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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Trump still living in Obama's head

The New York Times desperately tried to turn Obama's unhealthy obsession with President Trump into a virtue. Donald John Trump got into Obama's head in 2011 with his ridiculous birther nonsense, and has not been evicted.

Obama wants to get back at President Trump, which led to two of Obama's dumbest statements.
The first was asking what magic wand President Trump had to bring back manufacturing jobs. (Obama childishly refused to say Trump's name.)

A magician never tells but a half-million manufacturing jobs added in two years shows he has a wand.

Then came Obama's juvenile response to President Trump calling him the worst president in history. Obama said well, at least I will go down in history as being a president. Mic drop.

The American people picked up that microphone and figuratively hit Obama between the eyes when they indeed elected Donald John Trump president. He carried more states -- 30 -- than Obama did.

Now Obama is hitting the hustings in the election, drawing smaller crowds at fewer rallies than The Donald.

The New York Times is promoting Obama so hard that it posted its story on him outside its paywall.

"For most of the last two years, he stewed about it in private, only occasionally speaking out. But as he hit the campaign trail this fall, Mr. Obama has vented his exasperation loud and often, assailing his successor in a sharper, more systematic way arguably than any former president has done in three-quarters of a century," the newspaper gushed.

"Although some admirers believe he remains too restrained in an era of Trumpian bombast, Mr. Obama has excoriated the incumbent for 'lying' and 'fear-mongering' and pulling 'a political stunt' by sending troops to the border. As he opened a final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday’s midterm elections, Mr. Obama has re-emerged as the Democrats’ most prominent face, pitting president versus president over the future of the country."

Speaking of lying and fear-mongering, Mister You Can Keep Your Doctor told Democrats that Republicans will take away your health care.

He is onto us, fellas. Our plan to make hospitals open to Republicans only is now public knowledge.

Obama has become a niche campaigner. He appeared in Florida and Georgia on Friday to support black challengers for governor.

But he has not come to West Virginia and other states where incumbent Democrat senators who supported him are in the fights for their lives. He shows all the loyalty of a housecat.

And his obsession with Trump makes him about as useful as one. Oh well, at least there are no mice at his rallies.


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  1. The NYT thinks of itself as eternal, politicians mortal. They consider Obama the child of a family servant who got a bloody nose fighting a bully at school. A few kind words and encouragement for him, reassurance the assailant will get punished after they go to the principle and complain about said bully and how he beat their young boy with a padlock in a sock, a disabled child at that,alone in his wheelchair to boot. Yes detention is too good for that bully: He should be shot in the back on TV to show other bullies that can't mess with him, his Masters in the future, ever again. Just you wait..

  2. Excellent points, Don. Yet I think the real story-behind-the-story is simply that former President O-whatever is consistently drawing crowds of...what, 500? A couple thousand?

    This was the most popular, best-speaking, best-campaigning guy the Dems had in a generation, with dozens of fawning magazine covers to prove it. He's out of power for only two years, showing up against that mean ol' Trump...and he only draws a tenth (if that) of the guy's crowds?

    How does one circle that square? Were his crowds paid for from 2008-2016? Or did he fail that badly where no one wants to hear from him again?

    - AZ

    1. In Obama's 8 years in office he only helped get one person elected. He was radioactive to the rest of the Party. I say that Republicans should pay for his trips.

    2. Unknown, I'm guessing you mean Bidet? err Biden??

  3. What's up with the hostility to cats?

  4. Wow, two completely worthless sources of information: the Times and Dingle Barry.

  5. Talk about Trump living inside somebody's head - Barbara Streisand has produced a 10 song album with anti-Trump themed remakes of some of her most famous songs. This is beyond obsessive. This is insanity. Think of the time, effort, mental and physical energy, and money that Streisand has expended doing this. Somebody needs to get her help and now.

  6. We've been told a lot of stories by the FakeNewsMedia, and so very many turn out to be untrue. Not just kindasorta stretching the truth, but downright absolute lies!

    Why, it's gotten so blatant that an ex-newspaper man wrote three excellent books about how the FakeNews just can't help lying! Highly recommended that everyone get & read them, those books aren't just true, they're well-written and hilarious, too!

    You'd think that someone so well versed with the Lies of the Left would know better than to say, "Donald John Trump got into Obama's head in 2011 with his ridiculous birther nonsense."

    I beg to differ: DJT did what he usually does, he simply told the truth about Soetoro. That was enough to send the FakeNewsMedia into convulsions!

    The "nonsense" all came from the Usual Sources, and see the sidebar to get the books I referred to which detail how they do it!

  7. The Times loves to "fact-check" Trump having hired another biased so called "fact-checker" from Politifact. Never once have they ever fact-checked Obama the former liar in chief. Their other favorite way to try to diminish the presdient is the new statement all the reporters use now in articles about the president "without proof or evidence." That really makes me laugh since it applies to most NY Times articles especially the ones with all their so called "sources."

  8. It seems to me that President Trump's tremendous and successful accomplishments within a short time span has scrambled Obama's brain more than I thought possible, he is pitiful.

  9. I would hesitate to call the birther movement nonsense. Kenya claims him as a native born son. In his early biographical information he admitted to being born in Kenya, and now that he is safely out of office, he is telling people he was born in Kenya. Furthermore, Governor Abercrombie stated that the state of Hawaii possesses no verifiable birth registration for him.
    What the birther movement did was distract from the evidence that Barack is in reality Barry Soetoro a citizen of Indonesia, adopted by Lolo Soetoro and that nothing was ever legally done to restore citizenship to him since it appears he traveled as a young adult on an Indonesian passport.
    There may not be mice at his rallies, but I'm certain there is a rat.

    1. While I agree with your second paragraph, the first one is wrong. Birtherism is nonsense.

      When the Birther movement started I was willing to believe the worst about Obama, but when I looked into it there was no "there" there.

      OTOH it is not as crazy as believing Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist.

      Trump used Birtherism to build himself a starting base and to position himself as Obama's opponent. It worked, then when it served its purpose he dropped it.

      McCain and Romney were to nice to sully themselves with partisan politics. They lost.

      The CW is that people followed Trump because "he fights." Trump fights like a Democrat.

      Politics ain't beanbag.

    2. Myiq2xu- your reply countered JeremyR's facts by stating your opinion. Got any facts to bolster your case? Where did you look, when you "looked into it?"

      What you said is virtually quoted from the NYT, which in my book is #FakeNews of no regard. They'll say anything to further their narrative, and the truth isn't considered of much value.

      I do not know exactly where Obama/Soetoro was born; I do know that a great deal of what has been said about him, and by him, isn't the truth.

      Like Jeremy I smell a rat!

    3. It is absolute truth that the last official paperwork on Obama states that he is an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoero.

      Some people do not like that fact, so they call it by a derogatory name. That does not make it so.

      All O had to do was release those pesky undergrad transcripts. Then we would have seen that at least he was using that name (or was not using it) when he first arrived on the mainland...and that he was not listed as a foreign student.

      He chose not to. In the eyes of a lot of us, that's nonsense. (and DT was plenty well-known and in fact, had won CA in 1980, when he ran for president previously.)

  10. "Now Obama is hitting the hustings in the election, drawing smaller crowds at fewer rallies than The Donald."

    The Spinal Tap of politics.

    1. Teleprompter Jesus was supposed to ascend to heaven when his work was finished. He never was very good campaigning for other people.

  11. Had Obama pushed for immigration law enforcement, lower taxes, and far far fewer regulations against business, he could have had a magic wand for more jobs, too.

    Any President could -- but only Trump promised to, and kept his promise to, too. (I love to use two "toos" when I can.)

  12. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold posse has proven beyond any doubt that the Anti-Christ's birth certificate,that he published, was a complete and utter fraud...along with his Social Security Number...along with his Selective Service Registration...along with his disbarment...along with his Harvard registration.

    1. Exactly! Watch Sheriff Arpaio's press conference & see for yourself. There's proof that the phony "birth certificate" is a fraud. You won't have heard about this from the MSM!

    2. Yes. There is no way you can watch this and have any doubt whatsoever. No one offered evidence except Sheriff Joe -- and his evidence proved that what O released -- when he "finally" released "the lohg form" -- was a forgery.