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Friday, November 16, 2018

Trump everyone's hard passes then

A federal judge today ordered President Trump to restore Jim Acosta's hard pass access to the White House despite Acosta's belligerence at a press conference. Just about every media outlet who gets hard passes sided with Acosta.

Screw them.

Revoke all the hard passes. Make them stand in line each day with every other reporter from outlets not so privileged seeking access.

The press wants to play hardball, so play hardball.

Why give them this privilege when they hate him?

Every cable outlet rejected the president's midterm election ad because their corporate owners support open borders and globalism.

By the way, that ad was prophetic. In that ad, President Trump showed illegal aliens overrunning barricades.

The Conservative Tribune (Western Journalism) reported, "Acosta dismissed Trump’s portrayal of migrants scaling border fences in the campaign ad, but that portrayal has since proved prophetic. Such a scene literally played out on the U.S. border on Tuesday, less than one week after Acosta and Trump butted heads over it.

"KSWB in San Diego reported that migrants on the Mexican side of the border were spotted climbing and sitting atop the fence along the border. Some of those people were believed to be part of a first wave of migrants from the caravan that had arrived in Tijuana earlier that day.

"There was no massive breach of the barrier or flood of migrants pouring over the top, largely because the area was heavily patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol agents in trucks, on foot, on four-wheelers, on horseback and even in a helicopter overhead."

But the television outlets censored the president of the United States because he told the truth -- something Fake News media oppose.

This is America. All are equal in the eyes of the law. Make them wait in line and go through security checks like everyone else then.


Trump should just stop doing press conferences. They're a favor to the adversary press. He doesn't need it. Process that.
What would federal judge do if Acosta "challenged" him in his courtroom and argued and wouldn't shut up when judge told him to and refused to give up mic when bailiff tried to retrieve it? Asking for a friend. And for half of America.


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  1. I'm not yet a fan of Andrew Jackson, but the courts are beginning to wear me down...

  2. Don I love your reporting so I want to suggest that maybe you should edit this to read a President Trump appointed judge. Thanks.

    Timothy J. Kelly
    Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia
    Assumed office
    September 8, 2017
    Appointed by Donald Trump
    Preceded by Rosemary M. Collyer
    Personal details
    Born Timothy James Kelly
    March 21, 1969 (age 49)
    Glen Cove, New York, U.S.
    Education Duke University (AB)
    Georgetown University Law Center (JD)

    1. But but but but ... even though Kelly is a Trump appointee, he is "Republican Establishment" whatever the hell that is.

      I just love how Democracy is starting to win again.

    2. Thank you Fox News!

    3. Thank you. I knew that and yet I made a mistake. I apologize. My readers deserve better. I shall fix.

    4. "I just love how Democracy is starting to win again."

      I just love how whining, incompetence and activism are being rewarded again. FIFY

  3. So what is the basis of this decision?

    Is it, "The First Amendment stipulates you have to give CNN a seat at Presidential press conferences?"

    Or is it, "We queried the Rectal Database and got this?"

  4. Simple solution. No press conferences. - GOC

  5. Just don't call on Jimmy I'll Acost'ya.

    1. I think it would be better to ONLY call on Acosta. When the other reporters realize that he is the only one being allowed, there just might be a blanket party soon.

    2. I agree but then we would see a discrimination lawsuit. He is of Cuban heritage.

  6. I think Trump needs to push back on this. My initial thought is he should simply ignore the judge's order and refuse to even participate in further proceedings on this issue. These judges need a reminder that there is still a separation of powers in the US Constitution.

  7. Give him his hard pass to the White House and then move the briefings to another venue and make everybody stand in line. First come, first served, including members of the public; and no place holding. After all, we are all Jim Acosta or something.

  8. Who needs a daily briefing or the occasional press conference when Trump has Twitter. If reporters want to ask questions, they can tweet them directly!

  9. Oh, OK - give the puling infant his pass, then: hold press conferences in Judge Kelly's courtroom - or at least in the public hallway just outside if there is some (valid) reason for excluding it from the courtroom.

    That should satisfy "His Honor, the Judge".

  10. DHS is stringing razor wire on top of the fence.

    And some Lefty judge can always be appealed.

  11. May the new rules will be for every one-CNN=Zero Hedge OAN=MSNBC Ann Coulter= Jim Acosta..

  12. The judge ruled on "due process" grounds rather than 1st Amendment grounds. He may rule on the latter next week. The implication is that Acosta has a right to a security pass. The White House will not appeal the decision. Once again, a judge has taken it upon himself to diminish the Constitutionally granted powers of the presidency. So much for the benefits of Trump's judicial appointments.


    1. And by acknowledging and acquiescing to the decision Trump has himself diminished the powers of the presidency.

  13. You wonder at what point tonight on CNN they will realize the President played them for suckers. He never goes down without a fight. Who on this forum believes if President Trump lost when he should have won he would have said “okay great” lol. Get ready for Acosta to break the rules and the real fight will ensue. Trump is killing them even when they think he lost lol

  14. I've had an epiphany!
    The press all sided with Acosta. Give his hard pass back the same day all hard passes other than his are revoked.
    Call on NO OTHER journalist besides Acosta. He is special after all. If he tries to allow others an opportunity to ask a question end the press briefing at that point. Rinse. Repeat.
    It won't be three days until they hate him more than I do.
    Acosta might even stop attending the press briefing.

  15. Naw, Mr. T will go along with this. He realizes that half the country is in serious need of mental counseling, and that without their nightly fairy tales through the boob toob many would go over the edge. He is a Compassionate Conservative par excellence.

  16. Win win for Trump. He's been talking about judicial overreach, and how rotten CNN is. This shines the spotlight on both.

  17. Just cancel the press conferences altogether for the time being. Technology today can handle it without the MSM talking headcases delivering manifestos disguised as questions.

    Thirty days without a Presidential Press Conference, and all the rest of the reporters will be prepared to dump Acosta in the Marianas Trench if it gets them bread-and-butter back.

  18. Forget Trump and Acosta. This is a Separation of Powers issue. A member of the Judicial Branch cannot decide who has access to the physical seat of the Executive Branch any more than a president could hand out passes to the judges’ chambers.

    I hope the Executive Branch presses the issue. It's our Constitution, not theirs's.

  19. Ann Althouse nailed it!

  20. It's all theatrics. Trump needs an adversary in the press to maintain his "fake news" meme and Acosta needs Trump to keep his own notoriety and earnings potential moving upward. This is strictly entertainment with low production costs for the media. The White House should charge admission to attend the briefings.

  21. The Waterloo Effect (Newly Defined by ABBA):