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Monday, November 05, 2018

Trump built this

Could this be the map of the House after the election?


The site's Senate map also was optimistic.

Some site you never heard of, right?

What's its track record?

In 2016, it said Trump 315, Hillary 223. It missed Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.

This year, I made my only prediction on April 20: "My first and final prediction is Republicans will hold the House and the Senate in the midterms, and likely add to their lead in the latter. They may even have a rare net gain in both houses for the party in power."

David Martosko, a Cleveland-born reporter for the Daily Mail, covered Trump's visit to Cleveland's I-X Center on Monday.

No president has worked as hard to get his team elected and re-elected. Dennis Miller calls him the hardest working president we ever had. I agree. I think it wins the day.

We shall see.


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  1. Please God, make this happen. For the sake of our republic.

  2. If Millennial's worked as hard as President Trump, imagine what our country would be like. I mean at real jobs, not antifreedom protests.

  3. Let the schlonging of the democrats begin.

  4. All during the 2016 campaign, Rush Limbaugh hedged to callers saying he didn't know if Trump could win. About 3 weeks after the election he answered a callers question as to why he was then saying he thought Trump would win all the time.....

    He explained that because so many politically involved people listen to him, that if he told listeners before Nov 8 that he thought Trump would win, many of his voters would stay home.

    It appears this just happened with other professionals.

    It's a little past 2am EST on voting day. People I follow that have said this election will be close, started leaking a few hours ago that a major blow-out may well be about to happen.

    The last rally held in Rush's hometown looked like a victory celebration with the people President Trump brought with him. They know something.

    Nate Silver and the rest of the liberal MSM will have even more shit on their faces in 18-20 hours then they did in the early hours of 11/9/2016!

    And those anti-American Marxist propagandists deserve the yuuuuge middle finger 85% of America is going to give them.

    Nevertheless -



    PILE ON!!!


    1. Ned Silver said late Monday, "No one should be surprised if Democrats only pick up 19 seats and fail to take the House".

      And Ezra Klein already has an excuse, "I don't think people are ready for the crisis that will follow if Democrats win the House popular vote but not the majority".

      Too bad he doesn't read Don Surber.

  5. If in the post-election finger-pointing, the Democrats start wondering why the voters pronounced them "Unclean!", they need look no further than their moral leprosy.

  6. The conventional wisdom is the party out of power picks up seats.

    These are unconventional times.

    1. Thanks to our unconventional President! Thank God.

    2. Something we need to remember.

      It was one of my first thoughts trying to scope this out.

    3. The conventional wisdom has always been based upon the reliable presumption of the American citizen being essentially an idiot.

      MAGA has shown and proven who the idiots are.

      Need I say more?

  7. From your mouth to God's ear let it continue to be a MEGA kind of country.

    1. Presume you did not commit a typo.

      Thus, MEGA stands for: Make Europe Great Again?

      The Europe of a multitudebof Sovereign Nations, each unique in their citizens, cultures, traditions, and the like.

      Each NOT forcibly attached to the commie nipple.

      Now that would be something.

  8. Today America is being asked to choose between being a cohesive country or succumbing to mob rule.
    Arguably the most important election of all.

  9. Let us give the Democrat/Progressives credit and assume they are sincere. They may truly believe that Truth, Justice and the American Way are with them. Unfortunately they have carried it to the point of negating the results of an election, of refusing to recognize the legitimacy of a President. They are not shy of declaring that since they believe Trump unfit to be President he will be impeached if they have the numbers, and probably the Vice President after him so the Speaker of the House, a Democrat, will be President. What this means for the future should give all reasonable people cause for alarm. Our system of democracy can and has survived a poor President or two. It is essentially dead if the 'movers and shakers' and those who control the public narrative, whoever they may be, can effectively abrogate the will of the people by denying election results. The only way to preserve our system of government is to show overwhelming support for the President and his Party today, to fully establish his legitimacy, and then if the people wish re-evaluate everything in 2020.

    1. Let "us" NOT presume the democrats are sincere about anything other than what the democrats are always so sincere about, namely, GRAFT via taxes.

      Fuck that give them the benefit of the doubt shit.

      Where there is doubt, there is no doubt.

      The democrats are GRAFTERS.



      Presume THAT.

  10. Agree on the hardest working president we ever had. Also agree it prevails.

    I think the StatesPoll Senate call is on the money, but I have a sneaking feeling yours about the Rs maybe picking up seats isn't wishful thinking.

    We'll see.

  11. "We shall see"

    Indeed we will

    We will see if the voters have improved much since
    the last election...

    (old post)

    "After 8 years of the worse president this country has ever experienced, only 54% of eligible voters even bothered to vote in the highly contentious 2016 election.

    27% voted for MAGA (sadly, some of these were the lesser of two evils voters, they voted AGAINST Hillary, not FOR Trump)
    27% voted against MAGA and for the continued destruction of their country
    46% didn't give a rip what happened to their country and stayed home.

    I have to conclude:
    At least 73% of eligible voters live in a state of self destructive apathetic selfishness, void of logic, reason and common sense.

    This does not bode well for the long term future of America."

    1. Anyone still sitting on the fence on this either enjoys that sensation of having a picket shoved up their ass or is too feeble to get themself off of the fencely butt plug.


      It ain't that complicated.


  12. I voted, I'm hopeful - I'm fearful of Dems.

    Trump is hard working on campaigning, not quite so much on talking with the "on the fence" (RINO?) Reps about funding for the wall, or more cuts in regulations -- perhaps even reform of the Dem dominated (secret discrimination against Reps) gov't.

    Trump's trade deals & compromises have all been good so far, tho China still needs to get more realistic with their own demands and make a deal. Will be fine if they make more deals with other countries like Japan.

    1. Thanks to our MAGA President, and ALL who are True American Patriots, those sitting on the fence can continue to relish that deeply penetrating sensation of picket up ass.

      The democrats are the ones shitting themselves in fear.

      And, being the democrats, complain that they have to either pay for their own diapers, or soak in their slimy poop eruptions.

      The more noise their wet farts make, the more visible they insist upon their self shitting be, the greater the MAGA will become.

      So, fear not, as the parasites are being shed from the American Body of MAGA Patriots.

      All they will have left to mooch off of will be each other.

      And that won't last more then a new york minute or two.

  13. That map looks pretty good to me, since he's predicting a House of 223R to 209D, but I hope he's wrong on my CA Dist.49.

    Darryl Issa wasn't great but he wasn't bad, and I sure hope Diane Harkey takes his seat instead of that Dem Levin. I keep hoping that eventually CA voters will realize that Dems have destroyed the state, but they're all lost in the maryjane fog I guess!

    1. For california, it is a question of quantity of quality and regional elective boundries.

      Thus, an assessment of the quantity of quality must be calculated on an elective regional basis, if an accurate and useful strategy to restore california to actually being an American State of the Union is to be created.

      Including the fraudulent, felonious participations of non-citizens must be considered, for any possibilty of an effective strategy.

      Sans a tsunami removing la la land, sick frisco, and much of the ass end southern wastelands, a keen and laser focused political strategy, plus close to 100% participation, at least on election day, of those MAGA inspired californians, is the state's only salvation.

      The blessing that the rest of these United States has, in the barrier the Rocky Mountains provide, can be seen as symbolic only until that day when all of the west, aka pest, coast is lost to the feral democrat hordes; whence such day occurs, best to be on the east side of those mountains.

  14. Could this be the map of the House?

    Apparently not. I guess 538 got it right. Two years of bitter rancor coming up.