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Monday, November 05, 2018

Why moderates back Trump

Congratulations to George Packer for at least acknowledging the Democrat fascism that Republicans in Congress face.

His piece in New Yorker, "The Demise of the Moderate Republican," covers the plight of Republican Congressman Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania, who faced the angry mob of Democrats.

Packer described Costello as a nice fellow who played shortstop for the Republican team. He was rated the ninth most bipartisan member of the House. Democrats liked him.

After President Trump's election, civility ended.

He was one of Them.

Packer wrote, "The protests began immediately. Two Saturdays after Trump’s Inauguration, Costello spent the day at home, playing with his young son, and it wasn’t until late that he heard about Trump’s ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries. On Costello’s Facebook page, angry comments against the ban were piling up. He issued a split-the-difference statement that recommended both tighter screening and exceptions for green-card holders. He was a moderate on social issues having to do with race, gender, and religion — he voted to prohibit federal contractors from discriminating against gay people — but these weren’t the subjects that he wanted to focus on in Washington. Trump’s Muslim ban and the intense reaction to it caught him completely by surprise."

Correction: President Trump followed the law and had a temporary moratorium on entry from six war-torn countries and Iran. The words Muslim and ban do not appear anywhere in the text of two executive orders covering about 6,000 words in total.

Packer wrote, "In the spring of 2017, hundreds of demonstrators besieged Costello’s West Chester office to protest the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare, an effort that he opposed; later that year, there were more protests over the tax bill, which he supported. ('This is going to kill his kids!' one demonstrator shouted about the tax bill; then, hearing her own words, she added, 'The debt, the debt.') Costello realized that moderates like him were being targeted by the progressive organization Indivisible and other groups that had risen up in opposition to Trump. 'These groups don’t go to the red parts of Alabama or even Pennsylvania,' Costello told me. 'They’re going to purple, and they’re going to beat up on people like me, ’cause we’re the vulnerable ones, and that’s how you take back the House.'"

Democrats do not want peace.

Democrats do not want compromise.

Democrats want vengeance.

Democrats want blood.

Packer wrote, "In June, 2017, Costello was supposed to attend a morning baseball practice before Congress’s annual charity game, but he just missed his ride. At the ballpark, a gunman opened fire from behind the third-base dugout, critically wounding the Majority Whip, Representative Steve Scalise, of Louisiana, and several others. The shooter, who was killed by police officers, was a Bernie Sanders supporter who had become enraged with Trump and wanted to target Republican politicians. If Costello had made the practice, he would have been standing in the line of fire, at shortstop. The incident shook him deeply. He had long ago stopped seeing politics as a Rockwell painting, but now the anger and the violence seemed inescapable — even on a baseball diamond."

Then Packer went into a fairy tale that somehow the right is worse. But he writes for New Yorker's elitist snobs who look down their noses at the Outer Borough Donald John Trump because they want to fit in with everyone else in the Manhattan-Hamptons crowd. Conformity rules.

Packer's evidence? "The deadliest threat of all comes from the President, who ended the career of Representative Mark Sanford, a critical-minded conservative from South Carolina, with a single contemptuous tweet a few hours before the polls closed on primary night in June: 'Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA. He is MIA and nothing but trouble.'"

Oh no!

The president tweeted.

I am sobbing. I am literally shaking right now.

Nice try, but Packer failed to understand the situation.

Moderate Republicans in the House either leave or become Trumpian, not because of his tweets but because of death threats.

The anger of Lindsey Graham at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing was perhaps the most telling moment in national politics so far this year. He walked away from a bipartisanship that goes only one way.

Democrats pushed too hard and too far with their fascist mobs and would-be assassin.

President Trump has withstood more than three years of unwarranted and vile attacks without blinking. He set a good example. Democrats revealed their true selves. Republicans have responded by being Republican again.


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  1. Make Dems cry again and this time watch the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC heads explode on TV in real time--VOTE RED!

    1. I don't want to see their heads explode in real time. I refuse to give them the media bump. Let them explode on air and no one see. Let the event be posted to youtube and no one bother to watch. Let them cry in their near beer at a lonely table in an unknown bar with no one there to care, then let their sorry asses wander away forgotten and not missed with the only appreciation being that they are gone.

    2. Amen.

      I want to see articles in a few years, wondering what ever happened to the DNC and their yapping lapdogs.

      Back on page forty eight with the Horoscopes and stories about puppies and other human interest stories. After the college golf team scores.

  2. It's a race. Will we run out of courageous Repubs willing to serve before Dem terror cuts too deep?

    Vote tomorrow like your freedom depends on it.

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    1. Well, since your happiness is not my business, try another flavor of comment posting.

      You have the talent, just hone your skills a bit.

  4. Step #1: Americans elect a President with balls. Huge balls.

    Step #2: politicians, of both ilks, gasp and gather their suddenly trembling loins, their sweaty nut sacks and clench their spasming sphincters.

    Step #3: Those Republicans, few as they may seem to have been, who knew, welcomed, a President with balls, Huge Balls. The rest, effectively rinos, being faced with a decision, to grow a pair or to slink out of the scene, are daily demonstrating their choice.

    Step #4: the democrats piss and moan, shriek and sob, wail their wailings of woe and keep their lackey media from inevitable bankruptcy.

    Step #5: The Rope A Dope Schlongings shall continue, until there are no longer any dopes worth Schlonging.


    1. the only dope that keeps demanding a schlonging is Obama

    2. The quantity of dopes on the ropes being Schlonged shall not be diminished by the hoggish nature of the nimble narcissist known to some as "obama", to others as "barry the bumblebee", still to others as " bashful barry the bullshitter" and, to still others as "bath house mouse".

      The multitudes of those beckoning a Schlonging are as numerous, and as boring, to count as turds floating past the sewer rats resting upon the banks of the River Septic, buried below the streets of any large city of democrat haven quality.

      As the obamanation fades into the soon to be insignificant dim history, so too shall this obama be rendered as impotent as it's 8 years of wasted nut has proven to be.

  5. The last two Republican presidents projected the impression that they felt they were serving at the pleasure of their opposition, rather than representing the people who elected them. The supposition that Trump would follow in their obsequious footsteps was misguided. I don't think his balls are huge. The difference is that he has a pair.

    1. Okay.

      The cia bush, the new world order asshole.

      Then, the clinton cunts.

      Then, bush the punk and more new world order shit.

      Then, the obamanation.

      Then, the cunt of clinton cunts awaited her crowning.

      And the Huge Balls of MAGA Schlonged her, Bigly.

      Confuse not the quality of the feckless, new world order cunts with the absence of balls, no matter how feeble, and not ever with the presence of the Huge Balls of MAGA.

  6. We haven't seen much of Stormy Daniels lately.

    They told her to go to Rehab,
    She said, "Neigh, Neigh, Neigh..."

  7. A poem:

    Today I am an exorcist.
    I cast out demons with my vote.
    The blood curdling insane shrieks of the witches
    Echoing through the Senate chamber
    As they are hauled off to reunite with their Dark Lord
    Shall disturb the peace no longer.
    God has manifested, once again.
    His people are eager to testify their faith
    At the ballot box
    To keep Satan at bay
    And the Republic secure.
    Roll, Red Tsunami, Roll!
    God is not mocked, now or ever.

  8. All of us stupid deplorables figured out that the Left is scary years ago. What takes the intellectual elites so long? They fancy themselves to be the “smart” set. 👌😂