Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trumpenfreude courtesy of Murphy Brown

Matt Drudge reported: "'MURPHY BROWN' Reboot Canceled Amid Historically Low Ratings..."

Enjoy the Trumpenfreude, Dan Quayle.

CBS discovered that Candace Bergen's weekly half hour of politically charged sarcasm from the 1990s has no place in the 21st century, where snark -- like porn -- inundates the Internet.

Plus with cable Fake News channels galore, who needs 30 minutes a week for an Orange Man Bad fix?

The Hollywood Reporter announced her series ends in January. Despite a choice Thursday night timeslot, she failed. She lost more than half the viewers from "Big Bang Theory" and its spinoff "Young Sheldon."

Bergen's mocking of Republicans is a relic from two decades ago.

When the show premiered in September, Vanity Fair gushed, "Candice Bergen and Diane English’s ultra-topical revival is a must-watch that succeeds where Roseanne Barr’s failed."

As if there were a shortage of people on TV willing to take on Donald John Trump.

The article said, "In the new Murphy Brown, Bergen’s protagonist has retired from her post as the beloved anchor of FYI — until she’s called to action after the inauguration of our 45th president. The cheekily titled premiere, 'Fake News,' finds Murphy getting the band back together for a new series on the made-up cable news channel CNC: Corky (Faith Ford), whose Louisiana relatives spent Thanksgiving 2016 at each other’s throats; Frank (Joe Regalbuto), who can’t stop himself from launching into tirades against neo-Nazis; and Miles (Grant Shaud), who has become undone by rising sea temperatures, nukes in North Korea, and — here he breaks down— the disgrace of Matt Lauer. The only catch? Unbeknownst to Murphy, her son, Avery (Jake McDorman) — a fresh-faced anchor making a play to be the Anderson Cooper of his generation — is also coming to TV, hosting a show that airs opposite his mother’s on a conservative Fox News analogue called 'the Wolf Network.'"

The Wolf Network? They called it the Wolf Network? Someone paid someone money to come up with the Wolf Network?

The show became a parody of itself.

Deadline was blunt in its review: "‘Murphy Brown’ Review: Candice Bergen-Led CBS Revival Is Yesterday’s News."

Reviewer Dominic Patten wrote, "With surprisingly tone-deaf digs at the likes of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Steve Bannon misfires, it is a pursuit in which the Trump White House is the constantly charged windmill to the deafening exclusion of all else."

He pointed out a logistical problem: "Murphy Brown is so caught up in being topically anti-Trump that it will surely be yesterday’s news before the end of the night."

They are obsessed with Donald John Trump. Absolutely. And that obsession is causing them to implode.

So I add Murphy Brown to the Trump Schadenfreude List with all the sadness of a kitten enjoying its first hit of catnip.


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  1. Like the movies, TV is out of gas. Everything Black Rock is doing is a rerun of an old show - Magnum, 5-0, etc.

  2. Just imagine, CBS used to be called the Tiffany network. Given time, the left destroys everything it touches.

  3. Murphy brown good grief... hollywood is totally out of innovation and new ideas. Communism feminism and diversity do take their toll.

  4. Not just low ratings but "Historically" low? Ouch. Edgar had two dummies.

  5. network sitcoms blow the big one, formula tv at its worst.

  6. Lot of Trumpenfruede lately -I'm sure Stormy
    and her Creepy Porn Lawyer are next..

  7. The commercials for it are painfully unfunny

  8. Once upon a time, Candace Bergen was beautiful, so nobody cared that she couldn't act. Now, she just can't act.

    1. She was very good opposite Burt Reynolds in Stick. Of course in those days, any starlet would have looked good opposite Burt. He created a lot of stars.

  9. In the mid-to-late 60s and during the 70s Candice was one of the most stunning women Hollywood ever saw, but she never delivered a single performance worth mentioning. Murphy Brown 1.0 was never a great success. Put a now old (72), not-very-good actress at the center of in a lousy written show, all alt-Left propaganda, and it’s no wonder Murphy Brown 2.0 sank like an anchor immediately.

  10. "They are obsessed with Donald John Trump. Absolutely. And that obsession is causing them to implode."

    Just like the obsession with Obama and Hillary has "put down that animal" of careers of others.

  11. It isn't just the politicians of the Left that can't come up with any new and original ideas, it is also a severe problem in Hollywood. Plain & simple, the show BLOWS!!

    1. And gays EVERYWHERE! You'd never guess they're only 2.2% of the population, now would you?