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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Two years of crazy in the House

Readers looked for a silver lining in Democrats regaining control of the House.

One reader wrote, "The election has passed. Now the Democrats have two years to work on defeating President Trump in 2020 or remove him from office. The first thing that they have to work on is not being crazy. Why is the first step in a job always the hardest?"

Another wrote, "The worse thing you can wish upon the Party of Protest is to put them in a position where they have to actually produce something substantive in the way of policy."

Ah, but they will produce something, and it will be unpleasant. Democrats want vengeance.

Democrats want an open season on President Trump, and then anyone who worked for him, and then anyone who voted for him, and then anyone who looked like him, and then anyone who does not hate him enough.

Glenn Reynolds is optimistic.

He wrote, "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that 'divided government is the perfect time to do big things.' Pointing to Social Security reform in 1983, the 1986 Tax Reform Act, and the Clinton-era welfare reform program, McConnell said, 'None of those things in my view would have occurred in unified government.'"

That's nice but that was the 1980s when Democrats thought they would hold the House forever. They saw Reagan as a temporary glitch.

Besides, Speaker Tip O'Neill was a crook, not crazy. Maxine Waters is both.

Reynolds wrote, "There are a lot of things that need to be done, ranging from infrastructure, to trade, to a health care fix that will get us past the Obamacare debacle. They won’t get addressed unless the two parties can come together. I think there’s room for them to work together — and former Democratic National Committee Chair Ed Rendell was saying the same thing on election night on Fox News. It’ll be interesting to see whether President Trump can bring some of his famed 'Art of the Deal' skills into play."

He just doesn't get it. These Democrats don't care. Infrastructure?

These Democrats let people poop in the streets of Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco. These Democrats let the homeless line pup tents along the boulevards of Maxine Waters's Los Angeles. These Democrats let gangbangers turn Rahm Emanuel's Chicago into a shooting gallery.

All they care about is power. Lord Acton said power corrupts. Imagine now what happens when you give power to the already corrupted.

Reynolds wrote, "For Trump, at least, there are some upsides to a Democratic-controlled House. If, as expected, the leadership consists of people like Nancy Pelosi, Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters, Trump will have a useful array of foils. He’ll have to balance his desire to use them as convenient enemies in the run-up to 2020 and his need to work with them to produce some sort of legislative achievement."

Again, that is not happening. This is not a parlor game among good sports. Democrats selected Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and Waters as leaders because they are ruthless. They do not seek compromise. They do not want to work with President Trump or any Republican.

Under Obama, when they controlled Congress, they refused to work with Republicans on health care or the stimulus. They did not seek compromise.

After Republicans took the House, Democrats still did not work with Republicans on anything. For six years it went like this. They only begrudgingly passed a budget (well, spending bill) because you have to.

Bob Mueller paused his investigation to await the outcome of this election. Now he plans to be the Grinch who steals the presidency.

He will submit a final report aimed at impeaching the president. His rationalization is that this is worse than Watergate, blah, blah, blah -- even though it was Obama who broke into Trump's house to wiretap him.

Schiff as head of the intelligence committee will carry it forward. All those little deep state operatives that President Trump exposed will seek vengeance.

That is the bad news.

The good news is President Trump knows this.

If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!

He did everything he could to keep the midterms from being a blue wave. He succeeded in expanding his party's majority in the Senate.

Voters deposed four incumbent opposition party senators. In the last nine midterms 114 opposition incumbents ran and only four lost. You have to go back to FDR in 1934 to have a president do better.

But let us disabuse ourselves of the notion that there is anything good in this reversal in the House. The next two years will be rough. I hope the president appreciates the seriousness of the danger the House poses to the Republic.

Tea Party grandmas did not take over the House.

Bloodthirsty socialists did.

Act accordingly.


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  1. The Republicans do not give a damn either. They did nothing on health care, immigration, welfare reform, or the integrity of the vote. There will be no protection against Silicon Valley's war against free speech or banking's assault on the gun industry.

    1. Just think what the Republicans could have accomplished for this country in the past 2 yrs. had they been interested in doing anything other than enriching themselves.

    2. The Demos' "victory" was due to a crooked judge in PA. Without that, they would really be crazy today.

      Pelosi Galore wants to raise taxes? Fine. Let's see how people like that.

      Kerosene Maxine wants to punish the banks and kill the economy? Fine. Let's see how people like that.

    3. Republicans won big in the Senate and still controls the Judiciary RBG falls asleep on the bench and doesn't wake up-the Nomination process just got easier.
      Also there is going to be an intercene fight in the Dems that will make the Hatfield/McCoy fwud look like Woodstock..

  2. Under Obama, when they controlled Congress, they refused to work with Republicans on health care or the stimulus. They did not seek compromise.

    And they were promptly thrown out. This is an opportunity to show that the Left wants to destroy everything.

    Let them have it.

    Good and hard.

    This majority is razor-thin and eminently flippable. And we know Donald Trump can do it.

  3. First woman who married her brother elected in MN!

    1. Actually, that's considered okie dokie in Muslim places like MN.

    2. In a state that's okay with female genital mutilation, brother marrying is nothing.

  4. “And Virginia went down in history as the only state to lose BOTH Civil Wars...”

  5. I never read our crummy local paper, the Billings Gazette, but a Gazette article came up in my search to see if we got rid of Jon Tester. The article ridiculed Trump because he came here several times to help Matt Rosendale yet the race was still close. This is why I never read this commie rag. A sitting Democrat Senator may be beaten by a newcomer and we are to believe that's Republican/Trump "failure"? Morons.

  6. Mueller is still out there. The house may take its guidance from his actions. Will DT can Sessions and Rosenstein?
    The Senate result also seems to imply momentum for DT in 20. As Don pointed out a couple of months ago Trump's popularity nationally was not really translatable to Republican popularity at the precinct level where he was not physically on the ballot. If he keeps plugging on with his MAGA campaign and produces a fix with China that will blast the stock market into orbit and please some midwestern states, not shoot any caravanites for CNN to photograph while keeping them at bay, what the house does could be irrelevant. To me, Muller is the eclipsing shadow his enemies are still longing to see blot him out.

  7. Reynolds and nearly all of the commenters over there live in a fantasy bubble as complete as the Hollyweirdos. Few of them saw this defeat coming. We'll soon see what the analyses of the voting patterns tell us, but I suspect Trump's venomous tweeting lost the critical support of a considerable number of independent voters who don't view that as being presidential in character.

    1. Without Trump's tweeting we wouldn't even be in the game.

    2. "Venomous"--no. Defensive, retaliatory, on-target, giving as good as (or better than) he gets, informative, funny, meaningful--yes.

    3. The behavior voters willingly accept from a candidate is not the same as what they expect from a candidate who is elected president. The exit interviews that I've seen of small samples of voters who claim to lean independent indicates a strong antipathy towards Trump's aggressive tweeting since his election. Given that the committed Left (Dem) and the committed Right (Repub) are so nearly equally balanced in strength, it might not be a smart election strategy to alienate the main stream Middle who arguably hold the key to winning close elections. A shrewd president has many ways other than insulting people to make his play and stay not only in the game but ahead of his opponents. Unfortunately for Trump he had to combat both the Dems and the disloyal Paul Ryan GOPe brigade, and had never gotten control over the Deep State DoJ that continues to frustrate his presidency, thanks to the feckless Jeff Sessions who may have doomed Trump's presidency from day one.

    4. Sessions is on the cart to the Place De La Concorde as we text. Trump's presidency is far from doomed.

    5. "Trump's presidency is far from doomed."

      I expect Trump will be impeached by the House by next June or July. And if he is impeached, there is a good chance he will be removed from office and replaced by VP Pence, who has the confidence of most GOP Senators, many of whom feel much more comfortable with him than with Trump. That will make it very easy for them to side with the Dems to remove Trump before the end of his term. If the effort to remove Trump from office is successful, he will be precluded from running for re-election in 2020. This is why the Dems would pursue the issue and try to get GOPe Senators to go along with them even if the impeachment and removal process runs deep into the summer of 2020.

    6. The senate will have something to say about Trump's impeachment: No.

  8. Reynolds is handicapped by viewing people as rational actors following a homo economicus program. This is blind to the long term history of American leftism that is primarily interested in power regardless of how it is gotten, and to whom all other goals are secondary.

    To assume that these people have the interests and well-being of the nation at heart is naive. Passing legislation that has the appearance of doing so is done primarily in the interests of obtaining and holding power, nothing else.

    That is why they are never satisfied with anything they accomplish. The goal is not to get things done, it is to hold power. And the reason they want power? Because of their certainty that they are the holders of the keys to the future and are certain of their moral superiority. It boils down to a puritanical belief in a manifest destiny.

    1. Bloomberg said about himself: "I like to order people around." They may have an intellectual side but power over others is all they really enjoy. They get high from it.

    2. Nice! Bringing out the homo economicus reference, Doc. Haven't used that one since I started discussing economics and economic theory with my teenager a few years back. Leftists can't get past the rational part, so they're always going to struggle...

  9. I know Reynolds is popular in some circles but i see him as being more than a little naive. As Don points out the dems dont want new roads and airports and jobs -- they want scalps and power.

    1. Hard left Democrats don't even believe in building or fixing roads. Just look at California.

    2. They don't care about those things beyond giving contracts to their union buddies so that they in turn can launder money into their campaigns.

  10. Glenn Reynolds is a law prof who has championed the Conservative cause for a long time. I give him full credit for his enormous efforts and for enriching our vocab. But he is not a political leader.

    Similarly Scott Adams backed Trump early and generated a few well-turned phrases. But he is not a political giant.

    Appreciate their efforts, they could be sleeping late in their warm beds. Just don't expect them to be leaders.

  11. The uninformed American voters have spoken, they want the obstructionist do nothing government back along with the mediocre economy and higher unemployment. Trump will have his hands full just avoiding the braindead in Congress to better the country. The liberals will rush to force power on themselves and the uninformed of America will barely notice mainly because the are used to this kind of stupidity after 8 years of Obama.

    1. A big reason Democrats and RINOs like to import voters from the 3rd World is that they are not bothered by corruption, since it was a way of life in the crapholes they left.

  12. The House leadership is about to replay the bar scene from the first Star Wars movie.

  13. Being as you, Don, are the word wizard, might you consider, as a worthy and timely post subject, for you to work your wizardly word magic on, the enumerating, in modern, common language, of the authorities of the Senate & House of Representatives?

    As in presenting the base foundational powers of each which our MAGA President has as both his allies and his oppositions.

    A sort of the What the Senate is empowered to do, What the House of Representatives is empowered to do and What our MAGA President, Chief of the Executive Branch has availble to him to deal with the continuing MAGA restoring of our American Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States.

    While this proposal may seem like an invitation to the peanut gallery to blurt: - Read the Constitution!!!! Ya lazy bum!!!! - an elegant posting of your word magic could be just the thing for many to link to as a reference for the -not an expert, yet want to understand- just what the practical potentials and possibilities are, not primarily focused on the gross political posturings, but on the base, core authorities our Constitution empowers both Congress and Executive. A guide to the rules of the game, so to speak, brief, yet boldly concise.

    Maybe you do this thing, yes?

  14. I know if I had and $8 billion dollar empire I'd be hiring top notch private investigators to dig up dirt on anyone coming after me. I'm sure President Trump hasn't considered this.