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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Trump's orange wave election

The Senate and the House got a little more orange on Tuesday.

While Democrats retook the House, President Trump can count on better support among the incoming Republicans. Congresswoman-elect Carol Miller of West Virginia and other newcomers ran as Trumplicans.

In two years, after Republicans take back the House in 2020, they will help elect a new Speaker of the House. They will make sure the speaker is not John Boehner or Paul Ryan.

The Senate is where the Trumplicans really will shine. Cocaine Mitch McConnell has proven to be the president's BFF, pushing through a tax cut and a bunch of judges. McConnell and President Trump are reshaping the judiciary in the image of the Constitution instead of Das Kapital.

Not only will Trumplicans replace four Democratic senators (an unheard of midterm result for a president's party) but Trumplicans will replace Jeff Flake and Bob Corker.

Sadly, Dean Heller is gone, too.

Also Orrin Hatch's retirement brings Mitt Romney to Washington, but I think Mittens will confine his contempt for the president to virtue signaling over the things Donald Trump says. When his vote is needed, Romney should be there. Think of him as the Mormon Marco Rubio.

The president campaigned hard this fall and it paid off. His candidates did not win every race but his party picked up three Senate seats (pending the Mississippi runoff, which will be close).

Obama lost nine senators in 2010 and six in 2014.

Bush 43 lost six senators in 2006 and gained one in 2002.

Clinton lost a total of nine Senate seats in his two midterms.

Bush 41 lost nine Senate seats in his midterm.

Reagan lost a total of eight Senate seats in his two midterms.

Carter lost two Senate seats in his midterm.

Bush 43's one seat gain was the only Senate gain by a president in a midterm in 40 years. In 1962,  JFK picked up four Senate seats.

The Cuban missile crisis weeks before the election aided JFK in 1962, just as 9/11 aided Bush 43 in 2002.

The only war this time was President Trump's battle against the Establishment. He fought hard and prevailed in the Senate, picking up two or three seats (again, depending on the Mississippi runoff).

And Low Energy Obama, who lost more Senate seats in his midterms than anyone in at least 100 years, campaigned in the last few days for the incumbents in Indiana and Florida.

They both lost.

Voters rewarded President Trump for his vigorous efforts with an orange wave in the Senate. Best since Kennedy.


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  1. I concur: “The mutual cleaning of political stables”

  2. It is clear from election night 2018 that there are Trump voters and there are Republican voters, and while the Venn Diagram of these two groups overlap substantially, they still are not co-extensive. And in some places -- West Virginia and the Upper Midwest states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota in particular -- there are still a lot of Trump voters to whom the Republican Party has not closed the sale. They'll be there for Trump in 2020, but the Republican Party of Paul Ryan offered them nothing but threats to cut entitlement spending on people scraping by. Maybe that's an applause line at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, but it's not a self-selling proposition to most people.

    Trump is the World's Greatest Salesman, so maybe two years of Nancy Pelosi, Shiff-for-Brains, and Maxine Waters will let him turn those Trump voters in WV, MI, WI and MN into reliable Republican voters, but as of now their votes are still up for grabs down ballot. Manchin did a "good enough" job of grabbing them to stay in office, as did Stabenow in Michigan.


    1. In have a feeling that's what's happening.

      If they dislike Trump, they'll hate Kerosene Maxine off her leash.

    2. TK, I was interviewed for a podcast last December. The host asked me about Republican chances in the midterms. I said I didn't care what happened to Republicans, only Trump mattered. I only vote straight ticket Republican out of habit and for self-preservation.

    3. I'm looking forward to the Impeachment of both a sitting President and a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

      Neither will get 2/3'rds of the Senate, of course. But American's will get to decide if being a 3rd world banana republic is acceptable.

      I'm old. Not my fight. Young people get to decide if they want to vote for a super student loan that they will never be able to pay off. Let 'em become slaves to the government if that's what they want.

    4. For what offense do the impeach Kavanaugh?

      As for Trump, even Mule Ears has conceded he's got nothing.

      But the whole thing may be moot. Looks like the Demos are trying to steal the election coast to coast. I'd say the Demos may be the ones impeached.

  3. There's a scene in Lawrence Of Arabia where Larry explains to Allenby how he'll cut the Turkish railroad and Allenby says, "So the Turks withdraw".

    And Larry answers, "They daren't. If they leave Arabia, they know they'll never get back in".

    Same with the Whigs. They left the House to spite Trump and they'll never get back in.

  4. Bush 43 lost six senators in 2010??

    1. Thanks. Typo. I shall fix as soon as I am done cussing myself under my breath.

    2. The president campaigned hard this fall and it paid off. His candidates did not win every race but his party picked up three Senate seats (pending the Mississippi runoff, which will be close).

      I thought they picked up 4 seats. Now it's 3. Dem lawyers are in the process of stealing 2 of them back. So that leaves one, but there's some sort of "Mississippi runoff" that I know nothing about. Maybe the R's caucus in January with the same amount of Senators they had before election day.

      And they lost the House.

      So how exactly is this a win?

    3. Which did we lose? If it's FL, all that looks like it's going to the courts as there's evidence of the usual Demo vote fraud.

    4. Arizona; extra votes have "miraculously" been found that give the Demofascist a 20K vote lead.

  5. Don, I am curious to know how important the I'm Staying Home Party was to the election result. How many eligible voters simply didn't show up?

    1. Or:

      How many voters stayed at home and, yet, somehow, cast a vote for the democrat?


      How many voters who did not stay at home, cast a vote and that vote failed to pass through the democrat filter, and, thus, never got counted?


      How many voters voted democrat, yet, their staying at home experience consisted of dead eyes staring at inner side of coffin top cover?


      How many voters, being both not existing and democrat casting voters, miraculously made their non existence felt by adding to the democrat candidate's total vote count?


      How many not lawful voters, via various disqualifier facts, or absence of qualifying facts proven true, (feel free to enumerate), cast democrat counted votes for......surprise, democrats?


      Hey, do I gotta do all the work on this........?

    2. Wow... that's extreme categorisation there.

    3. The democrats are the extreme political party of the crooked.

      Any mildly honesty prone politician having political contact with all inbedded as ticks democrat career politicians will either be purged, walk the fuck away with the lingering, soiled and tainted sense that they fucked up and got themselves violated, or will succumb to innate temptation to join them.

      The democrat is the essence of crooked.

      When the democrat, fascist at core, can use you, you have limited useful value.

      This is all the democrat values. All.

      Extreme is not suffcient a term for democrat crookedness.

      There may be no word in any language that is.

    4. The registered voters list is the big jar of jelly beans.

      Here are the factors:

      Total quantity of registered voters, defined by authority via voter registration state & federal law specifications, an inventory, is always greater than total votes cast in every election.

      Total quantity of votes cast in any election is never remotely close to total quantity of registered voters on inventory. Never. As in, never 100%, or even close.

      The difference between the total quantity of registered voters and the lesser total quantity of votes cast is the number of those jelly beans availible to be unlawfully cast AFTER the election has ended.

      Thus, voters who did not vote, magically have a vote cast and counted without said voters' knowledge.

      This is how fraud using authentically qualified by law to vote, lawfully registered voters' votes are fraudulently cast and counted.

      This alone, without bringing into this conversation the unlawful registrations of unqualified by law persons, persons either unqualified by reason of being not citizens, not of age, not of residence relevant, not alive, not ever having existed, etc., is sufficient in close election contests to alter the outcome in fraudulent manner.

      The closest honest election possible requires the following to be, by law AND by rigorous enforcement of said law, the fact in every state of our union:

      1. Factual confirmation of each voter registered being lawful.

      2. Traditional narrow window of casting vote in every election, rigorously monitored by the reliable method of all political parties provided opportunity for their representatives present.

      3. Only votes accepted not cast within narrow window, aka election day, via signed ballots designed for said purpose and accepted not later than 24 hours prior to election day, and counted as votes cast on election day.

      Thus, lawful voters casting votes on election day are assured of the secrecy of who they voted for. Voters casting votes via pre election signed ballot choose and accept that no such secrecy can be perfectly relied upon.

      The only motives for loosening, aka, expanding, the opportunities for votes to be cast in any election are all about fraud.

      Not a coincidence said efforts are democrat driven.

      This is the extreme fraud democrats you are looking at, #6, and, as you appear to have embraced your numbered status in The Village, you are not Patrick.

  6. Supposedly, McSally has dropped behind Sinema, the result of the same shenanigans going on all over the country, large scale and organized.

    Trump needs to get involved. We are clearly talking organized crime.

    1. And Broward County Florida is trying to reverse the Senate and Governor’s race results.

    2. And Sarah Hoyt was saying in her column that when she poll-watched a recent election, not, I think, this one, that she saw one in three people being told they could only cast provisional ballots as they had already voted. As she pointed out, the first ballot cast is the one that counts to determine whether there's a close enough race to determine whether contested ballots can be counted. So either way there was a fraud problem, but if people were voting in the names of other living people, those living people weren't getting their votes counted.

  7. Sorry, but you haven't been paying attention.
    The Senate is irre3levant now and the dems didn't take the House, the GOPe gave it to them by paying 36 repub reps to retire, giving dems more bites of the apple. If only the average 23 repubs had retired, we would still have held the House.

    This all started back in 2016 when 350 GOPe publicly opposed Trump in the general.,_2016

    There were eleven GOPe Senators in that group with another dozen who opposed Trump privately. But they only needed two or three GOPe backstabbers to block anything Trump wanted while the rest pretended there was nothing they could do. The Kabuki show consisted of Ryan passing bill after bill in the House that he knew would never go anywhere. In the Senate, Mitch "Molasses" McConnell and his gang of miscreants Delayed, Obstructed, and Sabotaged Trump and his America first agenda. The only intersection between Trump and the running dog lackeys were the Supremes. But the GOPe had given the dems four Senate seats in the 2016 election so Kavanaugh got put through the meat grinder to get confirmed. One month before the mid-terms, McConnell started getting Judges confirmed. But he could have done that eighteen months before. If was just another scam like "repeal and replace". Now the Senate doesn't have to do anything as the dems hold the House and so no bills Trump wants will be enacted and the GOPe will continue to claim it's all the dems' fault.
    The one issue the globalists agree on is open borders, cheap labor, bad trade deals, and disastrous foreign policies. The dems and their GOPe collaborators will break our immigration system for good and enfranchise tens of millions of illegals. The GOPe don't care that they will never win another presidency, they do the bidding of their globalist paymasters.

    Now we get to Romney. He will indeed virtue signal on the floor of the Senate. He will claim the polarization is Trump's fault and that the left and Trump are two extremes. His intent is to challenge Trump in the 2020 primaries. After Trump mops the floor with him, Romney will run as a third party candidate, just like his hand puppet, McMullin, did in 2016. And like McMullin, Romney's main goal is to deny Trump re-election.

    So, the backstabbers and the dems won and they now hope to bog Trump down in investigations and impeachment. I believe Trump needs to preserve our Constitution, uphold our Rule of Law, and defend his Presidency BAMN.

    1. Swamp creatures all.

      MAGA will, by various neccessary means, continue to cull the herd of traitorous swampies.

      Citizens must vote in quanties greater than democrat + rino swampies can fraudulently cheat with.

      Only close election tallies are vulnerable to successful democrat frauds.

      Close is now defined as less than 10% MAGA candidate victory.

      The greater the quantities of MAGA successes, the larger the fraudulent attempts to cheat will become. Thus, far more visible than not visible, and, far more vulnerable to prosecutions.

      Yep. Criminals committing election law violations are gonna have to be vigorously prosecuted. Just as the criminals they all are.

      The common childish phrase, a little cheating never hurt anyone, does not remotely apply to elections in a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States.


  8. Obama lost nine senators in 2014 and six in 2018??

    Meaning Obama has been President of the Deep State?

    Or that was a typo that you shall fix as soon as yawl are done cussing yourself under your breath?

  9. Analyze the 2018 midterms all you want and pontificate about the 2020 presidential election. Trump's election in 2016 was just what this country needed. But, he won't be re-elected in 2020. He's a dickhead.

    1. Try to keep breathing until 2021.

      Then get back to me on that.

  10. Orange Wave, caused by Orange Crush (the Bronco's nickname that now applies to Mr. President)

    1. Black Russian for Obama, since he sent word to Putin via an open microphone that after the election he'd be free to let Russia (invade the Ukraine?) since that was mostly the color of Obama's hair then, does that nickname now apply to him? Or White Russian since his mother was white?

  11. Fewer Reps, but far fewer RINOs. I'm looking forward to smoother sailing for confirmation.

    1. If the Dims keep finding votes... they might overturn all of the elections and we'll never have to vote again... that would provide even smoother sailing for confirmations?