Thursday, November 29, 2018

Trump has the goods on Democrats

CNN was so excited on June 6, 2017. Jim Comey was going to testify in Congress in two days. The fired FBI director would start the ball rolling on the impeachment of the Orange Man.

The cable outlet posted a story, "Comey expected to refute Trump." Wolf Blitzer cranked up his self-righteousness to Pope Level. CNN attached a countdown-to-Comey clock to its chyron.

Then Comey released his opening statement to the public a day early. Blitzer dialed down his attitude to DMV clerk. The countdown clock disappeared. The story was downgraded to "Comey unlikely to judge on obstruction."

(Huh? "Judge on obstruction"? What does that even mean?)

A month earlier, President Trump took Comey out in a single tweet.

James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

President Trump later denied having tapes, but Comey nonetheless testified that a story he leaked to the New York Times was Fake News.

That tells me there are tapes. We know Comey was willing to lie because he lied to the New York Times. But he was unwilling to lie under oath because a perjury conviction would look bad on his cv.

So just as Monica Lewinsky's blue stained dress reminded Clinton what the definition of is is, Trump's tweet corrected Comey's memory.

Now it is the House Democrats's turn. They are feeling big and bad.

"If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that," President Trump told Marisa Schultz and Nikki Schwab of the New York Post.

President Trump has the power to release FISA warrants and other official documents unredacted that would implicate Democrats. As with the Comey tape, it is a power he will wield wisely.

You would think that after having their assets handed to them on a regular basis for three years, the press and the rest of the Washington Establishment would learn not to mess with Donald Trump.

But no, they never do.


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  1. Watching PDT run rings around the left is better than anything on television or at the movie theaters. And they don’t even realize that he’s doing it!

  2. Regarding Comey, I have always thought it was important that Trump fired him while he was away--in California, I think. That meant that Trump's people secured Comey's office before he could sanitize it. Who knows what they found there? Well, James Comey does, and apparently it's enough to shut him up when he's reminded of it.

  3. They can't help poking the bear. He's had the goods on them for a long time and he's been using it as leverage. Maybe some think he won't use it but the smart ones know he doesn't bluff. I'm a little surprised at how active BHO has been lately. He likely had a hand in the GM debacle and now he claims he is responsible for the energy surge and the economy uptick. You just can't make this up. Hillary has been quiet until recently but now she's on the speaking circuit too. We are all waiting to hear what Huber says on December 5. I wonder why Huber is giving the briefing and not the acting IG??

    1. They think that their pawns can save them from the honest application of law.

      The MAGA symphony has barely reached it's 2nd movement, let alone it's final conclusion.

      And our MAGA conductor waves his magic wand.....

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why does anyone post a comment and then remove it?

  5. Donald Trump's superpower is that he looks and sometimes acts the fool. As he has shown over the years, he is anything but. Anyone who denies that knows nothing about NY real estate or NY bureaucrats.

  6. Mao Tse Tung said "Let a hundred flowers bloom". When they did he cut off their heads.

  7. As Big D says, Betsy, it’s a glorious time to be alive. Mr. T has already crafted a strategy that wise Republicans would do well to follow. No retreat, baby, no surrender. I ain’t tired of this winnin yet, Mr. T!

  8. Schiff, Waters and many others can’t conteol themselves. I expect them to continue to harass PDJT and then the goods will come out.

  9. Trump's speaking style is very New York. Trump has been dealing and playing with the press for all his adult life. He was trolling them before the word became a thing. They didn't mind that much when he was a registered Democrat.

    He uses Democrat responses and in your face tactics and that infuriates them. They demand the W/McCain/Romney GOPe style of Republicans who allow the Democrats to frame the debate and situations and do not fight back.

    Not long before the election of 2020, Trump should release/declassify all information to the way Obama and Hillary tried to take out his campaign and work to undermine his Presidency.

    Obama knew exactly what was going on. Susan Rice got Trump's name unmasked which was reported in Obama's Presidential Daily Briefings and she felt it was good for Obama to know. The only way you get masked in the first place is if you are recorded by a FISA warrant. So, Obama knew.

    Hillary has Russian connections out the wazoo, but the Democrat Propaganda Arm, the press, only fixate on the attempted set up Don Jr meeting and the attempted set up of Pop.

  10. They flatly do NOT believe Trump will release the unredacted documents. And they punch him until he does.

    He should declassify all info about the "Trump Dossier", as well as all info about Hillary's emails.

    And he should re-open that email investigation, and get a prosecutor to get an indictment and see more evidence of criminal behavior, or not, in a trial. Not in a Dem-FBI secret exoneration process.

    His so-far biggest mistake was the pre-mature non-punishment of Hillary's crimes.
    Maybe he didn't really have enough of the Senate to push that, tho?

    He was right on the campaign: Lock Her Up.

    (PS. my first vote was for Jimmy Carter for two reasons: a) didn't like Ford always bending over, even tho that's what college centers so in football; and b) I didn't think Nixon should have been pardoned. Have not voted Dem since, tho my Libertarian votes mean I didn't vote for Reagan, either.)

  11. "If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that," President Trump told Marisa Schultz and Nikki Schwab of the New York Post.

    This might be the reason why there is not much noise w/ the House and the Senate. But we will able to discern their behavior after Jan. 1, when they (the House) will be taking the gavel.


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