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Friday, November 09, 2018

Trump will return fire on Democrats

Conrad M. Black, who did business with Donald John Trump well before his presidential ambitions took hold, had an observation about the incoming attorney general, whoever is permanently appointed.

"If the Democratic leadership cannot contain these drooling extremists, they will do more damage than the Clinton-obsessed impeachers of 1998–99 did to the Republicans. And the firing of Attorney General Sessions opens the way for the prosecution of all the Democrats who have lied under oath and committed other offenses, from Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and agency directors Clapper, Brennan, and Comey, down into the bowels of the Obama Administration and Clinton campaign. If Pelosi allows Nadler, Waters, and Schiff to run amok, no one should expect Trump to hold his fire. He may not anyway," Black wrote.

President Trump has said as much.

If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!!

Expect fireworks.

Democrats have every scrap of evidence that Bob Mueller gathered in his 18-month fishing expedition. President Trump's lawyer has violated attorney-client privilege in exchange for leniency for his criminal activity which had nothing to do with The Donald.

Meanwhile, President Trump has compiled his own list.

Sessions may have been too timid and polite to return fire, but Donald Trump is not. He has Cocaine Mitch and the rest of the Republican caucus in the Senate behind him.

Black wants kumbaya. Most of the nation does. But people do not realize the awfulness of the Democrat Party.

He ended his piece, "Another two years of mud-slinging and vituperative posturing won’t achieve anything, and the Democrats don’t have a combatant remotely as formidable as Trump. There were signs on Tuesday that the country has had enough of it. In a democracy, the people are always right."

Ours is not a democracy. It is a confederation of 50 states.

My money is on two more years of this. There is no incentive on either side to get anything done. The press enjoys the ratings and the chaos.

When Democrats fund the wall, we can talk.

Till then, indict the whole lot if you must. This is no time to be polite.


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  1. The dems will be using a blunder(ing)bus, President Trump will have a sniper rifle. They will sling mud and everything imaginable and he will pick them off with military precision using the courts, laws, and a well built justice system.

    1. Make that a well rebuilt justice system. We have not had a well built justice system for at least 8 years and quite possibly 24 years.

    2. Hi Jim,
      Where do you get 24? 8 years Barry + 8 years W + 8 years worthless Willie + 4 Years papa Bush and we are 2 into MAGA. That puts us down 30 in my book. But, as you noted, rebuilt is a good point.

    3. I sincerely hope President Trump, will not hold back "anything" to combat these "anti-American, Anti-Constitution, & anti Decency, Liberal scumbags, & agressively pursue all of them, that have shown to "deserve it"!.....{ GO TRUMP!}

  2. Investigations in the Senate was just a literary symmetry device.

    What will really happen is investigations conducted by US Attorneys in front of grand juries.

    Wait and see.

    1. Does the Justice Department have any honest personnel, anyone not a member of the Deep State cabal? I sure hope so!

    2. Huber, a US Attorney, has been quietly working in Utah and few other places and has produced over 60,000 sealed indictments. I'm sure they are simply awaiting the right time to start breaking them open.

      Unless I miss my guess, there are going to be some rather popular leftists that will be going in front of military tribunals.

    3. I really really hope so -- but don't yet believe it. I do want indictments for the crimes. I'd rather have more indictments, sooner, on fewer crimes, than on more crimes later, with higher conviction rates.

      All those who look guilty should be indicted; it's ok if some are found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Let's get what is known into the public record.

  3. "He has Cocaine Mitch and the rest of the Republican caucus in the Senate behind him." Yet the Rs in the Senate uniformly say let the investigation continue to its conclusion.

    "When Democrats fund the wall, we can talk." More than 700 miles of wall was built during Obama's tenure. Zero so far for President Yeti.

    "The press enjoys the ratings and the chaos." as created by President Dennison.

    Love the Ashley Madison ads. Perfect for all the "conservatives" here who think it is okay to grab a woman by her genitals and cheat on their wives - who just gave birth - with porn stars. Great finish to your week Don. Still angry that the House has gone blue. Oh well.

    1. Ummm, the ads are tailored to your browsing history bucko.
      I'm getting athletic shoes.
      If you're getting AMadison ... it says something about you not the blog.

    2. Well, it is safe to say no one will ever hang the moniker 'bath house Donald' on him, unlike 'Choom gang bathhouse Barry.'

    3. Hahaha! So Nony’s a porn-watching perv? That’s perfect. Enjoy your weekend, Pervy.

    4. Yup. I get ads for used Sprinter vans. That's what I've been searching for. And you've been looking to cheat on your wife. Dems are scum. You, Nony, are a democrat.

    5. I have Nissan car ads. Funny.

    6. I get ads for Purple Wave auctions... Like I don't visit their site enough?
      Nice that anoyingmouse gets ones for Ass-free Mad-As-Fuck but I don't see that as a sign he is cheating on his wife. Maybe looking at porn while mommy is at the strip club.....

  4. The folks in DC who've been committing crimes they know will be revealed by even a cursory investigation are now doubling down. The crimes began with a push to assure Mrs Clinton won, then trying to invalidate the entire election, then trying to impeach the President, and now threatening him and the American people.

    Gridlock in the Congress is often a good thing, but their threats to impeach Trump and BK, for no reason other than hate, are another criminal act they commit to protect themselves from the punishment for their real crimes, ones so heinous and evil that their terror is palpable.

    The loudest, rudest, most inflammatory and outrageous among them - they're the guilty ones. They have the most to lose and are at the highest risk of humiliation, conviction, and incarceration and are acting accordingly.


  5. He has Cocaine Mitch and the rest of the Republican caucus in the Senate behind him.

    In that case, he better do something soon because the Democrats are stealing the damned Senate.

  6. It Is coming down to a bare knuckle cage match. My money is on PDJT.

  7. Conrad Black is a good man who was betrayed and put through absolute hell... As smart and astute as anyone on earth. He's absolutely right!

  8. Trump learned to fight by the Queens Rules, not the Marquess of Queensberry Rules. In the Borough of Queens, you don't ever turn the other cheek, hitting below the belt is encouraged, and you kick your opponent when he is down because that is best time to do it.