux was, and is, a disaster to the press, one that will require a long recovery and rehabilitation.

Woodward should have spoken earlier.

Instead, he was part of the attempted coup, which he now regrets.


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  1. "Trump became to the media what Les Paul became to the guitar."

    Are you sure you didn't mean, "what Leo Fender became to the guitar?"

    1. Nope. Les Paul was far more important than Leo Fender. - GOC

    2. Mark may not be old enough to understand the Les Paul guitar quote and the difference it initiated in pop music.

    3. I'm just glad no one is talking Ru Paul

  2. Biased elections may stop the President's Senate.

    He needs to get involved in FL and AZ now.

    1. Looks like lot of manufactured votes pushing the elections into the recount range.
      The late votes need to be challenged, since likely they aren't valid, making the recounts invalid.

    2. And Georgia. Is it too late in Montana? Is there any place else I missed? They're everywhere! These democratic fraudsters. And we sit and watch!

  3. A few years ago the head of CBS news at the time said news programs were largely superfluous because the internet brought people information at light speed. Interpretation of the news was therefore more important and sustainable. A couple of days ago Zucker at CNN said he couldn't give up Trump as his one and only subject because CNN ratings disappeared within minutes without him. It is common knowledge Entertainment value has replaced news value in modern journalistic media. Opinion is even more rewarding because it is largely immune from slander laws. Those obvious false statements of 'fact meant to harm' we see, even more often now, are still potential liable suits. Massive coordinated propaganda is hard to attack in court but opinion even if based on supposed ignorance is immune.
    The lawyers for the media are true experts in dodging these bullets as I have seen personally in one case.
    Today's headline in the NYT I glanced at a few minutes ago in the supermarket: "Trump readies attack dog.." (against Mueller). Carefully chosen words really, meant to stir the liberal soul to virtuous outrage by evoking Bull Connor or a certain police state from the past to hover in their tenuous frontal lobes for a second, so maybe buy its latest Beobachter layout as different from all its previous iterations.
    Propaganda can wear thin, calling for even greater lies or images to remain fresh.
    Maybe Woodward thought news and real investigative journalism could sell again. If so, he would be wrong. All the great crimes and scandals are on the side they have chosen to champion. Quicksand for them.

    1. "Maybe Woodward thought news and real investigative journalism could sell again. If so, he would be wrong."
      uh.. I have to disagree. I (unlike liberals) can't read minds, or what Woodward thinks, But wouldn't truthful, in-depth, objective, real journalism from more sources than just Fox be like a breath of fresh air? There's plenty of room for, and money to be made for competing "conservative" News services.

    2. The media go where the money is. If there were a market for what you want it would have been exploited to the max already. The NYT at one time was actually the best source for objective fact reporting and even analysis. Its owners decided SJ warrioring was more important for some reason and the rest of the NY media followed. Unfortunately NY is the media. We like One America news but it lacks the gravitas and financial backing to be effective in the media wars.

    3. But wouldn't truthful, in-depth, objective, real journalism from more sources than just Fox be like a breath of fresh air?

      That would expose the gross anti-Americanism, bigotry, and fraud of Progressive politics. That's why it won't happen.

  4. Awe shit, the press are catching on. dang dang dang.

  5. The comedy channel has been eclipsed by the cnn but we're serious!!! channel of hilarities.

    While comedians tell jokes, cnn becomes the joke and, thus, is entirely funny just by the continued existence of cnn.

    This is how legends are made.

  6. All the credibility problems with the news media would go away if they just adhered to Sgt. Joe Friday's admonition:

    "Just the facts, ma'am."

    Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Let people form their own opinions. And detach news from entertainment.

  7. Woodward is like a needle in a haystack....we need a thousand pricks and even then it's doubtful of any progress to the right side!

  8. It was back when the press pretended to be objective that they were most effective at swaying public opinion. I like it better this way.

    1. There is something to be said for this. Trump exposed the hypocrisy thriving under every single media and intellectual rock.

  9. I'm truly surprised there is no network news seriously trying to do honest reporting. I'd prefer in-depth, but merely honest, what really happened, would be excellent. Analysis should include good & bad points of each side, but that's opinion/ speculation. Too many "news" stories are ... about the future. Which hasn't yet happened, altho it's often of more interest. There are no "facts" about the future -- there are speculations by various groups about what might happen.

  10. Its called Alternate news


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